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 Umiko [Character Application]

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PostSubject: Umiko [Character Application]   Mon Nov 21, 2016 3:57 pm

Name: Umiko
Age: 21
Birthdate: December 21st
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Clan: Dovahkiin
Rank: Mizukage

Village: Kirkgakure
Element(s): Water | Wind | Ice | Demonic Ice
Specialties: Ninjutsu | Taijutsu | Medical Ninjutsu | Fuuinjutsu
Special Characteristics:
Water Breathing:
Demonic Ice | Yamihyouton:
Demonic Conversion:
Absolute Defense:
Pain Addiction:
Outside the Box:


5 Foot, 4 Inches
Weight: 110 Pounds
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Black and red
General Description: Umiko has always been a bit short – even as a young child she was often smaller then those her own age – making her stand at only five foot and four inches tall. Her darkly tanned figure is curvy; creating like an hour glass shape; and yet her body packs lean muscle due to her taijutsu prowess; making her weigh in at exactly one hundred and ten pounds. Her hair, which is purple in color and which goes nearly down to her waist, is often held up in a ponytail at the back-top of her head: held in place with a thick white band; though there are bangs and slightly longer pieces that frame her face; the longer pieces are held together on both sides of her face with white bands similar to that that holds her ponytail back. Naturally black and thick eyelashes cause her black and red colored eyes to stand out even more; making them often the first feature to be noticed on the female. Because of her naturally beautiful features, as well as the fact that she spends the majority of her time beneath the ocean, Umiko never bothers with make-up.

Her typical outfit consists of a cream colored tank top with a black jacket worn over top this. Short shorts and open toed shinobi sandals complete this outfit.

She doesn't bother with jewelry, though her village hitai-ate is worn often from around her neck; displayed proudly for all to see.

About You!
Personality: Ever since Umiko was a young child she was taught to be caring and respectful of others: this was so ingrained into her being that even as a full fledged shinobi it's a principle she holds tight to. She is always willing to go the extra mile – especially for family, loved ones, and friends – and always willing to give the proverbial and non-proverbial shirt off of her back to anyone in need. This ability to care leads her to being very compassionate, something that can at times get her into trouble: it often makes her a little too lenient when dealing with those who have done something wrong.

Umiko has always been the type of person to try and see the good in everyone. Even the worst criminals and scum of the earth she has hope for that they might one day change their ways and became active and productive members of society. Because of this belief she's willing to often give people second and sometimes even third chances; giving her a bit of an innocent nature – or making her somewhat naive depending on how you want to look at it.

Umiko almost always has a smile on her face, which hides the fact that she can very often come off as shy and soft spoken. She's never the type to start up a conversation, and can often sit for hours next to someone without uttering a single word and be completely content with such a situation. When Umiko does choose to speak she chooses her words carefully, and tries to think before speaking – she knows that words are like a double edged sword and can often hurt, so she tries to be wise in her words as well as her actions.

She's the kind of person that likes to think being acting: to plan things out before rushing into something. A natural thinker by nature she is often the sort to sit back and plan things out days in advance, and usually from more then one angle – she believes strongly in being prepared, and yet not over-doing it at the same time.

For those who really know Umiko she comes across as playful, and perhaps a bit mischievous. She is known for her playful methods, surprises, and harmless and silly pranks. Even the occasional good natured joke from time to time.

Of course, even the nicest and sweetest person does have a limit that you should never push them past, and Umiko is no exception to this. While she often believes in second and third chances, and is willing to give everyone a chance, she can often become very protective over her family, loved ones, and friends: beastly so in every sense of the word. For those who have caused those she loves harm there is no forgiveness and there is no mercy: she becomes very much like a sociopath with a single minded goal: to harm and destroy those who have caused harm, and to allow no one to stand in her way from accomplishing this goal.

History: Umiko was born during the Winter Solstice which is to say on December twenty-first. Her being named Umi, and her father being named Jai. Umiko's birth happened during a terribly stormy night. It was unsafe to travel for even the strongest shinobi in the village due to how violent and brutal the sea had become: and even more so for a pregnant woman, especially one in the midst of labor: so there was no way for them to make it to the nearby village hospital. The storm went on for hours, drowning out the cries and screams of Umi as she gave birth to her beautiful daughter in their family home. The birth went off without a hitch, and as the clock struck midnight Umiko was brought fully into the world: both mother and child exceptionally healthy and well.

Within minutes of Umiko's birth the storm passed over the village and moved on deeper into the ocean. The seas calmed and peace and quiet fell upon the house for the first time in nearly twelve hours: only the cries of the family's newborn daughter disturbing the silence. The next day as Umiko was presented to the rest of her clan, family, and friends, she was christened with the name Umiko which simply meant “child of the sea”, a fitting name given the circumstances and place of her birth.

From that day on she was a spoiled child: dotted on by the large amount of clan members, family, and friends of the family that were around. Yet, at the same time her parents were careful to teach her several life lessons: never to take anything for granted, to work hard for what you want, to never take advantage of a stranger, and to pay it forward. By the time she was three years old she was known for giving to others: often seen sharing her candy, lunch, or toys with the other children her age.

Soft spoken, generous, and kind from a very, very young age, it was often a bit of a chore for her parents and teachers to convince her to be willing to spar against family and friends. She constantly worried about accidentally harming one of them; even with specific precautions taken to ensure that such a thing didn't happen. This worry especially extended when it came to friendly and playful spars between herself and her two best friends: Mizuko and Ryuu. However, by the time she was about five years old, with training becoming more and more of a frequent thing, she began to grow used to the idea and became more willing to participate in such activities. With the majority of her hesitations gone she began to strive in the ninjutsu arts and taijutsu: effectively combining the two into what would become her trademark fighting style at a young age: one that effectively allowed her to turn the opponents own moves, abilities, and momentum against them without her having to lay a single finger on them.

When she wasn't training her and her parents, Umi and Jai, often went on trips to different lands, exploring and learning about different cultures: they called it learning trips while Umiko called it fun – though the two often went hand in hand the young child. It was during one of these trips, when they were exploring come underwater caverns near one of the minor villages set further out into the sea – nearly fifty miles away from Umigakure – that Umiko found something rather strange. She had gone on ahead of her parents, despite their protests that she remain close by, and had found a room whose only entrance was a very tiny hole in the cave wall – far too big for any adult to fit through. Inside Umiko found several broken eggs, though she didn't know that was what they were at the time, and one egg that was still very much intact.

She had spent nearly fifteen minutes curiously observing this egg when she heard her parents frantic cries for her. Thinking quickly the child had decided to snatch the egg up and bring it with her as she exited the little hidden room she had been in. After apologizing to her parents for disappearing as she had done she showed them the egg only to be told that they had no idea what it was – but that she was allowed to keep it. Their trip ended soon after their exploration of that particular cave and they returned to Umigakure, with the egg still in Umiko's safe hands.

Nearly three weeks after their return home, the day before she was to enter into the Academy, Umiko awoke to a noise in the middle of the night that she couldn't figure out the cause of: it was a crackling noise, like something that was breaking slowly over a period of several hours. Eventually Umiko fell asleep to the sound only to be awoken suddenly by something moving and touching her. Opening her eyes she found herself staring at a very little dragon that was white in color with a ice blue color lining the tips of its scales. After she got over her original startle, which happened rather quickly, she scooped up her new friend and hurried to her parents room. Her parents then took her to the clan elders – remembering stories that their grandparents had once told them. The elders spent hours examining the child and the dragon – so mcuh so that Umiko ended up missing her first day of school – and while they did so they explained the old clan stories. It was then that Umiko was told that they were a clan who used to protect dragons back when they populated the earth: these dragons were often sealed inside of their protector, lending them their power in order to remain hidden from those within the world who would do them harm. It was a tradition that had gone on for centuries – long before Umigakure had even been established – back when the clan used to roam from area to area freely instead of being positioned in one place.

Given the way the dragon, who was quickly named Haikyo, seemed to attach herself to Umiko it was decided that Umiko would be in charge of her care and protection – despite her young age. Of course, her parents helped: offering advice, and being there for all of the strange questions the child often had. Umiko and Haikyo became close friends; never seen without the other even as Umiko went through the Academy and grew stronger and smarter.

Umiko graduated from the Academy at the age of ten, and began her life as a Genin. During squad meetings, trainings, and even on missions, she brought Haikyo with her. The pair were completely inseparable at this point, and even had developed their own form of communication and fighting style – learning to work as a duo. It was rocky at first, despite them having spent the past five years growing together, but with the more training they did, and the more missions they went on it became easier and easier. By the time Umiko was twelve she had a nearly flawless record when it came to completing missions: there was nothing thrown her way that she was unable to complete with the help of her dragon companion – no task she was too afraid to do.

Due to this success Umiko was promoted to Chuunin, despite her still rather young age. It was shortly after this promotion that Haikyo requested a private audience with the clan elders; giving Umiko no reasoning as to why, only smiles and promises to tell her after she spoke with them. Umiko waited patiently outside of the door for nearly three hours until finally Haikyo emerged followed by three clan elders. It was then that Haikyo asked if she could be sealed within Umiko: she was growing very large at that point – too large to keep effectively working with her as they had. She didn't want to leave Umiko's side, and wished to remain forever with her in this manner. Umiko agreed, and after her and Haikyo, as well as the village elders, informed her parents of the decision the ritual took place. It was grand, done in front of all of the clan elders as well as the top most ranked members of the clan. It was a painless process for both Umiko and Haikyo, but still rather strange considering it hadn't been done in nearly seventy five years.

For a week after the ritual sealing Umiko remained within the large and spacious chamber, coming to terms with the power now coursing through her veins. It was during this time that she also discovered that Haikyo could manipulate water, forming it to a much stronger version of ice then she had saw previously called demonic ice which was immune to katon. It also became apparent during this time that Haikyo could protect Umiko all on her own: becoming a defense against any close ranged attacks launched at her.

With this new form of protection Umiko became capable of taking on much more dangerous solo missions as a Chuunin then most others could. She returned from each one without a single scratch, and always with a flawless victory. It wasn't more then a year before she found herself being promoted again to Special Jounin thanks to the attention that her flawless record was bringing to her.

At thirteen she was one of the youngest Special Jounin that Umigakure had even seen and yet she didn't let this so called 'fame' go to her head. Thanks to the teachings of her parents she was able to keep her head about herself instead of letting her ego inflate it. If anything this made her seem more shy to those around her – except her best friends, Mizuko and Ryuu, of course who knew her too well to think her shy at this point.

Umiko continued to work flawlessly over the next three years, still known for going on dangerous missions and returning without a scratch on herself. On missions that were considered more dangerous she often went with Mizuko and Ryuu as the three made a perfect and flawless team: each balancing the others out perfectly. It was these missions that brought the three even closer together then the childhood friends had been: there was nothing like risking life and limb after all to really get to know someone inside and out.

Shortly after Umiko turned sixteen she was promoted once again to A-rank Jounin: and a huge party was thrown to honor the occasion. Even the clan elders made their appearance – though they were shy about showing the pride they felt for Umiko, and simply claimed they were there to double check that the sealing ritual they had used to seal Haikyo into Umiko was still holding well. Still, Umiko was glad they too were there, and learned even more about her history during that period of time – absorbing the information like a sponge greedy for water.

Despite how busy Umiko was now as a full fledged Jounin of her village she still continued to work with Mizuko and Ryuu at every chance she got – and spent her free hours often stealing away to spend time with them even if it was only for an hour or two.

Because of this behavior, and the way the three of them had grown closer and closer throughout the years, Umiko found herself being pulled aside shortly after her seventeenth birthday by her parents. Her father pulled some strings to ensure that she was given the full day off so that the family could spend some time together – something they hadn't been able to do for a while. It was at that point that her parents confronted her – as she had kept her relationship with Ryuu and Mizuko a secret until that point out of fear of how her parents would feel about it. She confessed everything at that point; including the way she felt about the pair. She waited in silence, half expecting to be yelled at or for her mother to burst into tears. Yet, all she got from her parents was acceptance: they were happy with her choices so long as she was happy. Though, they did scold her for not telling them sooner, and made her promise not to keep such secrets from them in the future: something that Umiko was more then happy to agree to.

A year to the day after that important conversation with her mother and father Umiko found herself being promoted once more due to her continuous high-standard work in and around the village. Now an S-rank Jounin Umiko continues to work towards the good of her village while stealing away hours with her family, loved ones, and friends, any chance she gets.

RP Sample: ”Wait up! I've got short legs, I can't move as fast as you two!”, Umiko called out after her two best friends as she playfully stuck her tongue out at them. The trio was heading to explore a new cavern that Umiko had discovered the other day while training outside of the village limits. It had looked like a fun place to check out, but she hadn't wanted to go alone. She figured this was a nice 'gift' of sorts to give her friends: a cool cave to explore and a picnic lunch later filled with all of their favorites.

”Besides! Aren't I supposed to be leading you two to the cave?”, she added as she caught up to them. She moved between the pair, spinning and twirling as she did so – she loved to dance even without music – something the pair was likely all too used to at this point given they had known each other since they were young children.

”Come on, it's not much further. We can explore for a bit, and then eat: I packed your favorites and mine!” With that said Umiko would skip on ahead, knowing the other two would have no issue with keeping up with her. The cave really wasn't all that far; she could already see the entrance from where she was and she grinned in anticipation: she was sure the other two were going to love it.

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Umiko [Character Application]
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