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 Temaki [Character Application]

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Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Temaki [Character Application]   Tue Nov 22, 2016 8:46 pm

Name: Temaki
Age: 25
Birthdate: March 11th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Clan: Inuzuka | Kamizuki
Rank: Retired Hokage | Jounin S

Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Element(s): Katon | Raiton | Bakuton [Explosion Release] | Yang Release
Specialties: Taijutsu | Ninjutsu | Fuuinjutsu | Weapons Tech | Medical Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:
Feral Features:


5 Feet 8 Inches
Weight: 130 Pounds
Hair Color: Multi-colored
Eye Color: Red
General Description: Tits. That would have to be the first thing one would notice about Temaki: they're out there, they're pretty damn big, and she covers them with little more than a V neck, blue colored top. Over top of this top is a black leather jacket, the sleeves of which she keeps folded up to her elbows with the front of the jacket normally kept open. Cut off shorts and a black belt complete Temaki's usual attire along with a pair of knee length tan leather boots.

Her eyes are a natural red color – though they chance to a firey-orange during certain situations, and her skin is a natural pale color: all of her features slightly more feral looking than the average human. Her hair which is rainbow colored with the sides shaved down, usually worn draped over one side. On her arms and thighs are a tattoo design of clouds and bullets. On one of her cheeks is a single red fanged symbol.

Temaki bothers little with make-up save for eyeliner, black in color, that enhanced naturally large eyes and black lashes and pink lip gloss.

About You!
Personality: Explosive. This is as much a description of Temaki's fighting style as it is her general personality. Temaki is, to best describe it, a walking ticking time bomb with a very short fuse. She can go from happy and energetic to pissed the fuck off in less time than it took you to read that sentence. Of course, that isn't to say she's a violent maniac... oh wait, she is, especially when she fights.

She's a dare devil with little to almost no fear of death. It is her personal belief that everything is to be tried at least one. Cliff diving? LETS DO THIS! 8D! Racing through a forested area at insane speeds that would snap a neck of a collision happened? Been there, done that, got that t-shirt.

Fun is something that Temaki loves to have: anything from hanging out at a bar in her after-work hours, to going on some grand and glorious adventure, to getting into a bar fight.

Of course, that isn't to say that Temaki is completely irresponsible. She takes great pride when it comes to running her village. It's a task that she takes most seriously and pours her heart into each and every day she wakes up and gets out of bed.

Temaki is beastly protective when it comes to her village and her villagers: her belief is that any who threaten them or their way of life are to be eliminated at all costs.

Temaki can be brutal and she can be caring and gentle handed: it all depends on the situation and what she deems is necessary to handle it. She completely understands and knows the difference between situations that need a firm touch and those that require a more gentle hand.

Youth – Academy
Temaki was surrounded by family since the time she was born; either by her immediate family which consisted of herself, her older brother Hiroyuki, her older sister Yuki, her father Kenta Inu, and her father Michizuka, or by her extended family. She was born last in a set of triplets, and perhaps it was this that led to her otherwise more young and wild behavior.

She spent the majority of her youth surrounded by her older brother and sister. At a young age she already began showing a knack for explosives: the bigger the better. When her father, Kenta Inu, the former kage wasn't busy working she was often dragged along for hours worth of survival trainings; learning to take almost nothing and turn it into something, even though a lot of it ended up with her finding out what and what caused an explosion. Though she still came away from these training sessions with an awful lot of knowledge.

Training came hand in hand with this; each of her siblings strengths, including her own, put to the test and honed to perfection. It was all fun for her: she learned to make her explosions for all sorts of things; and big ones at that. She showed little to no fear at all about blowing herself to kingdom come, even though she had been told early on of the great deal of risk that her particular set of skills came with, how her skills could be very deadly not only to others but to herself as well. However, as she neared time to enter into the ninja Academy with her siblings that fun came to a halt; news hit home of Kenta's condition, the fact that he was sick and becoming sicker still.

Academy – Genin
Even though her father was sick Temaki still entered into the ninja Academy with her siblings. She was determined to make the best of it; a way to put a smile on her father's face when she came home with new ideas, information, and skills - but most of all with new ways to blow stuff up. While she was worried about her father's health and well being she still kept her head in the game when it came to going to school. The academy lessons were easy enough, and it came easier to her than it likely did the majority of the other students.

However, she preferred the more physical aspects of the academy's teachings. Sparring, physical training, she was all in. Though, it became quickly apparent that the other students did not like being matched up against her. She was known for blowing things up early on; and most feared that she would likely blow them up if she got close enough to touch them - however, she began to train the ability to blow stuff up from a distance as soon as she realized this. After a while only her siblings or cousins were willing to face off against her, which was fine, as this gave her more than enough training and skills to work with. They didn't hold back and neither did she when they were going at it, causing the fights to be brutal, dangerous, and often ending bloody, even though it was only supposed to be training: however, never a harsh or bad word came out of those fights, more smiles and laughter, promises to end the fights properly when they got home.

Due to her sheer fighting abilities, lack of fear, and slightly crazed mentality, she was up for a promotion soon after her brother Hiroyuki, her sister Yuki, and herself graduated. There was more she could learn as a Genin than she could learn anymore from the academy, especially when dealing with the physical things; and it came to the point that she was just far too volatile for the other students to be able to handle any longer. Therefore, she was allowed to graduate a lot earlier than most of her peers and start her life as a Genin.

Genin – Chuunin
Temaki was quickly assigned to a squad, and despite her urge to use this to travel and see the world, she was torn. She wanted to travel, but staying close to home while her father was sick was far more important at the time. While she went through the normal training and survival training, continued to blow things up both when she was supposed to and when she wasn't, she kept close, fearing the worst. She knew he was getting worse due to the way her brother was acting, especially after Kenta ended up in the village's hospital. While Hiroyuki remained by their father's side she remained by his: as if their personalities had switched. While Hiroyuki was lashing out at even the smallest things Temaki became quiet and almost reserved acting. She stopped wasting time blowing things up, and instead focused on trying to keep her brother calm and her sister as well. They all wanted Kenta home where he would be safe, but she also realized the good that the medical treatments the hospital was providing was doing.

When Kenta was released the announcement that he'd have to step down as kage came soon after. She, nor the rest of her siblings cared for the position; even though it was theirs to take, Hiroyuki's more than her or Yuki. However, none of them wanted it, and she couldn't help but agree with the solution to the problem Hiroyuki found: which was someone else willing to step up. She was a quiet girl, far more so than Temaki, but she was incredibly smart, and would likely do an excellent job, especially with their help. While Hiroyuki had more than enough knowledge to help this new Kage with the political stuff and helping to keep her head clear of the absolute chaos she had stepped into, her and Yuki kept their new Kage and village safe from a distance. While Yuki was the epitome of skill and power, Temaki herself was a trap and explosive expert: easily able to offer support, defense, and then some when it came to protection detail. They would keep the village safe at a distance; while Hiroyuki would offer all of the wisdom the new kage would need. It was a completely perfect arrangement; one that allowed them to stay close to home as well, to stay close to their ill father.

In the following years their father's health stabilized to some degree; no longer in the hospital nine out of ten days, and he actually began to improve: but there were still bad days, good days, and those terrible days they spent huddled together in waiting rooms, silently trying not to destroy the world that left father so sick, and that seemed to constantly cause their personalities to mimic each others in complete perfection.

Chuunin - Special Jounin
The new kage had been in power only a few months when promotions were given out. Temaki had earned her way to Chuunin through exams that she had bothered with during one of the periods of time where their father was actually doing very well, even though her siblings didn't bother with it. To her it was a way to blow off steam without getting in trouble or causing an incident.

The promotion came with benefits however; it was no longer as questioned as before for her or her siblings to be part of the new kage's protection detail. On her days not spent on the new kage's protection detail or missions she trained; constantly striving to enhance and better herself. The stronger she could get than the better she could protect everyone; which meant the better she could protect family. They had grown up in the village after all, and cared deeply for those living within it.

Special Jounin - Jounin (A)
Temaki wasn't a Chuunin for long before her next promotion came. With it came a whole new mass of responsibilities: not only was she still part of the kage's protection detail, guarding her from a distance, but she was also high enough ranked to take on a small squad. Due to her explosive expertise and trap expertise she was the perfect teacher for those areas: and did her best to teach everything and anything she could to any student assigned to her - though, like everything in life, no matter how hard you try some things are just not meant for everyone: either because of fear which causes them to give up, or because of a lack of ability or skill in that area.

She bothered to take the time to start to travel with far less fear of the loss of her father while she was gone; though she was always quick to decline the chance on the occasions her father started to become sick again.

Jounin (A) - Jounin (S)
As the kage readied to step down due to her own personal matters (the birth of her daughter), Temaki found herself being promoted once more to Jounin (A). It was a surprising enough, she hadn't been keeping track of the amount of missions she had been going on, but apparently she had made an impression when it came to the work she was doing.

When not busy training her squad, or otherwise off on missions which required a great deal of travel that helped to sooth her otherwise restless soul, she spent the majority of her time with her family: teaching the children who were of an appropriate age (lol, yeah right), how to blow stuff up: or otherwise entertaining the ones too young to preform such a task yet with smaller, safer explosions.

Jounin (S) – Joutenkage
With the old kage stepping down Temaki found herself being promoted for one final time: at the age of 20 she was named Joutenkage: leader of her entire village. While nervous that she wouldn't be good enough Temaki was determined to prove herself and be the sort of leader that her village deserved and needed. Something that, despite the years that have passed, Temaki continues to do – saving the travel and need for fun for the few moments she finds herself able to slip away.

RP Sample: "Woohoo!"

Words shouted before her form came flying through the air; she was running at high speeds, throwing her form through the air like it was weightless. Her form crashed through smaller branches and shrubbery, snapping the whole lot with a great deal of ease. Finally, gravity took over and her form arced downwards until it hit the ground. But that didn't stop her; like she had springs instead of legs she launched herself forward after her legs bent and absorbed the impact; launching herself forward to keep up her joyous run.

Her laughter filled the air, snatched away as the air picked up; taking her scent with it, while delivering the scent of water and nature to her nose. It also brought the scent of something else to her nose; the sibling she was currently racing. Ah yes, perhaps it was time to put her head back into the game, eh? "You won't catch me!", she shouted out playfully before pushing off of a nearby tree and launching herself through more thin branches and shrubbery, not even bothering to notice the littler superficial scratches that doing so left behind on her exposed flesh.

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Temaki [Character Application]
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