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 Suna Hari

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Suna Hari
Special Jounin
Special Jounin
Suna Hari

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PostSubject: Suna Hari   Suna Hari Icon_minitimeFri Nov 25, 2016 12:06 pm

Suna Hari I9lbCNe


Name: Suna Hari
Age: 14
Birthdate: 10- 12
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero
Clan: Hari/Sabure
Rank: S. Jounin

Village: Hanagakure
Element(s): Glass - Sand
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu
Special Characteristics:
Mind's Eye of the Kagura:
Armor of Sand:
Annoyance Factor:
Psychic Release:
Master Sensor:
Time Sight:


Height: 4'
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Unknown
General Description: Suna is a short kid, standing only 4 feet tall. He wears a special set of clothing that enhances his psychic powers, consisting of an adult sized black rubber top; his arms usually remain hidden in the sleeves, and rubber leggings. He wears no shoes or sandals, choosing to go barefoot. He carries a brown gourd to carry chakra infused sand in. Suna wears a mask over his face that he is rumored to never remove, so his true identity is a mystery.

About You!

Personality: Suna, who was raised in harsh and unloving conditions, is loud, rude and sarcastic. He has the bad habit of saying exactly what is on his mind, be it good or bad. Suna cares little for rules, regulations, or getting in trouble for breaking them. "What are they gonna do, kill me? Anything I get as punishment won't be as bad as what I went through growing up," he often said. He isn't so bad that he doesn't know right from wrong; he simply doesn't care. He often plays pranks and does things just for the attention he never got growing up. Raised as a weapon for the first 13 years of his life, Suna cares little for anyone else and will not hesitate to attack or even kill those that cross him. This isn't to say that Suna is unwilling to make friends; he never got the chance, and the majority of children his age that he interacted with either bullied him, or talked about him behind his back and in hushed whispers. Suna is somewhat of a pervert and has a very bland outlook on things; he believed that everyone would die and everything would be destroyed sooner or later, so "live fast, die young" was his motto. He honestly didn't see himself living to old age, or even to be grown.

History: Suna Hari is the fusion of the Sabure Clan, and of the Hari clan. Suna was intended to be a weapon from birth. Some members of the Hari clan were always at war with other minor villages, and after allying themselves with a certain sect of the Sabure clan, new methods began to be devised to fight back. One of these methods was a male of one clan and a female of the other coming together to conceive a child; a fusion of the two clans.

Suna was one of the intended "baby weapons" born, and began to be sculpted into a deadly weapon from the moment he could walk. Suna did not have a joyous upbringing like most children. Growing up was hard and painful, so painful that his face was hideously scarred in a training exercise involving sand and glass. He was bullied relentlessly because of the scars left behind, so since the age of 8 Suna had taken to wearing a mask that he never removes.

Suna had no friends, and was usually the butt of everyone's jokes. There was nothing he was good at, but he displayed high intelligence, and when it came to fighting he scored exceptionally high, showing a high affinity for controlling sand and glass. The only thing his battle hardened parents cared about were results and how well he fought and performed in a battlefield setting; neither one of them showed him any sort of affection. Because of the constant bullying and the unloving ways of his parents, Suna developed a rude and sarcastic personality.

When the small, off-the-grid desert village he lived in for the first 13 years of his life was raided and wiped out, Suna simply hid under the sand. He emerged hours later to find mostly everyone dead, including his parents, and the village in complete ruins. Suna couldn't bring himself to care, and was honestly happy for the first time in his life that his parents and village had been destroyed. Today the village is a long forgotten ghost town where little to nothing remains.

Morigakure ANBU agents appeared and investigated, taking the handful of survivors back to Mori, Suna included. It is there while in the academy that he became known for his rude personality, frank nature, perverseness, and for playing pranks. His reputation spreads around the village as well, and is given nicknames like "little terror." Suna wasn't so much of a clown that he was stupid; possessing high intelligence for his young age, he graduated the academy with flying colors, becoming a proper Genin.

[IC Story]

The time soon came for Suna to be put onto a squad. His squad leader was named Okami Uchiha, and his only squad mate was a girl named Miyuki. Okami Uchiha was a strange character, having scars purposely carved into his skin. Miyuki was a fraile, sickly looking girl with no combat skills. Suna initially didn't know what to think of the girl, and honestly figures she would only slow them down because someone would always have to look after her, but after learning more about Okami he becomes fiercely protective of her.

Suna begins to notice that Okami, a grown man, stares at the 14 year old Miyuki strangely. Miyuki does not return these stares, and in fact looks afraid of him. Okami tries to initiate a training exercise that involves he and Miyuki to steal bells from his waistband. As Miyuki's specialty is Illusions and Ninjas tricks, and Suna specializes in long range fighting, he finds this exercise against a honed Uchiha pointless, and does not hesitate to voice this. When Okami says that failing the exercise meant returning to the academy for a year, Suna laughs at him and welcomes the opportunity, calling it a "holiday."

Suna goes to leave and Okami rushes Suna to attack him. This attack is foiled by the husband of the Kage. When the realization hits Suna that Okami, a seasoned S-Ranked Joinun intended to attack him, a mere Genin, he vows to kill the Uchiha one day.

Soon after this incident, One of Temaki Inuzuka's close friends, Emiko Sabure, returns to Mori as Suna announces that he intends to leave, even if it made him a Missing Nin. Emiko volunteers to take Suna and Miyuki under her care. With a member of his clan in charge, she, Suna and Miyuki begin to become close. Emiko teaches the children valuable skills and expands their chakra far above the norm. Suna learns that Okami had been stripped of his title and returned to the rank of Genin as punishment, and assigned as a member of none other than their squad. The normally peaceful squad becomes shaky with the induction of this 3rd member.

She takes them on a training trip into the desert village of Sabakugakure, where he meets a medical genius named Holeman. Still having a weird fascination with Miyuki for some reason, Okami makes a scene in front of the Holeman Clinic, and is shooed off by Holeman and Emiko, who told him to return to the village and do missions in the meantime. After some time in the desert, Emiko takes the children to meet associates of her in a village always covered in darkness, even in daytime hours, called Kurayamigakure.

There they learn that Okami was likely attempting to form a bond with Miyuki in order to expedite the process of advancing his eyes, which would mean Miyuki would probably have to die. Suna vows to never let this happen. They also learn that Okami had previously visited this village and gotten involved in their business, resulting in a severe beating. The associates figure that Okami attacking Suna was a way of relieving stress, and feeling at fault they teach Suna and Miyuki powerful techniques, also inducting them into 2 seperate Sage Clans.

Temaki steps down as kage so that she can care for her sick daughter. Emiko moves Suna and Miyuki to the desert village Sabakugakure. Another Kage is put in her place, named Muninn Senju. Muninn provokes 2 powerful criminals in the outskirts of the village and ends up with his right arm being torn off, and barely survives the journey to receive medical treatment. A Kage summit is called involving all villages. It is during the summit that Suna develops a severe migraine headache. This headache lasts for days after the summit. When he does finally recover, Suna finds that he can read minds, and move things without touching them.

This prompts him to return to the site of his destroyed village. After an extensive search, he finds a locked box under the sand where his house once was. This box contains a special outfit that amplifies his new "Psychic Release," along with notes to explain his new condition. There was a program that once went on here labeled "Baby Weapons." None of the subjects survived but him, and only under certain conditions will his true potential show. All of the conditions had been met, and he tests his new abilities against desert bandits that attempt to rob him.

Both Muninn and Okami mysteriously vanish one day, presumably killed by the 2 powerful criminals lurking in the wilds around Morigakure. With his chance at revenge foiled, Suna can't really bring himself to care. Suna is given leave to travel the globe and visit other ninja villages. After a while of traveling, having taken a habit of wooing girls in the towns and villages he'd passed with his psychic abilities, He soon comes before the village of Hanagakure. A new story is unfolding.

RP Sample: His opponents could not land one hit on him. Every blow that came in his direction was blocked by a wall of brown sand, even with 2 people attacking him, and all while he didn't move.

"You guys suck," he said, his arms folded. "Is this all ya got? I'm gonna take a nap, alright? Wake me when you're done."

"It's only because of this stupid sand!" one of his attackers yelled. "You'd be nothing without it!"

"Blah blah blah. Is that jealousy I hear in your voice? Try harder, Grasshoppa! Wah wah wah wah!"

With a grumble of frustration, his opponents continued to try to land a hit on Suna, to no avail...

Faceclaim: Oc ninja, Google Search

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Suna Hari
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