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 Kyamalie, Strafe

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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Kyamalie, Strafe   Wed Nov 30, 2016 8:20 am

Name: Kyamalie, Strafe
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthday: Dec 13
Clan: Aisu
Sexuality: Homosexual

Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Sannin
Element(s):  Suiton (Primary), Fuuton (Secondary), Hyouton (Third)
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu, Bukijutsu
Special Characteristics:

Height: 6'2
Weight: 175  
Hair: Blue
Eyes: BLue
Others: Strafe inherited a ring from his father which has a round sapphire with his family crest on it. He is very protective of the ring and will do anything to protect it.
General Appearance:  Along with most of the members of his clan, he wears traditional kimonos, however Strafe only wears white and blue attire. He finds that all other colors make him look odd. He has hair and eyes that are as blue as the ocean. His average build is contrasted by his strikingly strong jaw and eyes. He also has long eyelashes, much to his dismay.

Personality:Contrary to his abilities, Strafe's personality is very warm and welcoming. He always has been the kind and generous member of his class, never taking a selfish act. He believes in team work and will do anything to protect his comrades. He lacks confidence in conversation, but on the battlefield he transforms into a seasoned warrior. He is also honest and refuses to lie, as it brings nothing good about. However, because of this he is gullible and can be tricked easily. He is of average intelligence, but makes up for it in hark work and spirit.

Strafe is not easily angered and can take teasing quite well, but everyone has their limits. Because of his dad's death, he has always wanted to become the strongest medical ninja in his village. Strafe is also very protective of his clan and it's honor. The one way to get him truly angry is to insult his family, which doesn't happen very often. He is always on time, as his dreams are important to him and everything else takes a back seat to them. He has always yearned for a father figure, as his dad died at a a young age. He easily gets attached to the people around him and takes death very hardly.

Likes: Because of his mother, has always loved music in any form. He often listens to it when he is upset or is troubled. He also enjoys reading books on medical procedures. He likes to keep track of new jutsu that are developed, so he can be ready when the time comes to learn them himself. He also loves to hear stories of the olden times. He often visits the library to read on the previous wars and adventures of the ninja before him. Above all else, Strafe loves people and being around them. He likes hanging out and seeing his friends.

Dislikes:  Like most in his clan, Strafe doesn't like heat in the least. He hopes to never set foot in the Land of Wind because of this. He also doesn't like spicy food, as he finds it painful. Anyone that bullies others is deserving of his distaste, as he finds it pointless and mean. He doesn't particularly like taijutsu either, as he hates the physical exhaustion that comes with it. However, he is adept enough in it to be successful. Most importantly, he prefers a diplomatic solution to the use of violence, but isn't above fighting. He just hates harming others.

Motivations: Because of his father's death at the hands of a rare disease, Strafe has always used it as motivation to become a great medical ninja. He doesn't want any young children going through life without a father, at least not because of disease. He is also motivated by the honor of his prestigious clan, who's reputation is wide known. He wants to return them to their numerous and powerful state. Lastly, he is always trying to make his mother proud, as she is everything to him. She has been there for him and showed him what love was, which makes her number one in his life.

Fears: While there are a few things that Strafe fears, he fears canines more than anything. The sight of a dog can make him paralyzed with fear. He also fears being alone, as he is very dependent on his friends and the social life he has created. Another thing that Strafe fears is failure, as he believes it would be betraying his dad and his village. He will do anything to make sure his dreams come true, which brought forth another fear of his. The fear of becoming corrupt and betraying his village. He is very careful in his training to avoid evil techniques.

History: Strafe's father, Yuudai, was a Jonin of Kirigakure who was renowned in the village for being one of the strongest of his clan. He often left the village on high level missions, even joining the ANBU for a time. Eventually, He was sent on a mission to Yukigakure as a representative for his village. While there, he met Bachiko, Strafe's mother, who was a commoner in the Land of Snow. They immediately fell in love and she came back with him to Kirigakure. She soon found out she was pregnant and they were married almost immediately.

Six months into the pregnancy, Yuudai was injured by a mysterious ninja. He was immediately rushed back to the village and was diagnosed with a rare disease caused by that Jutsu he was attacked with. He was given three months to live, as the village didn't have any cure to the problem. Three months later, Strafe was brought into the world and the birth went very well as Bachiko was healthy. However, Yuudai's condition had only worsened. His three months were up, and it was a bitter sweet day for the family. He got to hold his newborn son once before closed his eyes and drifting away.

Ever since that day, Bachiko took care of Strafe as a single mother. She showered him with love, hoping that he wouldn't miss the father he never had. By the age of 7, Strafe knew he had no father and asked about him. Ever since that day, Strafe has vowed to become a great medical ninja. His mother fully supported his decision, as Strafe reminded her of Yuudai. He immediately entered the Academy, working hard and showing his dedication to his dad's memory.

Once he joined the Academy, Strafe began to have odd feelings he couldn't quite comprehend towards a classmate of his. He didn't have a father figure and didn't really know how to interact with other males, as it had always been just his mom and him. Eventually he figured out what the feelings meant, knowing that he was gay. While he expected to be teased and made fun of, he actually was accepted with open arms. His friends didn't care who he liked, as long as he was a friend.

He recently graduated the Ninja Academy in the middle of his class. He is now waiting to be assigned his Sensei and fellow Genin comrades.

RP Sample: Strafe's smile was infectious that day. He was overcome with the joy of knowing that he was one step closer to his dreams. Nothing could damper the happiness he felt on this day. Even his walk had a subtle bounce to it, making it obvious to those who saw him. He made his way to everyone he knew, telling them of his graduation with a grin that would make a hyena jealous.

He eventually found himself in his dull room with nothing to do, but it didn't matter. He just sat quietly on his bed holding a picture of his father. He smiled at the picture without saying a word, as he didn't need to. He knew that his father would be proud of his accomplishment, and the many to come. With that, he sat the picture in it's place beside his bed. It was time to take the next step and meet his team.

Face Claim: Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening

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Kyamalie, Strafe
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