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 Hyuga, Hisaki

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PostSubject: Hyuga, Hisaki   Mon Nov 21, 2016 8:26 pm

Basics![/center]Name: Hisaki Hyuga, The Perfect Storm
Age: 22
Birthdate: April 3rd  
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Rank: Hokage

Village: Konoha
Element(s): Raiton SS, Suiton SS, Fuuton SS, Hurricaine SS
Specialties: Fuuinjutsu SS, Medical SS, Taijutsu S, Ninjutsu S
Special Characteristics:
Master Sensor:


Calming Aura:

High Pain Tollerance:


Weight: 230lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Gold
General Description: Hisaki Hyuga, in the most simple terms possible, is stunningly beautiful. He has features that would look amazing on any gender, and blends perfectly into the crowd as either a male or a female, or at least he did blend into the crowd before he became the Hokage. His silver hair falls down in front of his eyes and bounces lightly in the breeze, the eyes that the hairs cover being a stunning golden colour, absolutely captivating to the view. He has soft cheekbones and a soft chin, and perfect skin that is silky smooth to the touch, which only one person besides Hisaki knows. His build is slim but every muscle on his body is perfectly toned, and his figure in general is very androgynous by nature. He often likes to use this to his advantage by dressing in female clothing, his soft voice easily able to make him sound as though he’s male or female depending on how he wants to sound. He tends to wear white robes with golden trim, and when he is in his office he wears the robes and hat of the Hokage, the badges of his office and something that distinguishes him as one of the most powerful shinobi in the world.

About You!
Personality: Hisaki is humble, kind and quiet. He tends to enjoy curling up and sitting with a book as opposed to going out into busy public areas. He is, however, a fan of going for nature walks and particularly loves to overlook the sea at the village docks. The wind blowing off of the water always sooths him and he could spend hours at a time just sitting on the dock listening to the waves and feeling the cool breeze on his skin. Though he won’t admit it to anyone, his favourite books are often clean romance novels, and of course staring male characters as opposed to females. Due to him being a tad bit shy he will often blush if he notices that someone is looking at the book he is reading and then attempt to hide it.

When asked about his abilities, Hisaki often likes to shy away from the question, turning the focus instead to the skills of his comrades or other brave heroes in the village. While he is an extremely competent fighter he is uncomfortable giving himself praise, sometimes going as far as avoiding the subject completely if his accomplishments are to come up. Even when using his medical abilities to save a life he will not allow the person to thank him, telling them it is only proper that he should help and playing off his part in saving their lives. Hisaki hates to see people either sad or in a bad way and often goes out of his way to help anyone who he can. His kindness is limitless and it is said that he once saw a young man shivering on the ground outside sleeping on a bench. When he saw this he awoke the man and asked him why he slept on this bench. The man told him that his house had been destroyed in a horrendous fire, and he hadn't been able to fix it due to having no money or ability to do so. Upon hearing this Hisaki’s eyes began to well up and he helped the man up, putting his robe over him and leading him back to his compound, where he fed the man, gave him a brand new robe, and allowed him to sleep in Hisaki’s own bed while Hisaki slept on the floor so that the man would be more comfortable. He literally gave the man the shirt off of his back and took a complete stranger into his home.

While at one time he was very shy and suffered through a lot of self loathing, he is now a much happier person. Ever since he had started speaking to Hiroyuki he had become a much stronger individual and was now someone who was extremely good at dealing with people. He is confident and talks to people with ease, his kindness and easy going attitude very comforting to people, and his calming aura helping him in that reguard as well. He loves to help people with their problens, especially people who are a lot like he once was, and he is a fantastic leader.

When it comes to battle and training, however, Hisaki is quite a different person. He is quite masterful with his fuuinjutsu, his mastery of the Uzumaki sealing styles coming to the fore and often times locking down his opponents at pivotal times in battle. He loves to test his peers, pushing them to the best of their abilities and making them work their hardest to defeat him. He does this quite often by sealing off specific areas of their bodies, making it so they have to rely on areas that they are not as specifically good with. When it came to dealing with real opponents, Hisaki would disable them to a point where they would no longer be able to fight, but he would try to never land a fatal blow on an opponent, the idea of killing someone sickening him as he believes that all life is precious, no matter what.He will only kill if absolutely necessary.

History: Early Life

Hisaki Hyuga was born into the main branch of his clan, his father being a highly respected member of Konoha and the head of the Hyuga clan named Takeshi, and his mother being a well respected Fuuinjutsu Master from the Uzumaki Clan named Kiyoko. The two of them were considered to be a power couple, due to them both having high standing and being proficient users of their chosen abilities. His family was a warm and loving home where Hisaki knew that he could go and talk to his parents about anything. He was told from a young age that he was going to lead the Hyuga clan one day, and that his son would do the same, as it was his duty to carry on the clan and keep it within the main family. Having been told this for his entire life, he was absolutely devastated when he realised that he had no attraction to girls. It didn’t take him long to realise that he found boys to be attractive and that he would rather spend his time around them, something that he wouldn’t think was a problem until he was in the academy.

Academy Days

Hisaki was an impressive student, quickly learning the things that were thrown at him, which was expected by everyone because of who his parents were. What they didn’t realize was that he spent countless hours studying in order to make sure that he wouldn’t disappoint his parents or his teachers, leading him to start to despise going to school. He would end up becoming extremely proficient with Fuuinjutsu, which was his mother’s specialty, and would also take quickly to Medical Ninjutsu, which was something his father was known for. He trained and studied so often that he never had a chance to get close to any of the other students, making him become a loner and causing many of the other children to dislike him. At the young age of twelve he was already starting to deal with depression, and the way that the other children treated him would cause him to be incapable of interacting with people. He would eventually find release in the blade of a scalpel, cutting into his arms and getting the rush of adrenaline from the pain that made him feel a little bit better. He didn’t want his parents or teachers to find out, of course, so he used medical jutsu to heal himself, but this would become a habit that would follow him for a long time.

He would notice that most of the boys in his class were trying to impress the girls constantly, something he didn’t quite understand. While he didn’t interact with people often, he much prefered the thought of interacting with boys, and when he overheard the other kids asking who they wanted to kiss or stuff along those lines, the thought of kissing girls was something that he found gross, though there were several boys who he could imagine doing this with. He was crushed, knowing that not only was he different, but if his parents ever found out about this he would be even more of a disappointment to them. He wasn’t cut out to lead his clan, and he would never be able to produce an heir for their family, or not one with someone who he cared about the way that his father and mother did for each other. He was terrified of them finding out, and he repressed these feelings along with all of the other things welled up inside of him, burying them so that he wouldn’t have to think of them again. That, of course, isn’t how the brain works, but Hisaki seemed to be content to let it simmer for several years, turning him into a complete emotional wreck later on in his life.

Genin Days

He would graduate the academy at the top of his class, something which his parents were extremely proud of, but the cost that he did that at was intense. He was so extremely stressed out and had fallen into such a deep depression that for many months after he had graduated he wouldn’t leave his room, cutting himself over and over again until it no longer did anything for him. Medical Ninjutsu would make it so that he couldn’t see the marks for the most part, and all that was left was a small amount of scarring, something that was unavoidable from prolonged exposure to blades. When he stopped being able to feel the pain, his depression only became worse, his one outlet having been taken away from him when he stopped feeling that. He would eventually get to his darkest point when he thought that he had been outed to his parents, moving to attempt to take his own life. He was prepared to do it, but then another young man approached him and helped to talk him down. That man would go on to become his sensei, and was the head of the village, known as Hiroyuki Inuzuka.

Hiroyuki would take him as his student, and convince him that life was worth living. Hisaki would grow extremely close to Hiroyuki, developing his first real crush on someone. He truly realised that it was absolutely true, he was attracted to men, and Hiroyuki was the most perfect man he had met. He was infatuated with him, and the way that Hiroyuki treated him didn’t surprise him. He became more confident in himself, and would quickly rise up through the ranks of the village, eventually becoming one of the Sannin of the village. He would personally protect Hiroyuki, and was always happy to be there with him, his posting making it so the two of them could work together often. He stopped cutting himself all together, and eventually he became someone who was comfortable enough with himself to go out into public and deal with people, though when he did so he would often do so dressed as a female.

Hiroyuki had moulded him into a fantastic leader, and he would eventually tell him that he had no interest in being the Hokage. He told Hisaki that he had become the perfect replacement, as his love for the village and his kindness, as well as the aura of calm that he seemed to have made him an ideal leader. He had become a fantastic speaker as well, and was the perfect person to have as the face of the village, and his medical and fuuinjutsu prowess, along with his mastery of the Hyuga’s Gentle Fist technique and the use of the Byakugan made him an extremely worthy combatant. He proudly accepted his new position, leading their village into a new era where hopefully peace would reign. He couldn’t possibly imagine that a long time missing ninja from Konoha would eventually return to make his life hell, but as he had spent so much time training, when that day comes he will be ready for it. At some point he had several seals installed around the village, which would become his failsafe in the event that someone attacked the village. Any one of them could be activated from the administration building, so that he would have time to prepare for the confrontation that would take place after his jutsu had worn off.

Faceclaim: Tsurumaru Kuninaga


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Hyuga, Hisaki
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