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 Tsume (WIP)

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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Tsume (WIP)   Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:00 am

Name: Tsume
Clan: Uchiha and Kamizuki
Age: 10
Birthdate: October 15th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Rank: Jounin (S - Rank)

Village: Morigakure
Element(s): Yang (SS-Rank), Yin (SS-Rank), Suiton (S-Rank), Fuuton (S-Rank)
Specialties: Genjutsu (SS), Medical Ninjutsu (SS), Ninjutsu (SS), Fuuinjutsu (S)
Special Characteristics:


4 Foot 4 Inches
Weight: 61 Pounds
Hair Color: Blondish Brown
Eye Color: Green
General Description: Tsume stands at four feet, four inches tall; a good four inches shorter than the average female ten year old: a trait that has seemed to follow her since she was a toddler. She weighs in at exactly sixty one pounds; no more and no less; giving her a slim appearance while still remaining healthy looking. She carries little muscle on her due to her lack of physical skills, yet she is built size wise for speed and agility.

She has lightly tanned skin and very bright green eyes like her father; she wears a pair of glasses with mostly clear frames the majority of the time. Her hair is several shades lighter than the majority of her family members; giving her hair a brownish blond appearance instead of straight brown. Her hair ususally goes about halfway down her back in length, but is kept in pigtails whose ribbons rest near her neck with bangs that frame her face.

Tsume's normal outfit when not on duty resembles that of a schoolgirl's uniform. A white button up short sleeved collared blouse with a black silk ribbon that hangs in a bow from her neck is worn beneath a deep blue (nearly black in appearance) jacket. A pleated skirt matching the jacket is worn as well, the length of the skirt stopping just above Tsume's knees. The skirt itself has a white strip that goes around the buttom length of the skirt, about an inch from the end. With this is worn a pair of black leggings, as well as a pair of black flats upon her feet: though the shoes are sometimes changed up for ninja sandals when the mood suits Tsume.

Given her age she wears no jewelry, nor make up. However even when off duty she is known to wear her village's hitai-ate: normally worn around her head so that the metal plate with her village's symbol is at the top of her head and clearly visible. Though Tsume has never admitted to this outloud the exact location of the plate is likely so that those who are "grown up" can see that she is an accomplished ninja despite her age and relatively short size.

About You!
Personality: Tsume appears to exhibit a stern, business-like demeanor when she's on duty, and on missions. She keeps a very professional air around herself, and believes in being a proper example for her village: attempting to avoid making her village look bad at all costs. Also she always seems to wear a self-assured smile and is exceptionally polite, especially when dealing with strangers or those she doesn't have a reason to be rude or crude towards.

She easily shows confidence on the battlefield, though sometimes this leads to her taunting and mocking her opponents while fighting. It also leaves her to being a tad bit reckless; leading to her often attempting stunts and moves that others wouldn't dare try due to how dangerous they would be. Off of the battlefield this leads to Tsume being more then willing to try extreme activities; hiking without proper gear, cliff diving, exploring different caves and a variety of other things.

Tsume is also shown to have a slightly psychopathic and cruel side especially against those who attempt to mess with her family or cause harm to her friends and family, or her village. In battle she shows no mercy; she will slaughter any and all who are considered a threat to those whom she holds dear: though this by no means means she enjoys it. Killing it not something that Tsume likes to do, but rather something she accepts has to be done when all other methods fail.

She's very loyal to her friends, family, and her village: therefore this cruelty tends to increase when dealing with those defecting from the village or otherwise doing something to betray it.

However, this loyalty also leads her to show a much kinder side as well: she can be super and kind, willing to lend a helping hand without a second thought to any who she can consider an ally. With this trait comes secret acts of kindness due to how caring and compassionate the child is. Tsume is not the type to boast about helping others, or even the type to want them to know, really. She chooses to do things quietly and without the glory and recognition that so many others seek, and to move on to help the next person. This nature of hers runs even deeper though than just good deeds: even when in a spar, during a test, or whatever else that life can throw at Tsume, she chooses to take her victories in silence. She doesn't boast, or show boat, and acts always as a good sport. This isn't to say she won't go running home, excitedly, with top marks on her report card to show her family - any child would be happy about that. But, it simply means she isn't a braggart.

When she's not on duty, or otherwise on missions, Tsume has a very bubbly and happy side to her personality. She likes to be active, and constantly on the go. She's happy almost all of the time, and has a smile that is very infectious. She loves to joke, and goof around. She is a child who has - despite trials and tribulations in her young life - known happiness for a great deal of her young existence. Her smile is infectious, and easily able to light up even the dreariest of rooms. A simple smile from her can change the mood in a room from sour to sweet in nearly an instant.

The last thing that those around her would likely notice about her would be how quiet she is. She's by no means mute, nor shy, instead Tsume simply likes to watch the world around her. She enjoys simply being there in the moment, but not always interacting with it. However, due to her telepathic ability, her silence can often be easily mistaken for a mute-like quality - something that often leads those to second guessing the child's ability (at least those who don't know her well enough that is).

History: There aren't many Uchiha - or half Uchiha, let alone one fourth Uchiha - who can say that they've lived a happy and full life. Of course, Tsume is only ten years old, and has had more than her fair share of both interesting and upsetting events in her life that have triggered specific changes in the child.. But, we're getting a little ahead of ourselves already, aren't we? So, for the sake of not ruining a good story let us just start from the beginning where every story should start and go from there.

Tsume was born first as an idea: her father, the current Kage of their village at the time: Hiroyuki, decided that he wanted a child. However, given he wasn't currently in a relationship that posed a slight problem - or would have if there weren't several highly skilled and capable medics in the family. A surrogate mother by the name of Miko was chosen to carry Tsume for Hiroyuki: she was a Uchiha whom Hiroyuki had known for a while, could get along with rather well, and most of all whom he trusted. The procedure was completed shortly after the details were laid out, and sure enough Miko became pregnant with Tsume. Tsume was born on October fifteenth, full term, and right on schedule. Her birth went off without a hitch, and she was a healthy and very happy child from the moment she was born. Miko helped to care for her - loving her despite her roll as nothing more than a surrogate - and thus Tsume grew from a very young age knowing both Hiroyuki and Miko: though her bond with her mother never seemed quite as strong as her bond with her father even early on in her life.

The child was constantly surrounded by family from the moment she was born; both canine and human; and she became very pack minded very quickly. To be surrounded by family, or by friends, was to be happy. Anything else was simply intolerable. Of course, Tsume was a quiet child and very content with sitting off to the sides and simply watching everything and taking it all in.

Tsume wasn't mute exactly, it was simply that she had inherited her father's ability with telepathy, and rather strongly in fact. It was the method she chose to communicate in, and became a common thing when she was speaking with her family even as a toddler: so much so that it became second nature for her voice to pop into the heads of those around her. It was, perhaps, this 'there, yet out of the way' method of Tsume's that lead to the young bijuu - Lil' Bai - being found and sealed inside of her.

Lil' Bai had ended up stuck in something, and the young bijuu allowed his panic and frustration to cause him to cry out - something that a nearby Tsume heard. Leading the way, and with her father following quickly behind her, she discovered Lil' Bai who could sense in Tsume a very pure and clean spirit. The young bijuu, instead of attacking like the majority of his kind likely would have, allowed Tsume to help him out of his perdiciment. The bond between the two became an almost instant thing: their friendship, trust for one another, and general compassion connecting them in ways not seen before. Lil' Bai, true to being so young and pure and thoughtful himself, asked Hiroyuki to seal him inside of Tsume: explaining beforehand that he wished to aide the child in her life by allowing her access to his power, while remaining her constant companion for life due to how pure of heart and innocent she was. Hiroyuki agreed, and the bijuu was sealed with a special seal that would keep both of them safe due to their young ages: making Tsume even more of a happy child.

The only hiccup in Tsume's young life was the issues with her sight; she wasn't blind per say but she had been born with weakened vision, something easily corrected with glasses.

Tsume didn't allow this issue with her sight to stunt her however; instead the child flourish far quicker than most. Surrounded by such strong and capable shinobi she was given advances that most children could only dream of, which of course led to her being far stronger than she should have been capable of becoming at her age. Thankfully, though, there wasn't a mean or corruptible bone to be found in the child and thus the power didn't go to her head nor cause her to act differently than she should: she believed strongly in the motto that with great power came great responsibility, and even as a child vowed to use her power to help people and do what she could for the world - that is when she was willing to use it at all.

By the age of three years old Tsume was able to fight and spar with those considered Genin; and though her too small stature inhibited her at first she quickly learned to use her natural speed and small size to her advantage: epsecially because it became apparent early on that she was by no means built to be a physical fighter - though, there was of course promise for the future. Instead, Tsume relied on her brains: easily able to trick people and lure them falsely so that she could take advantage of these situations and turn the outcome in her favor.

By the time that Tsume was four she was already becoming quickly bored going up against fighters who relied more on their bodies and far less on their minds. However, this was fixed easily enough in the form of her 'forever best friend' as she calls her: Gemma. Gemma's mother, and grandparents, had been family friends for several decades by that point, and the girls - both whom were nearly the exact same age - grew up together nearly from birth. Gemma was likewise in a similar situation as Tsume was, surrounded by exceptionally powerful shinobi, and thus she too was far more powerful than a child could normally ever dream of being. Thus, they made a perfect match for each other, something that quickly resulted to the girls being attached at the hip so to speak, and inseparable.

That was, of course, until Tsume was enrolled into the Academy early in life. Her skills allowed her to enter far sooner than the normal child could be expected to; her status as the Kage's daughter enough to keep her from being picked on and bullied too severely by her peers because of this. Of course, that didn't stop the other children from trying her: from thinking that she was only there so early because her father had pulled strings. Reluctantly, however, Tsume showed them the error of their thinking in both the practical and written exams, as well as during sparring. Soon enough no one wanted to go up against Tsume simply because it was frustrating to do so: her sheer speed and her method of planning ahead and mapping out strategies ensured that attempting to land even a single blow or jutsu on the young girl was nearly impossible.

By the time she was six years old she was already graduating, far earlier than expected, and at the top of her class: just as her father was passing his hat on to another as well as the Kage responsibilities that went with it. There was no point in her remaining in the Academy since there simply was nothing more that she could learn that hadn't already been taught to her by a member of her large family. Even her chakra control - something that even most Genin struggled with - was far superior than those around her.

Now, this of course, is where things get interesting (and a little depressing)!

Tsume was assigned a squad fresh out of the Academy, one that didn't unfortunately involve her best friend Gemma. This, however, didn't depress the young child and instead she took it as a challenge. She had spent the majority of her life around people she had never had to second guess; people who had always been there for her from day one and who she could get along with easily enough. Now? It was time to make some new friends. This happened within the first year of her being with this Genin squad with a particular full blooded Uchiha named Rozu. Rozu had had a young and rather hard life; so much so that after a particularly nasty incident on one of the many missions they took it became clear that Rozu had activated her Mangekyo Sharingan.

Upon returning home and telling her father, and asking him to find out what he could since Tsume had been too shocked to ask Rozu herself, she quickly discovered how hard of a life her friend had. This caused Tsume to want to help her, and to want to grow closer to her: both of which were accomplished until the two were nearly as inseparable as herself and Gemma. Even when not on missions or working with their squad they tended to hang out quite a lot and always seemed to be learning something new about each other.

The only time they weren't seen together was during a particularly nasty few weeks in which Tsume's own Sharingan awoke to the surprise of everyone given how diluted her own Uchiha blood was: three Tomoe instantly in both eyes. Her grandfather, Kenta, was sick, and Tsume - after receiving some bad information by the hospital staff - had walked into his room to see him dead: or so she thought he was at least. The shock, trauma, and overall sadness had been more than enough to cause the child to activate both eyes - and nearly destroy the hospital as she half transformed into her bijuu's form. Lil' Bai, needless to say, hadn't enjoyed being woken up to the surge of emotion going through the child and had reacted as he had deemed fit for the situation. The situation was quickly put to a halt, however, when several of her family members rushed in and solved the misinformation, leading to Tsume calming down and changing back before things could get too hectic. Kenta soon after recovered back to his usual self, and life continued on.

That is, until a particular mission that went bad and fast. Tsume and her squad had been assigned to a mission that was a bit of a hoax so to speak. False information had been fed so that the price of the mission - and the skill level of those taking it - were lowered. This led to an unexpected attack by several missing-nin. The squads sensei - Lee - was the first to fall. He had attempted to give them time to flee, but all three of the teammates had refused to do so and to leave him to his fate. The next to fall was a young boy only three years old than Tsume named Kuro who had attempted to save the two girls after their sensei had fallen only to meet the same bloody fate himself. Tsume and Rozu attempted to hold their own, and did rather well in fact given the circumstances: that was at least until backup arrived in the form of a single missing-nin. An attack was launched that caught Rozu and caused internal damage that, despite Tsume's young medical knowledge, she just wasn't prepared for. With uncontrolled violence Tsume snapped, transforming for the first time in her life at just the age of seven into her full blown bijuu form. Needless to say she absolutely destroyed the missing-nin only to change back and find her friend, Rozu, knocking on deaths door. With a sudden determination Rozu demanded that Tsume take her eyes and use her highly developed Sharingan for herself. It was something that Tsume had refused to do, at first. Rozu, however, made her promise and claimed that it was her dying wish. Wanting to honor her friend Tsume did just that and returned home with a horrific story to report, Rozu's eyes, as well as her own Mangekyo Sharingan having awakened at the death of her best friend.

Rozu's eyes were given to her Aunt Amaya who, as per honoring Rozu's request, made quick and safe work implanting them into Tsume shortly after: gifting her with Eternal Manygekyo Sharingan. Tsume knew her new eyes would be a constant reminder of her lost best friend, and a gift that was priceless simply due to who had given them to her and why.

Not wanting such a gift to go to waste Tsume made sure to practice with her eyes, unlocking powerful abilities not seen in ages. When not training she immersed herself in studying, reaching out to any and all family members who could help her on the topic of her new sight. She learned quickly, and evolved fast, surprising many of those around her. However, this was nothing compared to the shock she felt when on her tenth birthday she found herself suddenly elevated - due to her power and ability, as well as her cunning and her mind - to the rank of Jounin. However, even that wasn't enough: no, she was to be ranked as no ordinary Jounin, but instead an S-Rank Jounin. It was something that took her several days to get over the shock of, but a rank she knew would allow her a chance to use her new found powers and abilities for the good of her family, friends, and her village.

RP Sample:

Faceclaim: Google Image Search and Image Edited by Me

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Tsume (WIP)
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