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 Uchiha, Takezo

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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Uchiha, Takezo   Tue Nov 22, 2016 3:21 pm

Name: Takezo Uchiha
Age: 18
Birthdate: June 13th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Rank: S-Rank Jounin

Village: Kiri
Element(s): Katon (S), Raiton (S), Bakuton (S)
Specialties: Bukijutsu (SS), Genjutsu (SS), Medical (S), Fuuinjutsu (S)
Special Characteristics:
Master Sensor:
Invisible Quiver:
Intimidating Presence:
Sibling Bond:


Weight: 140lbs
Hair Color: Long black hair
Eye Color: Brown
General Description: Takezo looks almost exactly like his father Mitsuo Uchiha did when he was his age. He has long black hair that sits below his chin, completely covering his dark brown eyes and has the exact same trademark smile. While his father is older and more muscular, Takezo is much slimmer and less defined in the body. He tends to wear clothes to impress people, wearing darker coloured versions of whatever is trendy. Around his wrist he always has a watch so he always knows the time and is never late, one of the things he is meticulous about. When fighting he wears a dark suit of stealth armour. The armour has a hood and a mask that covers his face, though that he can easily see out of. He keeps his face and body completely shaven, besides the hair on top of his head and his eyebrows, hating any form of hair bothering him anywhere but those places. He is also extremely handsome for a teenager and is often seen by others to be a beautiful person. He has done modelling in the past due to his good looks and impressive fashion sense, making his face rather well known.

About You!
Personality: Takezo tends to be rather cold and collected. Having never known any family and being forced to be alone since he was a child has shaped him into someone who has a very hard time feeling empathy. When he was a child he had learned to steal to survive and that the word was kill or be killed. Because of this he is often thought to be somewhat of a sociopath, though he has simply found a way to be at peace with the ways of the world. He tends to be kind to animals over most people, his pet cheetah named Chisoku being his best friend and the only living creature that he holds dear to him. He and the King Cheetah grew up with one another and because of that Takezo will always hold a special place in his heart for him. He would never go as far as to bully someone, as he believes that bullies are pathetic people who are simply taking advantage of people weaker than them to make themselves feel better. He instead tends to stick up for those weaker than him, often meeting bullies with violence whenever they decide to rear their ugly faces. This is mostly due to the fact that people tried to bully him when he was a child due to the fact that he was an orphan with no past and he would always stand up to them, often defeating them and driving them away from him.

Though he is generally non-caring of those around him, he is still fond of the village that he ended up growing up in, and of the current Mizukage Umiko. He had been taken into her village when he was a small child and raised to be extremely loyal and protective of the village and whoever was leading it, naturally stepping into a position with Kiri's ANBU, as well as personally guarding the Mizukage due to his protective nature. He is also known to entertain with his guitar, a hobby he learned that he was quite a natural with when he was growing up in the village of Kiri. He is devoted to his crafts, and whatever he sets his mind too is something that he will absolutely finish, no matter the cost to himself or those around him.

History: When Mitsuo Uchiha was in his late twenties he met a woman named Rikku, whom he would fall in love with. The two of them would have a set of twins, named Kaia-Mai and Takezo Uchiha. The two would raise their children until they were two years old, when Mitsuo would have to leave them behind as he was being hunted. Takezo would never have the chance to remember his father. When he was four he was kidnapped and taken away into the Bloody Mist Village, where he would be kept as a prisoner for a few years. As a small child he had no idea why he was put into such a situation, though because he was so young when his father had left there was no way that he could have known. After three years there would be a commotion, and one of the guards would drop a knife, Takezo taking it and murdering the man in cold blood. The other guards would run into the room and see the small child with glowing red eyes brandishing the knife, knowing that they had awakened something terrible in him. There were other children in the room who would be the only living witnesses to what happened next, as the young Takezo, his Sharingan Eyes activated, would simply look at the men and whistle, turning all of them into drooling heaps on the ground before he cut each of their throats.

A hand full of men would enter the room, seeing the carnage that had been inflicted on these people at the hand of the seven year old child with the sharingan eye. They would calm him down, releasing all of the rest of the children, and taking him to the ANBU Headquarters, where he would skip past training to be a student of the academy, and be instantly trained towards the path that he would be led down. The training was rigorous and it didn’t leave him any time to make friends, making him a bit of an outcast, but it would make him into a well oiled killing machine. The instructors worked towards finding his strengths besides his eyes, and discovered two things about him; he was particularly skilled with a bow, and he had an affinity for Bakugan chakra, which was extremely rare. They taught him how to mold that into different techniques and how to become one of the most feared snipers in the world. By the time he was eleven, he was already being sent on dangerous missions and coming back successful and by the time he was thirteen he was considered to be a jounin ranked shinobi. In that time he had never developed any particular connection with any one person, though he had been trained to be fiercely loyal to the village, and to whoever the Mizukage was.

When he was fifteen years old there would be a new Mizukage crowned, and Takezo would personally be assigned to guard her. He would take the position with pride, glad that his hard work had seemed to pay off for him. He was given a special bow that reacted to his explosion release chakra, and was told that a lot of trust was being put into him. Around the same time he would start having nightmares of villages burning, of people being slaughtered by a crimson dragon, of a girl who looked a lot like him who would whisper to him in his dreams. It got to a point where he could hear her voice when he was awake, and it was actually somewhat distracting. He would often wonder if the voice in his head was real, but he would do his best to ignore it, as making sure that he was attentive for the Mizukage was his top priority. He would spend the next three years guarding the Mizukage and hearing the voices in his head, ever sure of who or what they were, but always wishing that he could find the answer to that one day...
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Uchiha, Takezo
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