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 Inuzuka, Hiroyuki

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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Inuzuka, Hiroyuki   Tue Nov 22, 2016 5:51 pm

Name: Inuzuka-Kamizuki, Hiroyuki
Age: 25
Birthdate: 3/11
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Rank: Jounin [S]

Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Clan: Kamizuki || Inuzuka
Element(s): Suiton [S] || Raiton [S] || Fuuton [S]
Specialties: Genjutsu [SS] || Ninjutsu [S] || Fuuinjutsu [S] || Taijutsu [A]
Special Characteristics:

Height: 6'3
Weight: 175lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Emerald Green
General Description: Scrawny, in one overarching word. Hiroyuki is beyond scrawny for someone that has the name Inuzuka. His build is far closer to his Kamizuki cousins; what few are actually his general age range and height. He'd never failed to hit his milestones as a child; but while he would grow in height (and he did, very often); he never really filled out in weight or musculature. He was quiet obviously the one of the three siblings that was taking after Michizuki in physiology. Yuki and Temaki where far more like Kenta, or even Ashi really. Hell, his cousin Aisling, for all of her problems; was stronger physically then him. But that never meant much to Hiroyuki. He maintained the overall coloration of his father; if with green eyes that spoke of his uncles more then his fathers or sisters.  

About You!
Personality: Quiet. Calm. Happy. That is the easiest way to describe Hiroyuki's personality. He was never the type to shy from hard work; so the strict training that both his parents forced on him was never a burden, nor a problem. He loved to read and study, which made the training with Michizuka far easier then with Kenta; as Michizuka was the father that trained his mind, while Kenta trained his body. He was very much Kenta's child in his love for water and cold; a direct opposite of his hot headed and loving sisters. Hiro's reputation as a voluntary mute came about only because so few people around him had a mind that would accept his passive telepathic skills without force on his part. Given he hated using force on anyone without reason; he just came off to most as completely silent. To those that could hear his mental voice... he was a warm, loving, talkative person that seemingly had an answer for anything. Wisdom was gained through the training of his mind; and the shared experiences he gained from his fathers; and it gave him a perspective that valued peace and diplomacy over anything else. Hiroyuki is not a violent child unless provoked; and may the gods help you if you do; as his psychic skills are easily enough to render the strongest fighter a blithering, piss soaked mess.


Hiroyuki, or Hiro for short, was always surrounded by family, whether it be his immediate family which consisted of himself, and his two sisters - Yuki and Temaki - and his father's Kenta Inuzuka and Michizuka Kamizuki. He was the first born in the set of triplets, making him want to shoulder the responsibilities of an elder brother. His youth was spent constantly surrounded by his sisters. At a very young age he showed his father Michizuka's knack of brain power; the child proved to be a telepath, and a very powerful one at that. When his father, Kenta Inuzuka, the former Hakage of Niwaurushi wasn't busy doing office work they spent hours doing survival trainings. Learning to survive and to turn nothing into something. How to live off of the bare minimum. Training came hand in hand with this; as each one of their strengths was put to the test and honed to perfection. Though, a great deal of this childhood fun came to a halt right about the time Hiroyuki was preparing to enter into the Academy. Given Hiroyuki's knack for telepathy he could tell rather quickly that something was wrong, and becoming more so as time went on. Then, the news of Kenta's condition, of the fact that he was becoming sicker, came home.


Even though his father was sick, Hiroyuki was still pushed into the academy at his father's wishes. If his father wanted him to be all he was capable of being then he was going to oblige, even if he would have rather been home at his father's side. But, for the most part he was happy to be there.
The lessons were easy enough, and came like second nature to him. Though, he didn't care for the more physical aspects of the academy, he made up for his lack of strength with his speed. In spars and practice fights it quickly got to the point to where only his own cousins and siblings dared face him, the other children being far too frightened to want to face up to him in such a manner. A lot sooner than most of his classmates he was up for promotion, the Academy no longer capable of teaching him anything new. Therefore, he was allowed to graduate a lot earlier than most of his peers and start his life as a Genin.


Though he was assigned to a squad Hiroyuki did all he could possible to stay close to home. While the normal activities still happened, and survival training had picked up once more on his days off that weren't being spent training, - normally with his younger cousins - he always kept close to his father, Kenta. He had always been more of a daddy's boy than anything, and it showed now more than ever. He knew his father was becoming sicker and sicker, and the inevitable day happened to where his father ended up in Konoha's hospital, of all places. Hiroyuki remained by his side through the whole ordeal. His normal quiet and reserved nature took on a complete one-eighty, as he started lashing out over even the smallest thing. He didn't want his father in such a place, he wanted him home where he knew he'd be safe. The entire ordeal wroght a change in the boy; while never the most outgoing or extroverted of children, he had always been happy and carefree about life and the world around him. 


Now he was almost sullen, silent in mind and voice. His fear had scarred him, deeply so; and he was finding it harder and harder to deal with day to day life. This tempestuous period in his life was underscored by the spectre of puberty hitting him in weird ways that only served to make poor Amaya's life more difficult. With the three of them solidly within the graps of changing bodies and hormones, she was fighting just to keep the village from being simultaniously burned, drowned, and covered in spears by the teenage triplet terrors. A realization came out of this time as well, one that would shape future relationships that Hiroyuki would, and wouldn't have: namely that of his preference when it came to romance and all things sexual. He really was a little clone of his fathers in that way, he found rather quickly that he had absolutely no tastes for the females of the species, however he really wasn't all that into the males either. However, this apathy was a byproduct of his depression and such, at heart he was very much into the males around him; but it took more than just a physical attraction to make the child lust after someone, and that emotional and romantic attraction wouldn't be realized for years yet.


Chunnin promotions where largely a joke for the children of the Hokage, doubly so for Hiroyuki. Genjutsu specialists where a rarity among his generation, so combined with his amazing intellect and slowly growing martial prowess [puberty was going a long way toward fixing the physical problem's he'd had growning up; he was finally begingin to catch up to his peers in terms of height and weight and all that jazz] meant that he was basically at the top of the list [tied with his sister's of course] to be promoted; and they humored their way through the Chunnin exams that year in record setting times. Chunnin was a short period for Temaki, she was the most motivated in terms of prestige and such of the bunch, so she used Chunnin as a stepping stone to Special Jounin and left Yuki and Hiroyuki in her dust fairly quickly. Hiroyuki was content to take his time; Kenta needed help running the village now, and there was an air of mistrust between the pack and the elder councils; meaning that little, if anything, was ever consulted to them. This left the pack essentially running the village without any imput from the Daimyo or his lackies, and that ended up being a good thing as the years progressed.

Special Jounin:

Still, it only took him a few years to reach Special Jounin. His time as a Tokujo where some of the best of his life; his hormones and body had started to settle down, and he was no longer fighting biology to maintain his sanity, which left him able to deal with the depression that had plagued him since his father had gone into the hospital all those years ago. With Kenta in the best shape he'd been in for years, his sister's thriving, and plenty of time to just... be; he was healing, and coming to terms with himself again. It meant that he was able to branch out a bit, and start being, well, normal; something he'd never been, but always kind of wanted to try. So with that in mind, he finally agreed to let his father assign him a Genin. Just one, though; he wasn't going to take a bunch of strange kids, not when there was plenty to do with his sisters and cousins and the little ones floating about. A single student was enough for him, with how his mind worked, it was hard to focus properly on several intimate realtionships like that without it going... weird. He was far more in control of his mind than when he was younger, but he still had issues with idly digging into other's minds when he wasn't focusing; an issue his Father had at the same age, and one he was told he would grow out of eventually. Still, it made him wary around kids and anyone he had to train; so he agreed to a single student only.

Best. Descision. Ever.

Hisaki was... a bit odd, but not in a bad way. The oddity came from having done exactly what Hiroyuki himself had for years, and given that Hisaki was a purely vocal being, and didn't have the advantages that came with being a psychic from birth. This left the boy rather... mute, but not like Hiroyuki was. There was a darkness there, one that he felt he was uniquiely suited to disperse. It wasn't hard for him to find a crack in the younger's armor, and once he had that, he was able to work his way in; so that he was able to start breaking apart the storm that clouded his world. It took some time, and a lot of effort to prove that he was different from the ones that had made the boy's life miserable via everything from passive neglect to outrigh abuse, but in the end it was well worth his time and effort.

He'd gained a best friend, the first he'd ever had outside of his siblings and cousins, and a student worthy of the legacy he embodied; generations of master and greatness focused onto him as a child, and he was able to pass that mantle along to a boy that was both worthy, and perfect, to carry it. More than that, he found someone that could hand his own quirks and oddities and could bring a smile to his face that no one outside of his family had ever seen, while he was able to bring the smile that no one, not even Hisaki himself, ever got to see out of the younger male.

It was a good time for him, one he wouldn't trade for the world.

He damn near had to, and that would have killed him.

Jounin [A]:

Jounin promotions where... strange. He was a shoe in for the rank, but that wasn't the issue. The issue was that his father was stepping down, and he wasn't about to let some fucknut replace the elder Inuzuka. He was at the front of the crowd screaming to deny the selection process from the Elder Council; everyone knew that they where making a play to have a puppet of the Daimyo instilled into the position, all because Kenta had done such a damn fine job of ending the control the idiot politician and his dynasty had established within the military might of the country for generations before. The village was thriving under the control of the Inuzuka pack, and without the interference of the Daimyo and his Generals; so the Pack and all of it's allies banded together to make sure this wouldn't change. In the end, succuess. Aisling, his favorite cousin, heir to the Nara clan and a fully suitible replacement for the ailing Kenta, was given the hat.

This was definately an improvement over the original choice. He was not cut out to be Hokage; he knew it, his Dad's knew it, his sister's knew it, his cousins knew it; but some fucknut politician decided to nominate him for the job. He resoundedly denied this nomination; he had zero interesting in leading the village, and while he had the knowledge and ability, he didn't have the personality nor the force of will when it mattered, to be a leader of that nature. He had to be to reserved, far to in control, to allow himself to be a forceful leader of men and ninja; any misstep and he risked causing irreperable harm to the people he was supposed to protect. More to the point, he wasn't able to split his focus the way his father had, he couldn't compartmentalize his life the same way, and it meant that there was little to no barrier between what was 'work' and what was 'life'. That wasn't a healthy mindset for a Kage; he wouldn't risk himself or his people over it.

That, and he wasn't about to put his favorite student through anymore heartache. It was just asking for problems for him to have to devote that much of his life to running the show like he would have to; the very idea of having to neglect Hisake... it appauled him. Appauled and saddened him, in ways he wasn't sure he was ready to face.

Or rather, he needed to; and was going to have to; and he was pretty sure he did with aplomb. Given the results of a rather interesting incident that happened not long after Aisling took the hat... well, needless to say he was happy with his decisions in life so far.

Jounin [S]:

If Aisling was anything, she was efficient, and a bit of a nepoist (which to be fair, they al where, with good reasons); so his nearly instantaneous promotion to S-Rank wasn't unexpected, nor was it turned down. His promotion was double-fold, promotion in rank, and an appointment as the Hokage's personal advisor. That he was named a Sannin was largely forgotten about pretty quickly, it wasn't like the title meant much within a family full of them, active or otherwise, so it was quickly aknowledged with a round of drinks bought by his fathers, and they moved on to bigger and better things. He and Aisling both knew this appointment wouldn't be the long reign of his father; she was only marginally better suited to this position than he was, but they both knew of someone that, with a little extra training, would be perfect for the role. It didn't take much, nor did they really have to work hard, to make sure that their selected canidate was ready for the day, not so long ago, that Aisling stepped down and named him sucessor. To say that Hiroyuki was proud to stand beside Hisaki as he was named Hokage was an understatment, and he was, and still is, glad to remain standing beside his Hokage in all aspects and ways. There where perks to having your own personal Hokage; as his Father had once told him, and he know understood all to well.

Faceclaim: Okita Souji - Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan


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Cause even I know every battle leaves you with scars

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Inuzuka, Hiroyuki
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