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 Takayama-Jun Chi, Satoshi

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Takayama-Jun Chi, Satoshi 30sezc7

Name: Takayama-Jun Chi, Satoshi
Age: 30
Birthdate: April 20th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Clan: Takayama/Jun Chi
Rank: Kouyakage

Village: Yokuchigakure
Element(s): Katon [SS], Doton [SS], Yoton [SS]
Specialties: Ninjutsu [SS], Medical Ninjutsu [SS], Taijutsu, Genjutsu
Special Characteristics:

Enhanced Speed:

Enhanced Strength:

Enhanced Reflexes:

Master Sensor:

Height: 6'2
Weight: 200
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Red
General Description: Sato is vey handsome looking man. He has a muscular build, a as he has worked out and played sports most of his life. He has crimson red hair and eyes that are red like fire. His tan skin is unique in tone, having a the coloration that mixes between the and estrous of Kumo and the Jun Chi. He tends to wear clothing that shows off his body. This includes right shirts, tank tops, fitted shorts and pants, and many other athletic clothes. If he is feeling particularly good, he will go shirtless. He doesn't like shoes of any kind and will often go barefoot even on missions. His jaw line is strong and he has a well defined facial structure. His favorite part of his body is his abs, as he likes to show them off to impress others.

About You!
Personality: When people think about Satoshi, the first thing that comes to mind is his confidence. He never feels shy and will always be certain in what he chooses to do. This involves everything, from Missions to casual conversation. He isn't subtle about topics that he is passionate about, much to the dismay of those around him. He is outspoken, usually attempting to make people laugh or agree with him. He doesn't meat a stranger and will acknowledge anyone who approaches him. Because of that mindset, he is bisexual. He doesn't care what gender a person is, as long as they look good. He can be shallow at times, commenting if another person is not attractive. He doesn't really respect authority, as everyone is equal in his eyes. He will defend his decisions to the death, as he feels he would be weak without his confidence. This is one of two ways to get him angry. The other is insult his appearance. His temper is rather large and he won't forgive those who insult him.

Sato also has a softer side. He loves kids and will often hang out with younger people. He like the liveliness that they show, as he has the same type of energy. He never seems to stop moving, as he is always prepared to show his superiority. He doesn't mind fighting, as he will prove himself if provoked. Despite his love of self, he is dedicated to his village. He feels that if he is happy in life, his village deserves some credit for it. That drives him to do what's best for the village and his comrades. He also has some leadership qualities, making him step up in missions if a higher ranking ninja dies. He can be a tad dramatic at times as well, ranting whenever he feels like it.

Sato is a generally happy person and likes a lot of things. The first of those is heat in general. He loves to lay out in the sun or take a nice steam bath. Temperatures that would be too high for most are perfect for him. His body has become accustomed to the heat and doesn't react as harshly as it normally would. He also like to play sports, as he loves to exercise and compete. He also enjoys social settings and would rather be with anyone than be alone. He enjoys good food and eats a lot because of it. He is just lucky to have a high metabolism. He is the happiest when he is laughing, hence the constant stream of jokes and pranks he pulls on others.

Considering how dramatic Sato is, he wouldn't be himself without severely disliking a few things. The first and foremost of them is the cold. He hates snow and chooses not to go to the parts of the mountains that snow. He doesn't like ice in his drinks either. He also hates when other people throw themselves a pity party. He feels that if you want to change something, you have to make an effort and get it done yourself. He also isn't fond of the socially awkward, as is messes up his vibe. Lastly, he hates being bossed around like he is a child. He is old enough and strong enough to make his own decisions, at least in his eyes.

His motivations are rather simple. He honestly loves the life that he has and wants to protect it. This extends to the village, it's people, and his comrades. He also likes to feel superior to others, which drives him to train so he can boost about it. He would like to make the Takayama the great clan of Kumo that it once was, which is one of the reasons he cares about his image. His heritage is important to him partially because it is the only thing that he is not certain about. He also cares deeply about how others view him and also use that to fuel decisions in social settings. This tends to get him in trouble.

there are not a lot of things he fears, as his confidence can make even a fire situation look nice. He does have a few fears, though he doesn't share them with others. He fears being alone for the rest of his life, which keeps him from doing anything illegal as a shinobi. He also fears being made a fool of in public, as he likes to try and keep a nice reputation. He hates the idea of freezing to death and it Will causing natural Katon abilities to rage until he feels warm again. He also doesn't want to even think about loosing Kumogakure, as it would destroy everything he enjoys in life.

History: Before Satoshi was born, there was a woman from Kumogakure. Her name was Momo Takayama. Unfortunately, Kumo was no longer inhabitable because of the massive plague that ran wild in the landscape of the known world. Her ancestors and the legacy they held in that village were no longer with her, as the people of Kumo scattered. Some went to Niwa to live under the protection of the tree. Her family moved to the desserts of Yokuchigakure. She was younger then, finding the ways of Yokuchi to be strange. Eventually, she settled in and met a man. His name was Seiji Jun Chi. While their families did not like them mixing with foreigners, the young couple refused to listen. They would fall and love and eventually get married in secret. They would quickly come to realize that Momo was pregnant with a child. This child would be the fist to be mixed of the Jun Chi and Takayama bloodlines. To their surprise, the families welcomed such a child, heralding him as a lasting bond between the people of Kumo and Yokuchi, who had grown fond of each other.

Only months later, Satoshi was born in Yokuchi. He and his unique family lived in the Underground section of the city as he grew up, thriving in the village that was becoming more and more popular with the worsening of the plague. He was popular as a child, showing the unique traits of both his families in both looks and attitude. He was a rather loud child, often being a handful for his parents. He loved to pull pranks and get into trouble, but not for evil purposes. He also showed signs of both bloodline abilities at a young age, being able to produce fire and heal others with earth at the simple age of 7. As the years passed, he finally was able to enter into the shinobi academy. He did so without a second thought, using his competitive spirit to drive him. He would do quite well in most areas, excelling and graduating rather quickly. He was then a Genin in the village of Yokuchi, which he was more than happy about. Then, something happened that would change his life. Kumo was free of the plague.

This brought a dilemma to his household. His mother wanted badly to return to her homeland, and his father was not against the idea. It was just that all three of them were ninja of Yokuchi. Luckily, they were not the only ones who wanted to return. many of Kumo's former people returned to Kumo with Yokuchi's full support. Satoshi entered the mountain ranges with wide eyes, often adventuring and scouting for the village. His family was instrumental int he revival of the village, as his mother was a top medic and his father was a great warrior. Even Satoshi manage to prove most helpful during the rebuild. He was a scout that would search the old buildings and temples for foes and eliminate them, as he had his father's knack for fighting. He was also taught the ways of Medical Ninjutsu from his mother, becoming unique combination of the two powerful shinobi. For his work in the rebuilding of the village, he was promoted to Chunnin, which made him get a little bit of an ego. At 15 he was the youngest Chunnin in the revamped village.

Everything went well until disaster struck his family. His father, Seiji, grew sick of a foreign disease while on a mission. He made it back to Kumo alive, which was enough to save his life. Seeing as Momo was a considerably talented medic, she did everything she could to find a cure. Satoshi did the same, which is when his talent as a medic really started to shine. Unfortunately, the hard work did not pay off, as it was decided his disease was not curable. Luckily, Seiji was a fighter and Momo used every bit of her powers to keep him in a rather comfortable state. She could keep him alive, but for how long they did not know. Because of this event, They both retired as shinobi. This left even bigger responsibilities for Satoshi to step up too. With time, he would manage to do just that. He trained hard and quickly rose to the occasion, earning himself the promotion to Special Jounin.

Since that time he has done nothing but try to help the village grow. He took on his first group of students, who are all now Chunnin. He started to train other ninja to become medics, growing the medical facility that they he and his mother had already established. He was slowly becoming a leader in the village and he loved it. He was honored once again when he was named head of the Takayama clan, that was now starting to return to Kumo. He used this title to further build up the strength of Kumo, pushing his kin to become strong and protect Kumo at all costs. The clan eventually grew in power and has returned to the status it once held in Kumo. For the achievement, Satoshi was given the rank of Jounin. This fueled the passion that was already inside and he has been doing great things since.

He has been blessed in the fact that his father is still alive, as he gives him strength and advice in hard times. He checks in on him regularly and gives his mother a break. Now he is simply waiting for the time that Kumo will rise to become the great nation it once was. If he can do anything to help it, he will. In the last year, he has started working on trying to get in touch with the Jun Chi of Yokuchigakure. He wants his father to see his family one last time and for him to get to know them. This causes his to frequently travel between the two while still holding his duties. His goal now is to further strengthen the bond between Kumo and Yokuchi, as he loves both equally.

Since his homelands have been lost to various events of the years, he has taken to traveling till he can find a new place to hang his hat.

RP Sample: >.>

Faceclaim: Taiga Kagami from Kuroko's Basketball[/b][/b]
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Takayama-Jun Chi, Satoshi
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