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 Kyamalie, Iro

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PostSubject: Kyamalie, Iro   Wed Nov 30, 2016 11:43 am

Name: Kyamalie, Iro
Age: 12
Birthdate: February 2nd
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Clan: Hozuki
Rank: Genin

Village: Kirigakure
Element(s): Water, Earth
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Bukijutsu (Sojutsu +1 to Strength)
Special Characteristics:

Name: Jutsu Master
Type: Positive
Description: This shinobi is particularly talented at learning jutsu. For this reason, he/she receives a free technique every time he/she ranks up. This technique can be of the same rank as the shinobi or lower.

Name: Quick Learner
Type: Positive
Description: This individual is very versatile and generally talented. For this reason, he/she learns techniques at an above average rate. When learning a new jutsu, the word count required is reduced by 10%. If learning said jutsu from someone else, the reduction goes up to 20%.

Name: Fatigue
Type: Negative
Description: This individual becomes easily fatigued after short periods of physical exertion. They cannot endure long periods of extensive activity without tiring quickly, and the individual often sleeps for longer periods of time afterwards.

Name: One-Track Mind
Type: Negative
Description: The individual has a difficult time splitting their attention between different things. The individual is incapable of multitasking and has a very hard time combating multiple tasks at once.


Weight: 100
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Purple
General Description: A rather young kid, Iro is still strong for his size. He is lean like most Hozuki, but you wouldn't know it if you arm wrestled him. He has light purple eyes and hair, and keeps a spear with him at all times. He can often be found in basic clothes that let him breathe and are easy to collect. Usually he can be found in tan pants and a grey shirt with the Hozuki clan symbol on the back. He may be wearing a brown hat as well, depending on the weather outside. He wears typical shinobi sandals. Because of his clan's talents, he wears his headband sowed into his ninja tools pouch. This way he doesn't loose it on a daily basis. He is tall for his age, but walks with humility and respect.

About You!
Personality: Despite his rough up bringing, Iro is a mostly happy kid. He loves games and enjoys people in general. He would rather be around family and friends than be by himself. He can be a bit oblivious, but that doesn't mean isn't smart. He is protective of his new family, as he has never had a real one before. He also tends to jump from one topic to another, struggling to keep focus unless it is combat. He can be rude to those who are mean to his sister, Kaia. He doesn't particularly like to lead groups, but can if no one else will.

In combat, his personality changes to quick and calculating. He goes into survival mode, or what he has had to do to survive in the past. He attacks a bit up front, preferring powerful offense over reactions. He tends the prioritize people as friendly or foe, without much grey area. He also doesn't waste time with people he doesn't like, as he has done enough of that in his life. He tends to seclude into himself when arguing is present, as he doesn't like screaming. Or loud noises in general.

He loves to spend time with his family, as he feels he owes them something. He also likes to swim, as it re hydrates him while being fun. He often makes himself into funny shapes while in the water. Despite his small size and lack of energy, he actually enjoys a good spar between friends. Suiton is obviously his favorite element, but Iro also has an obsession with spear fighting, as he feels it looks cool and is efficient. He enjoys cool temperatures as he secrets fears evaporating in to nothing. He loves his dad's lion, Momaru, as it one of the coolest things he has ever seen.

Iro can't stand arguing and would rather leave than listen to it. Cruel comments and the like fall into this category for him as well. He hates fire or warm foods, as they dehydrate him. He doesn't like the idea of a desert, so he would prefer not to visit Sunagakure. He dislikes the woman that his family rescued him from, calling her the "mean hag" most of the time. He is unlike his dad in the fact that he doesn't find Medical Ninjutsu interesting. He doesn't really like to travel at all, preferring to stay in the safe mists of Kirigakure.

He wants to become a Seven Swordsmen of the Mist like his dad, but he wanted that cool drill looking sword that he saw. He yearns to protect his new family, giving him plenty of motivation to train and be active in missions with his sister, Kaia. Because of his clan's abilities, he wants to become the head of that clan and represent it among Kirigakure's great ninja. He also has a secret desire to catch up in strength to his sister, as she is the better fighter of the two. He would also like to find a animal comrade like his dad.

Above all else, he fears returning to life with the old hag. She was mean and he was happy for the first time in his life. He also has a small fear of fire to the point of being hesitant, but not paralyzed. He doesn't want to be yelled at, even though he does like to play light harmless pranks. He fears disappointing his father, mother, or sister, as he loves them more than anything. He fears being kicked out of the village as he has no where else to go. He has an irrational fear of being alone as well, never sleeping somewhere without someone in the house with him that he trusts.

History: When it comes to his early days he doesn't know much. He doesn't really have many of those memories left considering how drastic the years since have been. He remembers his mom and dad, but where they went and what happened to them was still a mystery to him. It was soon after they disappeared that Iro was taken and put into an orphanage on the outskirts of Kirigakure. A woman, from Konohagakure was the director of the place, and she was the devil in flesh. She was ruthless, and had a quick temper. She was never kind, starved the kids half the time, and even sold a few into slavery and said they ran away. Being the protective type of kid, it didn't go over well with her to say the least.

He spent the majority of his years bouncing from home to home, often times ending right back in her care. It was hell for a child to endure, and he would not wish it on anyone. Many of kids he once called friends were gone forever and it was a cycle of loneliness that made him scared. He tried at various times to get messages out to his long lost parents, but they never turned up. It seemed that he was destined to be alone and miserable with the old hag. It wasn't until an odd day when he had to be taken with the old hag to the marketplace, that he was saved. She was trying to pawn him off on someone and they wanted to see him. She made sure to stop someone to get him something small, that way he didn't look to sickly. His clothes would cover up any heathly signs, but she didn't care honestly. She was just interested in money. It was during that meal that a Sannin of Kirigakure turned out to be his new father.

Well, Kaia, Iro's new sister, had also been in the care of the woman, but not at the same time as him. The woman's voice alone scared her so much that Strafe, his father, kicked her out and invited him to live with them. It was a sudden change, and most might even find it odd. However, the people were kind and trustworthy, so Iro agreed. He moved into the Aisu complex with Strafe, Kaia, Demi, and Momaru. That day gave him drive and purpose in his life, at least after he got healthy.

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Kyamalie, Iro
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