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Uno Natake
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Uno Natake

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Uno Natake 34ydvcx

Name: Uno Natake
Age: 25
Birthdate: September 28th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Clan: Natake
Rank: Commander General

Village: Hanagakure
Element(s): Raiton [SS-Rank] | Futon [SS-Rank] | Explosion Release [SS-Rank]
Specialties: Weapons Tech [SS-Rank] | Ninjutsu [SS-Rank] | Fuuinjutsu [S-Rank] | Medical Ninjutsu [SS-Rank]
Special Characteristics:


5 Foot, 8 Inches (68 Inches | 172.7 CM)
Weight: 130 Pounds (58.9 Kg)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Copper, almost red | Blue
General Description: Uno always strives to ensure that she looked exactly like her two other brothers; and it was an easy feat up until puberty hit due to them being identical triplets. When she could no longer pass easily as a male she took certain precautions to ensure that she and her two brothers would continue to be unable to be told apart, including binding her chest tightly with bandages to ensure that her breasts were well hidden and covered.

With her breasts bound she looks very masculine in appearance. Standing at five feet eight inches tall she is precisely one hundred and thirty pounds. She is muscular; built like a physical based fighter. Blue and red colored eyes stand out against naturally pale flesh. Her hair is short, going down about an inch past her chin, and is black in color. Her hair is normally kept down, allowing it to frame her face; it's normal style that which could be called "bed head".

Her face, when not covered is easily seen as oval in appearance, coming to a soft point near her chin. Eyebrows are slender, and yet not shaped too feminine in nature. Her nose is perfect; coming to a soft tip and perfectly shaped and sized to fit on her face. Lips are a naturally pale pink in color, and seem to be in a permanent pout type shape. The rest of her body is as flawless as her face; not a single scar, cut, or bruise covering her entire being.

Uno dresses a bit more modestly than more females. Her village hitai-ate is worn around her forehead where it can be shown clearly among the bangs that hand down and frame her face. Her top is sleeveless, black in color, and resembling a tank top. Pants are dark gray and baggy around her thighs and knees, tucked in to black boots that go up almost to her knees. On her left hand she wears a single red finger-less glove.

About You!
Personality: Fuck off.” Uno is by no means a people person. She is an introvert to her very core and cares little for social interactions. She prefers to work alone the majority of the time save for her brothers, and trusts almost no one but her closest circle of people which consist mainly of Due and Tre.

“If I have to... let's get this the hell over with.” When Uno is forced to work in a team or squad that doesn't consist of her two siblings then her overall aim is to get it done with as fast as possible. She tolerates little goofing off or fooling around: she wants to get her task done and move on with her life – and as far away from those she's been forced to work with as possible. She's normally quiet when she works, choosing not to say anything unless she absolutely has to: while some could see this as being focused – and she can indeed be focused - it's often more that she knows with her quick temper and short fuse that she could snap, and no one would be happy if she did that. So she chooses to say nothing at all then say something that could start an issue and prolong her having to deal with the people she's dealing with.

“This is mine, touch it and I will break every bone in your body in alphabetical order.” Uno is territorial at the best of times. You simply do not touch something that belongs to her. However, this territorial reaction is increased ten fold when someone messes with one of the very few people Uno actually considers her friends, let alone her family. It makes her absolutely lethal: she will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who has harmed someone she cares for, no matter the personal cost to herself, and the only way to stop her when she is like that is by killing her because she will not stop until her goal is reached. Only those she cares about stand a chance at stopping her any other way, and even then she can prove to be as stubborn as a mule.

“Oh, I'm not going to kill you. I'm just going to cut you... a lot.” Uno is a complete sadist. She likes pain: both giving and receiving it. This enjoyment of pain stems rather deep too: she 'gets off' on it in all sense of the word. When she's not causing others pain she's often causing herself pain simply because her brain's receptors combine pain with a great deal of pleasure. It makes Uno a rough individual to deal with at the best of times, even more-so if she's in a foul mood that day.

“I go where you go. I'm at your side for life.” When it comes to her family Uno is as loyal as they come. No secret would, even through torture, leave her lips – though, she'd likely get off on being tortured due to her addiction to pain. She would follow her siblings into battle with no hesitation, and no matter the cause behind the battle. No adventure or journey could separate her or cause her to leave her friends side: her protective and loyal nature wouldn't allow it. She is simply there through thick and thin, till death do they part.

“What's mine is yours. Take it, you need it more then I do.” Uno would literally give someone she cares for the shirt off of her own back in the middle of a blizzard if they asked, and even if they didn't. She puts those she cares for before herself in all aspects, showing compassion and caring that few others get a chance to even glimpse at.

“Keep your nose out of my business or I'll remove the fucking thing.” It's truly as simple as that: Uno is a very private person who likes to keep her own business and the business of those she cares for to herself. Keeping secrets is something that she is just damned good at. You'd simply be better off talking to a wall and getting information out of it then trying to get it out of Uno if she doesn't want to give it up.

“Keep poking at the beast and it'll bite back.” This 'beast' would be Uno's temper. It's short, as is her fuse, and it's constantly brewing just beneath the surface. The smallest thing could trigger a violent or aggressive reaction from Uno: and no two triggers seem to be the same. What bothers Uno one day might not bother her the next. Just as what didn't bother Uno yesterday could bother her today. She's unpredictable in this nature.

History: The Natake triplets; Uno, Due, and Tré. Despite being named one, two, and three respectively, they were actually born backwards with Tré being the born first boy, Due the second born boy, and Uno the last born and only girl – though she never allowed the fact that she was female to be known if she could help it.

The birth of the Natake triplets was not something that had been exactly meant to happen, nor planned in any way. Their mother, Celia, was a young shinobi who was one of the most beautiful woman in their village, and yet very highly skilled as well. She went on an undercover mission using her feminine wiles to gather intelligence information from a group she was supposed to be infiltrating. She ended up bedding a rouge Uchiha, Ciro, who was wanted for heinous crimes in order to gain trust within the group she was gathering intelligence on. They accepted her soon after and she was able to gather the information needed in order to complete her mission. Upon returning home a month later she quickly discovered soon after that she was pregnant.

Despite the nature of the conception of the children in her womb she couldn't fathom the idea of 'getting rid of them'. Even only a month pregnant she already loved her children. Yet, this left her in a horrifying position giving the standing of her family. She knew she had only a little bit of time to figure something out however, for she feared her father's wrath greatly. The answer to her problems came in the form of an old acquaintance of hers, Yarō: another Natake who offered to marry her upon hearing of her predicament. By marrying someone so high standing within the Natake clan it would garner him higher favor and standing among them. The marriage between Yarō and Celia was a quick affair though large: and seven and a half months later the Natake triplets were born.

Their mother dotted on them and loved them greatly, yet Yarō seemed to care little for them. This indifferent attitude grew only more pronounced as the children aged and it became apparent that Celia could have no more children. By the time the three children were three years old it was quite clear to them that their father didn't like them – though they knew not the cause of this at the time. Tré, along with his two siblings simply learned to avoid the man at all costs.

The children trained with their mother and followed her everywhere when she wasn't away in missions, and hung with other family members when that was the case. By the time that they were about thirteen years old they began to notice that the relationship between their parents wasn't as well and good as it seemed. Celia loved Yarō, but it was clear that Yarō didn't love her back and was regretting their marriage. In public they put on a perfect face and played pretend very well, yet it was a completely different story behind closed doors. Their father and mother fought constantly, and at first it was simply arguments, but it soon began to escalate.

During this time, Uno and her siblings were enrolled in the local Shinobi academy with the high hopes of being shinobi like their mother. It was here that Uno began to 'wake up' in a sense along with her siblings. She saw the village as a vast empire being run under the leadership of fools, and it enraged her as much as her siblings. Good shinobi like their mother labored under these fools; they risked life and limb almost daily in an effort to appease the interests of these puppet masters. In his mind, the village needed to be free; and as far as he could see, no one else was going to step up and cut the strings... But in due time, they would be cut, one by one.

One day shortly after the triplets fifteenth birthday the triplets returned home from training to find their mother on the floor. Her lifeless form had clearly been beaten and in the end stabbed. There was no reason to doubt who was the culprit behind this. The triplets gathered up their mother's body and took her to a favorite field on the outskirts of their village – it was a place that they had visited often for picnics with Celia, a place that they knew their mother was very fond of. They buried her by hand, refusing to use any form of jutsu and wanting to make it a labor of love.

Upon returning to their home the three sat in silence for over seven hours, not sharing a single word or look between them – such things were no longer needed at this point, they all shared the same mind frame of what needed to be done. At the end of this seven hour long wait their home's door opened and in staggered their brute of a bastard step father. The three siblings worked flawlessly to subdue the man and quickly over-came him with their significant difference in numbers. What they did to the man was horrendous and horrifying: each one took turns torturing him for hours at a time, only stopping when he lost consciousness from the pain. Their methods were toe curling and very creative at the same time. This went on for a total of seven days before the man died of blood loss. After he had died they completely destroyed his body, erasing any trace of the man known as Yarō. Following this they gathered up what little they truly needed and set fire to the house while ensuring that it would look like an accident: they wanted the bad memories to burn while keeping the good within them..

From there the life of the triplets took an interesting turn. They ventured around for quite some time, roaming from village to village while taking odd jobs as needed to help them survive. This continued for several years before finally they settled in Hanagakure. After a bar fight in front of the Commander General at that time they were inducted into the military of the village: they all seemed to have a knack for it. In Uno’s case it gave her an outlet to vent the frustration and anger she still sometimes felt over the triplet’s mother’s untimely death.

Considering she was good at what she did she rose up through the ranks relatively quickly: she had a knack for fighting and weapons tech in general, as well as a knack for politics. While she wasn’t calm all of the time she did well enough to hold her head when the situation required such.

RP Sample: “Good morning folks! It's exactly five o'clock here in ---” A slamming of her hand silenced the radio before it could make any further noise. With a loud and slightly obnoxious sounding yawn the short haired female turned over and reached her hands up to her face: she rubbed for several moments, getting the 'sand' out of her eyes and attempting to wake herself up further. Uno was by no means a morning person: she didn't do that wake up, thank the sun for shining another day, maybe hug a puppy or a kitten, and go around with a bright cheery smile shit. No, she didn't do that at all. In fact, if someone crossed her before she had her morning coffee? Shit was going to go down and it was going to go down hard.

Another yawn punctuated the air before the female rose up in her bed; sitting up. Uno stretched her arms skyward while her toes were pointed: she held the pose longer than necessary while enjoying the pain that came with such an action. Her toes curled from the mixture of pain and pleasure for several more seconds before she released the pose and moved her legs over the edge of her bed. She glanced about her darkened room for several seconds: her reddish brown colored eyes having already adjusted to the darkness. She was searching for anything out of the ordinary: something out of place, or someone there who hadn't been when she had fallen asleep. She wasn't paranoid by any means, simply exceptionally cautious.

Another yawn and she was standing, moving across the floor slowly and out her bedroom as she headed straight towards the bathroom. Upon reaching it she would shut the door behind herself, and turn the dimmest of lights on. Without care she pulled her sleeping clothes – which was nothing more than a long t-shirt – over her head and off of her body; leaving her in panties only. She dropped the shirt into the dirty clothes basket before stepping into the bathroom and closing the door. The shower was started as she removed her last garment of clothing. She adjusted the temperature so that it would be just a little too hot to be comfortable before she stepped underneath of the spray.

Uno stood there for several minutes, allowing the too hot water to rain down directly into her face and head which was tilted up towards the shower head so it hit directly on her face. Again her toes curled in the pleasure from the slight tingle of pain that the heat gave her; but she didn't let it last as she reached over and grabbed up the shampoo, applying it to her wet black hair. She scrubbed the scentless soap in so that every strand of her hair would be clean before rinsing it out. When she was sure every last trace of shampoo was gone she stepped out from beneath the spray and conditioned her hair. With the conditioner setting she grabbed the soap and did a quick but thorough lather of her body. After rinsing off her body she rinsed her hair of the conditioner and shut off the water – turning off the cold first so that the scalding hot water hit her for several seconds before it too was shut off.

Stepping out of the shower she grabbed the huge blanket-sized towel and wrapped it around herself. Once it was tucked in so that it wouldn't fall off of her body she headed back into her bedroom with steam billowing out of the bathroom because of how hot she had had the water. After entering her room and closing the door behind herself she grabbed a smaller towel off of a nearby chair and wrapped her hair up in it before walking over to her dresser. She pulled open a few drawers, pulling from them as she went undergarments as well as actual clothing. Knowing that the days goal was massive amounts of training she made sure she grabbed clothes that she didn't care about ruining, clothing that would have enough give to allow her to move freely without being restricted in any fashion.

Uno dried off her body while keeping the other smaller towel wrapped up in her hair. Once dry she tossed the towel to the side, leaving her naked while standing in front of her dresser: revealing barely visible scars from the numerous times she had had to self harm – scars that Uno had had no interest in healing because they didn't bother her. She stared at herself in the mirror for a moment before getting dressed; her chest was first tightly bound to ensure her breasts were hidden, undergarments put on followed by a plain black v-neck tank top, a pair of black sweat pants with baggy legs, and a pair of close toed shinobi sandals. Once she was fully clothed she removed the towel from her hair and gave it a quick dry before running a brush through it to remove all of the knots – this was done quickly, with little regard to how much if any hair she pulled out in the process. Once she was sure her hair was tangle free she threw it up into a low ponytail, swept her bangs to the side and added her village headband to the top of her head. Deodorant was put on after.

Once she was dressed and satisfied she headed to the kitchen. She opened up the fridge and frowned at the contents, wondering what it was she actually wanted to make for breakfast. Or, maybe she should skip breakfast? No, she was pretty sure she wasn't going to be able to get away with doing that especially after the previous night of drinking: she had had one too many the night before and was lucky she could remember her own name.

So, breakfast it was then! All manner of bacon, sausage, biscuits, eggs, cheese, and other ingredients were pulled from the fridge with gusto. Pots and pans followed and soon enough the food was started, filling the room with its wonderful smell. In her opinion the smell of food was a better alarm clock then well... an alarm clock. Food was finished, and after taking down three plates she fixed them up, putting them both on the table followed by glasses filled with juice. Breakfast was served and she sure her siblings would make themselves known fairly quickly!

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