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 Hozuki, Myuto

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Myuto Hozuki
Jounin (A-Rank)
Jounin (A-Rank)
Myuto Hozuki

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PostSubject: Hozuki, Myuto   Mon Nov 21, 2016 8:04 pm


Name: ミュート 鬼灯一族  Myūto Hōzuki
Age: 17
Birthdate: 6-12
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Clan: Hōzuki
Rank: Jounin A

Village: Kirigakure
Element(s): Suiton, (S) Fuuton,(S) Sound (S)
Specialties: Taijutsu, (S) Ninjutsu, (S) Genjutsu (S)
Special Characteristics:

Water Breathing:


Ink Release:


Height: 5' 5''
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
General Description: Myuto does not dress like your typical shinobi, but rather that of a commoner. He usually wears a hooded black jacket, a black hoodie beneath it, loose fitting dark colored pants and boots fitted with metal plates. He wears black book bags that contain all of his ninja tools and weapons.

About You!

Personality: Myuto (mute) is exactly that. He never speaks a word. It isn't that he doesn't know how to talk, nor that he doesn't understand what is being said to him, he simply doesn't speak. It has been this way since childhood. Doctors were able to ascertain that there was nothing wrong with his vocal cords, and he didn't have any mental problems; Myuto simply chose never to speak. He never cried as a baby, and his mother often had to check and see if he was alright, or even still alive. Myuto had few friends growing up because of his silent nature, with most thinking he was weird or had mental problems. Myuto was shown to have high intelligence contrary to what others believed, and a talent for playing a guitar-like musical instrument called a Koto.

History: Myuto is the middle child of 3, born to a coral farmer and a Kunoichi. He has an older sister named Sakana (Fish) and a younger brother named Same (Shark). The parents and doctors thought something was wrong with Myuto since he didn't make a sound when he was born, but after extensive study it was found that he was in perfect health. The parents could think of no name to give him besides Myuto. Growing up he was constantly at the mercy of his sister's jokes, pranks and bullying. Later when his younger brother was born, he grew to watch his sister torment their brother, and joined in with her.

Myuto seemed to just let all of his sibling's torment slide right off of his shoulders. Regularly calm and easy going, he was never seen to get mad or angry, even with multiple people bullying and making fun of him. Myuto began to display his intelligence, mastering the Hozuki Kekkai Genkai in a short period of time. From a young age he'd always been interested in the Koto, a guitar-like musical instrument. After many years of playing it, he began to write his own songs. He found that using chakra while playing certain songs enabled him to hypnotize certain people. Myuto found that he could also use sound as a weapon.

Realizing that he'd begun to develop a style all his own, Myuto created a hand to hand technique exclusive to himself, for when times called for being up close and personal with potential opponents. He called the fighting style "CQC" (Close Quarters Combat). While in the academy, Myuto wasn't a very sociable person, resulting in more bullying and fun making from classmates. However, he never let this get him down. Myuto scored higher than the majority of his classmates and aced all of his assignments and tests. While those who made fun of him were held back another year, Myuto easily became a Genin.

He was introduced to a squad of girls, lead by a female Jounin. The team leader saw potential in him, whereas his squad mates were the typical individuals who spent a significant amount of time around Myuto; they thought something was wrong with him, or that he had mental problems because he never spoke. This gave rise to the girls having nothing nice to say about him, and him becoming the butt of their jokes. Myuto never got angry and seemed to take it all in stride, which impressed their team leader. It was while out on a mission that was supposed to be harmless that quickly turned deadly that Myuto showed what he could do. He hypnotized most of the enemy unit into killing each other. Upon realizing that it had been Myuto who was responsible for this, the remainder of the unit attempted to subdue him, only to be easily neutralized with Myuto's CQC.

His team mates's opinion of Myuto changed drastically after that day, and normally the 2 females would regularly try to come onto Myuto, which garnered no response from him. The females began to rival and fight against each other for Myuto's hand, but he showed no interest in either of them. It was this rivalry and Myuto's intelligence that caused Myuto to be ranked past them to Chuunin. The missions he was given became more difficult, but he somehow always managed to find a way. Targets that needed to be eliminated often never saw him at all; they would only hear strange music playing before the end came.

Special Jounin came and went almost as fast as Chuunin did. His fast rise was mostly because of how skilled he became, yet when complimented on how good he'd become, Myuto seemed to just shrug it off. Jounin A is when Myuto personally took a life. He'd caused the deaths of many from a distance, and often somewhere hidden, but he'd never taken a life with his own two hands. He was lured into an ambush by relatives and friends of those past slain, and was forced to defend himself from all sides. Myuto was able to come out of the confrontation relatively unscathed, but after threats made to go after his family instead, Myuto was forced to silence his attackers.

The dark day often weighed heavily on Myuto's mind from time to time, but no one would ever know. He saw many changes in the village, above and below the waves. Many who once occupied Kirigakure picked up and left. The village, for the most part, becomes deserted, save for he, his family, and several others. Kirigakure was even without a Kage for some period of time, but recently a female - often seen in the company of several other powerhouses that Myuto himself often avoided - decided to lay claim to the hat. Myuto didn't pay much attention to village politics, and often day dreamed of traveling to other villages, since not everyone had the ability to remain underwater for indefinite periods of time, and Kirigakure was on it's way to becoming a ghost town.

In the meantime, Myuto often remained on the platforms, rafts and wooden bridges above the waves. He continued to wear his ninja garb, even though the village wasn't a proper hidden ninja village anymore, being that they'd never had a proper Kage, and the majority of strong individuals were no longer around. Like most things, Myuto didn't let it bother him. Tourists still came and went, and often gave Myuto money as he would sit around the docks and on the various bridges to play his Koto. Occasionally Myuto would undertake a mission or two for old time's sake, but with activity dwindling in the village, undertaking these missions were a rare occurrence anymore.

Perhaps one day the village would become as big and as prosperous as it once was again. For now, Myuto would patiently wait...

RP Sample:  In the distance all directions, Myuto saw land. He'd never been on solid ground before, having spent his whole life in Umigakure. Up until recently, Myuto was't often seen in public, but with the disappearance of the strong who once occupied Umigakure, he didn't see the point in remaining hidden anymore. Having inherited the trademark ability of all Umi residents, he could breathe underwater, but Myuto was preferring the surface, and longing to travel on land. Maybe a change was coming.

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PostSubject: Re: Hozuki, Myuto   Tue Nov 22, 2016 6:15 pm

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Hozuki, Myuto
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