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 Creeping Creeper (Mission Complete)

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PostSubject: Creeping Creeper (Mission Complete)   Creeping Creeper (Mission Complete) Icon_minitimeThu Nov 24, 2016 3:11 pm


Hisaki sat at his desk in his office, looking through the stack of papers that had recently been put along his desk. He was going through them, trying to see which ones he would post to the mission board, and what would be considered a priority or not. He rolled his eyes at a lot of the requests, being very simple tasks that he would offer up to the young genin of the village, things like rescuing cats or helping clean up areas of the village. They were important jobs still, but he still wished that people could get up and do these things themselves. He didn’t mind, however, since there were always people willing to pay shinobi for their assistance, and it was good for the young genin to get their toes wet doing some missions. He could feel Storm’s massive head resting on his lap, one of his hands moving down to scratch the massive wolf between the ears. He was becoming a little bit bored from the time that Hisaki had spent mostly cooked up in his office recently, and he didn’t blame him as he himself was getting a little bit bored as well. He sometimes missed the excitement that had come from being a jounin of the village, going out often and working on missions with Storm, the two of them getting in plenty of practice and exercise.

“Don’t worry boy, I’m sure we will find a job that we can do together. There has to be something here that’s worth leaving my office for…” He didn’t sound too sure and he could feel Storm sigh, making him chuckle softly. He had been saying that for a little while, a bit frustrated that he hadn’t been able to find any jobs to do either, as each time he said it he could never follow through. He didn’t blame Storm for his frustration, Hisaki himself getting a little bit frustrated at the inactivity that the two of them had been forced to endure. Being the Hokage was an important job, and it was one that Hisaki took great pride in, but he was also a shinobi and doing missions had been a huge part of his life before he had taken the hat, missing the excitement quite often. After he finished going through the stack of missions he sighed once more, taking his hand off of Storm’s head, who would stand up and walk away from the desk so that Hisaki could get up himself, and then moving out to post the missions on the board. He had sifted through many requests that were suitable for genin, and even a few that would be a little bit more difficult, but nothing he felt that the younglings of the village couldn’t handle.

As he went back into his office after posting the missions, he set his hat down on the table, putting his head between his hands and looking at the desk, feeling Storm come back to rest his head in Hisaki’s lap once more. He looked towards the massive stack of other papers that he still had to sift through, some of them being rumours, some being information, some being requests from different families or shinobi in the village for help or meeting with him, and he shook his head. He hated this part of the job, the seemingly endless paperwork. He lifted his head and cracked his knuckles, taking the top paper on the stack and reading it over. As he read the paper a smile would overtake his face, Storm’s ears perking up as he raised his head to look at Hisaki, standing and putting his massive head on his shoulder instead, as if to read the letter in his hands. It was a warning about a creature that came around every twenty three years and hunted people down to steal their organs, and apparently it had been spotted the night before. It sounded like a dangerous creature, one that would definitely be important to stop but could prove to be a difficult task for the people of the village. Well what kind of Kage would Hisaki be if he allowed his people to put themselves in harm’s way, but he wouldn’t go out and take care of dangers himself?

He turned his head to the side and kissed Storm on the cheek. “Well look at that, eh Storm? Looks like we might have something interesting to do after all.” Storm stepped back, crouching down on his front paws as his tail wagged excitedly, fanning the papers out and causing many of them to fall onto the ground in disarray. Hisaki chuckled at the massive four hundred pound dire wolf acting like a puppy again, still seeing him as his puppy honestly, even though he was nearly eight feet long and stood nearly as tall as he did. He would walk over to one of the shelves in his office, grabbing the collapsible bo staff that sat on top of one of the center shelves. When he touched it, he could feel it react to his Hurricane release chakra, charging up as he placed it into its holster on his hip. He would then grab the Kiss of Death gauntlets that sat on the same shelf, sliding his hands into them, his pinky fingers ensuring that they were properly locked into the ring that they would activate the spring mechanism that would release the blade. Storm was bouncing up and down, excitedly awaiting Hisaki to open the door so that the two of them could track down the monster that had been terrorizing the villagers, and Hisaki couldn’t help but laugh at his excitement.

When they were making their way out of the office, Hisaki’s head of ANBU approached him, asking him if everything was alright. He told the woman that everything was fine, and that she should watch over the office until his return, as he had some business to attend too. She looked at him with a confused look on her face, the mask in her hands as she addressed the Hokage. He always prefered to see the agent’s faces when they were dealing with him, and he was glad that she was being compliant. He looked back and watched as she took a seat as his desk, trying his hat on her head which made him smirk slightly, somewhat missing the hat being on his head, but at the same time not being overly upset to not be wearing it for this. If he managed to damage the Hokage hat he was sure he would never hear the end of it. As soon as he got outside, he jumped onto Storm’s back and wrapped his arms around the wolf’s neck, keeping his legs locked against the sides of the wolf as Storm took off, running as quickly as he could. Hisaki would activate his Byakugan, ensuring that he could see the chakra of anything around him and ideally find the thing that had been terrorizing the village.

It didn’t take him long to find it, as follow the screams seemed to work just as well as follow the chakra signature. It was a curious creature that he would have never noticed with his Byakugan, as it didn’t seem to have any chakra affinity, which would prove to be a little difficult for him as he was a Hyuga and therefore shutting down people’s chakra was often a big part of his plan of attack. He noticed a few things about it, and they disturbed him a little bit. It had wings, which were a little different, as well as tremendously sharp teeth and claws. It looked humanish, except for the fact that it looked like everything that made it human had been stripped from it. Hisaki frowned and looked down at Storm, who was growling at the beast. He gently strokes his cheeks and ears before he dismounted the large wolf, his eyes affixed to this monstrosity before him. Her noticed the bone shuriken and the bone knife and wondered if they had been fashioned from one of the creature's victims, He was almost positive the answer was yes, and it angered him greatly to think that this creature had used good Konoha people to make such terrible things. His anger became great, overtaking him as the skies above him would turn dark and a storm would begin, lightning crashing and rain pouring down in a torrential downpour. The Stormlord was ready for the challenge…

He pulled out his staff, the Staff of the Storm, and extended it to its full six foot length, feeling the chakra surge through it as small pulses of lightning would begin to shoot up and down the staff. He could see that his objective here was clearly don’t get too close to it, but sadly get too close was kind of Hisaki’s fighting style, so that likely wouldn’t be happening. There was a smirk across his face, the thrill of the fight ahead of him getting him excited as he nodded to Storm and the two of them took off at a run at this man, his Kage robes wet and flowing in the wind and rain behind him. The creature started to look at him, and Hisaki could see it staring at his eyes as though it had decided what its next meal was. Hisaki wasn’t going to allow such a thing to happen as the monster made its way towards him, Hisaki spinning the staff in front of him, slamming the bottom of it into the ground, and vaulting himself into the air and over it while Storm charged head first into the creature. The two pronged attack would work fairly well, Storm jumping at it and throwing it off balance, while Hisaki would land low and sweep the legs with his staff. It all would have worked perfectly if the thing hadn’t had wings and could simply fly up to avoid them. Well that was annoying…

Hisaki’s face grew more sour, creating a pair of seals on his hands and placing his palms to the ground in order to create a trap seal, his Byakugan staying activated so he could track where the chakra was. He stood back up and spun the staff, the monster turning once again to face him. Hisaki would stand just on the outside of the seal, seeing that the creature still seemed to have its attention fully on him, which he could use to his advantage as his Hurricane Cage seal was set. He noticed that the creature also didn't seem to be that quick, though flight was always a difficult thing to overcome. He had tricks up his sleeves to overcome flight if he had too. Close combat was where he thrived, and he would be able to close the gap through another handy seal that he had learned from documents about the fourth Hokage. He held one of the Kunai with a Fuuinjutsu seal on it, throwing it above the creature, who dipped down slightly to dodge the attack, which was simply a bluff as he would activate the seal, teleporting himself to the Kunais position.

The creature would look up just as the Hokage was falling down on him, charging his staff and slamming the point of it into the creature's face, the Hurricane release exploding at the tip and pulping much of the creatures face. It would fall limply to the ground directly in the middle of Hisakis seal. He stepped out of it and watched in amazement as the creature stood again, having withstood the full force of what was essentially a mini Rasengan to the face. Hisaki had the advantage now though, creating a half hand sign and activating the seal, causing a hurricane to build around the creature, which would scream out in pain as it tried to escape. Hisaki could feel the surging of Raiton chakra through his gauntlets, watching as the creature walked out of the seal, all of its skin hanging off of it in shredded tatters.

Hisaki would smile once more, pulling the rings on the gauntlets and moving in for the strike, the creature managing to lash out against him and scrape him with his claws as Hisaki removed its head, the incredible power of his gauntlets being released in one fell swoop of the blades. They charged with lightning, the cutting power increasing with the charge, as the head of the beast rolled from his shoulders, landing on the ground and rolling, its body slumping to the ground as well. Hisaki would kneel down beside the body, examining it and trying to see what it had once been. It appeared to be formerly human, clearly having experimentation done on it that was definitely illegal. He frowned, placing a seal on the body that would seal it into an extradimensional space so that when he got back to his office he could have Amaya take a look at it to see if the two of them could figure out who had done it and what exactly had been done.

He climbed back onto Storm’s back and the two of them made their way back to the village, satisfied from the excursion for a little while longer at least...


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Creeping Creeper (Mission Complete)
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