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 Inuzuka, Yuki

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Special Jounin
Special Jounin

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PostSubject: Inuzuka, Yuki   Tue Nov 22, 2016 5:34 pm

Name: Yuki Inuzuka
Age: 25
Birthdate: March 11th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Rank: Special Jounin

Village: Konoha
Clans: Inuzuka/Kamizuki
Element(s): Raiton (S), Suiton (A)
Specialties: Fuuinjutsu (S), Bukijutsu (A)
Special Characteristics:


Short Fuse:


Weight: 150lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Amber
General Description: Yuki Inuzuka is a beautiful young woman, her long brown hair naturally wavy as it falls flowingly in front of her gorgeous amber eyes and perfect nose and chin. Her lips are full and her skin is soft, her facial appearance being absolutely gorgeous. Below that she is an extremely muscular woman, spending all of her time training with her spear causing her to be in fantastic shape, and her muscles are quite defined as well. She tends to wear either a set of simple robes, or a full set of steel plate mail armour, etched with golden accents, though she never wears a helm. She is never seen without her trademark spear, which she carries attached to her back at all times, never wanting to be caught off guard and never being stuck without it if it is needed.

About You!
Personality: Yuki is a girl who is extremely determined and confident in her abilities. She is someone who has never been personally bested in close combat before because of her intense training regime that she has undertaken in order to strive to one day become up to the standards of her famous father, Kenta Inuzuka, and to make him proud during the years that he spent away from the village. She has been fighting with a spear since she was a young girl and has always been exceptionally proficient with it, though her skill with a blade is over shone by her amazing agility and quickness. She is also a bit of a trickster and enjoys to have spots of fun, enjoying often causing mischief in different ways such as going into people’s houses and leaving things there that shouldn’t be there or moving stuff to other areas where it shouldn’t be. As the Hokage’s daughter she tends to believe that she is untouchable, though she isn't. The has a strong sense of family, as she spends a lot of her time with them, and wants to make her fathers proud of her, as well as her brother and sister. She is also an animal lover, being an Inuzuka making this something that was basically ingrained in her at a genetic level.

When she’s not training, or even when she is, she is an extremely fun person, super happy go lucky and awesome to be around. She can be a tad silly at times, but is always in good spirits and always looking to have fun. She loves to make people smile and laugh, and does whatever she can to ensure that happens.

History: Yuki was born the middle child of a set of triplets along with her brother Hiroyuki and her sister Temaki. The situation surrounding their birth was a little bit interesting, as Kenta Inuzuka and Michizuka Kamizuki were both her biological fathers and Michizuka actually carried them. Most people would think that this was odd, but in their family nothing was really weird anymore. She grew up extremely close with her family as they were always together, always being close with her siblings and learning a lot from Kenta about how to fight. She learned hand to hand combat, and decided to specialize with the spear, giving her an interesting weapon of choice to fight with. In the time of her childhood she would learn a lot, but eventually things would get really unfortunate when her father, Kenta, began to get sick.

He would still tell the triplets to go to the academy, even though they wanted to spend time with him they couldn’t slack on their responsibilities as future shinobi of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, which their father had led for so many years. They worked extra hard, Yuki personally excelling at hand to hand and physical combat in general. She was fairly smart, though not quite on her brother’s level, but she didn’t mind as it wasn’t super important to her to be the smartest. She just wanted to prove that she was the strongest of her siblings, and out of everyone in their class in general, pushing to make sure that she was stronger than the boys especially. Whenever one of them would push her and tell her that because she’s a girl she shouldn’t be trying to do physical combat she would proceed to beat them down with no mercy, and if anyone ever picked on one of her siblings she would do the same, also being more protective of Hiroyuki due to his shyness.

After leaving the Academy and having her promotion to Genin, she spent a lot of time working alongside her siblings to make their father proud, their family having run the Village Hidden in the Leaves for a long time. Her siblings and herslef wouldn't stay in the rank of Genin for long, the three of them showing fantastic prowess quite quickly as they asscended the ranks towards better things. They would take missions together and show that the three of them together were quite the trio, and that they could easily be trusted with high security missions, all of them being groomed for bigger and better things. While her time spent as a Genin may not have been long, it was useful and she did learn a lot about herself, as well as making a few new friends and advancing the prestige of her family along with her brother and sister.

Out of the three of her siblings, she was the one who decided that she would take part in the Chuunin exams, as she felt a need to prove herself. Hiro was one of the greatest psychics in the world and took to it very easily, and Temaki was blasting her way through ranks, the explosiveness of her techniques widely respected and praised. Yuki went through the process of fighting through the chuunin exams, her and Akai working together to give them an advantage. There were many impressive fighters and strategists in this exam, but Yuki was no slouch herself, and her fighting prowess was pretty fantastic. People saw her spear and it terrified them, causing them to only focus on that. Akai would be able to sneak up on their opponents most of the time, Yuki communicating with her telepathcally and telling him where he needed to go or what to do. He was extremely smart, the ninken of the Inuzuka no ordinary dogs. The two of them overcame all of their opponents, and managed to win the exams, Yuik's promotion to chuunin coming after defeating all of her foes. A few others were promoted in the exams, but none could say they had won.

By the time she had become a Chuunin, her sister Temaki was already being considered for promotion. Hiroyuki and Yuki were proud of their sister, but Yuki at least felt a little bit jealous at the speed of her advancement. She would work hard to catch her sister, and of course her father, and she would begin to take far more difficult missions, coming up successful each time, but being cut off at a certain point. She was proud of her progression, but disappointed that she couldn't make it past a certain point. Her fathers and her siblings would continue to push her, making sure that she would be able to get to the point that she wanted to. Her training was paying off, and she was told to take on one more mission to be able to be promoted to a Special Jounin rank, specilizing in spear combat. Her prowess with a spear had gotten to the point where she was considered to be an unmatched combatant in her chosen path. She watched as her brother was offered a promotion to Hokage, which he turned down, her cousin being promoted instead which made Yuki happy. She loved her cousin, and when she was the Hokage she had given Yuki her promotion, making her a Special Jounin.

Hiroyuki would take a student and start to spend a lot of time with him, Temaki being quickly promoted and being considered one of the strongest people in the village. Yuki would continue to train so that she wouldn't be left behind in the dust. When Hisaki Hyuga became the Hokage, Yuki would train even harder, chuckling that the new Hokage, whihe he wasn't technically their blood, was dating her brother and still a part of their pack. She was more than happy for her brother, and for her sister, and she would gladly work towards becoming stronger, her training never truly ending...

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Inuzuka, Yuki
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