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 Aiko [Character Application]

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PostSubject: Aiko [Character Application]   Tue Nov 22, 2016 4:00 pm

Name: Aiko
Age: 10
Birthdate: December 25th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Rank: Chuunin

Village: Konohagakure
Clan: Kamizuki | Hyuuga
Element(s): Suiton [S-Rank] | Futon [B-Rank] | Raiton [C-Rank]
Specialties: Genjutsu [S-Rank] | Taijutsu [B-Rank] | Fuuinjutsu [C-Rank]
Special Characteristics:
Born Ill:
Kamizuki Telepathy:

Height: 4 Foot 6 Inches (54 in |138.4 cm)
Weight: 70.5 lb (31.9 kg)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Gold
General Description: Aiko is rather small for her size likely due to her having been born quite a bit ill. She stands at four and a half feet tall and weighs in at seventy and a half pounds. Her skin tone is a light peach color save for her face which is a tad bit paler than average. She has little to almost no muscle, preferring to use the Gentle Fist style of fighting which requires far less physical effort than normal Taijutsu.

Aiko has golden eyes which stand out fairly well along with golden blond hair. Her hair is often worn in pigtails with some kind of ponytail or clip holding it in place; bangs hang down and frame her face.
Aiko’s usual outfit is quite a bit warm, despite the natural weather of Konoha. She tends to wear a light tan sweater beneath a yellow jumper. Underneath of the jumper is also worn a pair of black leggings which are tucked within a pair of light tan boots. When she wears her village headband it can often be found tied around her waist or hanging loosely around her neck.

About You!
Personality: Aiko is a very quiet child: she doesn’t like to speak, at least not verbally. Unlike most children who tend to fidget or move almost constantly Aiko actually prefers to be still – unless dancing of course.

That isn’t to say though that she’s not paying attention or is distant: she pays quite a lot of attention to her surroundings and the things that are going on.

She’s quite a happy child despite her battle with a constant illness and has learned to see the smallest spark or ray of hope in even the darkest of situations and circumstances. She believes that nothing is truly lost, perhaps out of arms reach for the moment but never hopelessly gone.

Aiko’s kindness knows no bounds; regardless of who someone is or what walk of life they come from Aiko is always willing to lend a helping hand. She hates seeing people or animals in bad situations and has in fact made it quite a habit to sneak stray or injured animals home to then nurse them back to help (with the help of a few adults in her life of course).

History: Aiko’s beginnings are a bit on the strange side to say the least. While most children are born to a mother and a father Aiko in fact has two father’s and no mother. She was created as an experiment by Amaya Uchiha through the mixing of two genes: those of Hiroyuki and those of Hisaki. The child’s creation came to an end on December 25th which was thus christened as her official ‘birthday’. Of course, neither Hiroyuki or Hisaki were aware of what Amaya had been planning: in fact Aiko was given to them as a Christmas present of all things – including any and all items needed to actually raise a child properly since Amaya was not about the half-assing life.

Of course from the very beginning she proved to be a rather special child. She was far smarter than the average child – capable of using telepathy for basic words even as a baby – and a lot quieter too. While most babies and younger children would cry to get what they wanted Aiko simply learned the words for what she needed and spoke them telepathically to her parents and those around – which of course led to some rather shocked individuals whom weren’t expecting it. In fact she used telepathy so much to get what she wanted that it wasn’t until she was nearly four years old that she actually spoke her first word verbally and that was simply nothing more than a happy utterance when a puppy had jumped up on her lap and begun to lick her face. In fact, had everyone around her at that time not reacted in such shocked (and very pleased since it proved there wasn’t a physical defect there) ways she likely would have never noticed she had done it.

All in all Aiko was a very happy child though there was a dark spot there: her sickness. Months into her ‘being born’ it became apparent that there was something wrong with her though what exactly that was wasn’t quite so easy to figure out. It seemed that the problem, which caused a range of respiratory problems for the young girl that had her in and out of the hospital most of her life, was more in her genetic make up than any kind of sickness or disease she had been in contact with.

Still, she proved early on she wasn’t going to allow this sickness to defeat her. She begged to be put into the Academy as early as possible: wanting to live as normal a life as possible and follow in the footsteps of her ninja parents. She wanted the same education as everyone else even if there were weeks at a time that she suddenly couldn’t attend due to her sickness roaring its ugly head. This by no means stunted her growth though, in fact with her high intelligence and her inability to easily give up she surpassed most of those in her class even though she attended a total of half the time that her peers did. This led to an early graduation from the Academy and stepping into life as a Genin at only the age of eight.

Of course, this would pass quickly too. With her determination, unwillingness to give up on tasks no matter how difficult they might have seen, plus the sheer growth she was showing she was only a Genin for two years before another promotion was in order. At the age of ten, only a month or two after her birthday, she was promoted to Chuunin.

Faceclaim: Google Image

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Aiko [Character Application]
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