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 Playing Catch Up (Open|NK)

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PostSubject: Playing Catch Up (Open|NK)   Playing Catch Up (Open|NK) Icon_minitimeFri Nov 25, 2016 10:13 am

Something always felt painfully wrong about the fact that her siblings had progressed so much faster than her. Her sister was one of the most powerful explosion release users in the entire shinobi world, her strength and prowess mostly going unmatched, and her brother had been the Hokage and was currently in an extremely devoted relationship with the current Hokage, and was also tremendously powerful with his genjutsu. And then there was Yuki...She threw spears? That's not to say that there is anything wrong with what she did, as she was extremely proficient with her craft, but it simply seemed inferior compared to what her siblings were accomplishing. She had to do something to get her to a point where she would be ready to progress. She had to become stronger. She had hoped one day to unlock the power of Storm release, as the prospect of using such a thing from her spear was enticing to say the least. As she woke up and took a quick peek at the window in her apartment she sighed softly. She remembered being a kid or teenager and she would be woken up by the sun every single morning, a spear in hand waiting to plunge through the window to murder the villainous orb in the sky, now a days she generally woke up before the sun even came up, but even if she didn't she had invested in a good set of curtains when she had moved out on her own. It was probably one of the better decisions that she had made in order to keep the sun out of her eyes, and she didn't regret it for a second.

She felt extremely warm, trying to turn and realizing that she wasn't as light as she technically should be. It had been a long time since Akai was a small pup sleeping on her chest with no issue because she was super light. Now she was much larger, to a point where she had the potential to crush Yuki if she wanted too. Fortunately for her, Akai had also never decided that he would start sleeping on the floor, and instead believed she was still a tiny puppy, making it so that Yuki woke up every morning with the massive puppy laying across her legs or her stomach, or wherever he had decided to sleep that night. She reached her hand down and patted his head, scratching him between the ears and smiling at him. "You know Akai, you might have to go on a diet bud, you're getting pretty heavy." Akai opened his eyes and looked up at her, a sad look on his face. Yuki chuckled softly, she was kidding of course, as he was pure muscle and extremely healthy. There was no need for a diet, and he knew it as well, simply playing the whole situation up like he enjoyed doing. Yuki was a fun loving woman, and Akai complimented her perfectly on that. He would stand up and get out of the bed, allowing Yuki to get out as well as she walked over to the shower and freshened up quickly.

Once her morning routine was completed, she would make her way down to the training area where she liked to spend the most of her time, a little clearing in the middle of the forest that her father had cleared out for them when they were kids. She loved this area as it reminded her of the carefree days when her and Temaki would come out here and run together, working on their chakra control and sparing with one another as well. She looked around at the makeshift targets that they had thrown together, chuckling at the crude workmanship. They weren't carpenters, that was for sure, but they tried their bests to make everything look fairly good at least. She would stand in the center of the clearing and get into a ready stance, holding her spear back over her shoulder like a javelin. Her eyes would focus on one of the targets, making sure she had her aim down as she hurled her spear towards it, watching as the tip of the spear found its mark and smiling softly. She would preform a half hand sign and activate the seal on the haft of her spear, causing it to come directly back to her, as was the purpose of the Twin Seals Retrieval jutsu. She wished she had someone a little bit more real to spar with, but for now this would have to do, Akai running back and forth after the spear as she threw it...


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Playing Catch Up (Open|NK)
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