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 Genshi Clan

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PostSubject: Genshi Clan   Thu Dec 01, 2016 4:04 pm

Clan: Genshi

Location: Scattered

Clan History:
They started off as a religion in kin to the Jashin; worshiping a God, or rather "king", hence their name literally meaning "bishop". Again, they worshiped through forms of bodily mutation and other dangerous things; and all tended to be on the fouler side of things, believing whole-heartedly in greed and gluttony. The only thing any members of this "religion" cared for was their God, Austice- their own family members were nothing more than fellow weak-minded fools. A God meant purely for power, something to be feared, that's what all the Genshi strived to be. They didn't treat Austice as a level of power that was unreachable, but simply a level of power that was far superior to their own and anything they had ever seen.

They needed to be as strong as She was.
They needed to bring fear into the hearts of everyone that saw them because in their minds, that was the highest form of strength anyone could ever show.
They needed to be /immortal/.

And so they worked at it. For years. They all studied medical techniques until Kusa was a mess of experimentations and screams of pain. At one point in time he held the strongest medic nin in history of any village. They didn't care about healing, though, no. They wanted to live in a way that would give them absolute power. They needed to turn into a form of zombie, something that keeps going after it's opponent until one of them is deader than dead.

They turned themselves into mutants and after a century of these studies they had completely forgotten about the God they want worshipped, the being that started this all. They grew into pure existences of wrath and lust, chasing after something that they were scorned and chatised for.

Even now, Joingu, the horrible result of a hundred years of various experiments; it's not even the final product. They're not done yet. They have successfully turned themselves into walking, talking, terrible monstrosities and they are not done with trying to achieve what they want. Every child born is tweaked just a little more when the sadistic threads are implanted in their torn apart bodies, hoping one day to get perfection. All their ideals and desires are past along the increasingly mad generations until....

One day, there's going to be nothing left but beasts. They're destroying themselves.
For power.
For greed.
For life.

They might be strong thanks to the mutations, but they're nothing more than small human beings terrified of weakness and death.

Elements: N/A
Specialization: Medical

Kekkei Genkai: Earth Grudge Fear
Kekkei Genkai Description: This technique is a secret kinjutsu of the Genshi. It transforms the user's body into something similar to that of a rag-doll's, which is held together by hundreds of thick black threads. The user's are able to manipulate these threads for many purposes. They are capable of sewing up any injuries that they or others might suffer, most commonly by reattaching body parts. They can detach parts of their limbs and then manipulate them, to the point that they could even send them underground and then reattach them when they were done. Clan members, when born, are subjected to this sadistic ritual. It involves (tw:gore) keeping the baby alive with advanced medical jutsu and cutting up the individual sections of their body; fingers, hands, arms, thighs, legs, feet, toes, shoulders and around their mouth. Then they have the threads transplanted and tied directly with their chakra system to keep it "breathing". After they're done with that they use their own threads to knit the child back together again. (trigger warning end) The process takes multiple days and is very, very sacred- being a delicate process enacted only by the elders of the clan. Throughout their life the clan member is then taught to use this special ability only they and their siblings possess.
reference pictures:

  • Thanks to them being literally taken apart at birth, despite the medical jutsu employed, all clan members are weak physically without amplifications. -1 to taijutsu, and enemies do +1 with Tai against the clan member.
  • The black threads can be cut, though it's not exactly easy. A cutting/slicing/shredding based jutsu one rank higher than the Genshi ninja is able to destroy the threads. Particularly weak to Fuuton, obviously.
  • Members of this clan may not start with any free jutsu.

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:
Name: Joingu; Earth Grudge Fear
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: D-S
Type: All
Element: /
Range: Mid
Specialty: Medical, Hiden
Duration: / (-10)
Cooldown: Three posts
Description: Controlling the black threads implanted in their bodies, the clan member can do several things. One, basically, they can attack with them. The damage of this is dependent on rank. Two, they can stitch up allies, transferring energy from the threads in the process and healing them. The area and healing of this skill is dependent on rank. Thirdly, they can use these to defend against attacks. While only cutting jutsu of one rank higher can literally destroy the threads, they can be damaged to the point that this is put on cooldown. The defense of the threads are dependent on rank. Fourth and finally they can detatch the individual parts of their body for supplementary and offensive purposes. The number of body parts and which ones are dependent on rank.
D: Segments of the arms, including the forearm, elbow, main arm, hand and individual fingers. Only one arm can be used at once. Damage is minor constricting and blunt wounds, strong enough to cause bruises if using at least a fist. The thread in whichever arm is used can defend against 3 d-rank jutsu before being put on cooldown, or 2 c-rank jutsu with the Jiongu user still taking some damage from each attack. Any minor cuts such as kunai/shuriken/senbon may be stitched up and healed, which takes a post.
C: All segments of both arms defined in the D-rank version as well as the shoulders. Both arms may be used at once. Damage is first degree rug-like burns if used in a constricting sense or a strong enough hit to push the target back a few feet and break blood vessels. Defenses; six d-rank and two c-rank without still taking damage. A single b-rank may be blocked with all threads total. Minor cuts don't take an entire post to stitch off and heal anymore, while shallow sword and other sharp weaponry cuts may be stitched- taking a post.
B: All segments usable defined in the weaker two versions as well as the segments of the legs, including; thigh, knee, leg, ankle, foot and each individual toe. Both feet or both arms may be used at once, but not all at the same time. Ie, two arms may be used but not two legs. May also use one of the limb not chosen. Ie, two legs and one arm. Can tear flesh with constriction wounds and has the strength to break or fracture bones with a direct hit. Defenses; Unlimited d-rank, four c-rank, two b-rank. Total amount of threads may block an a-rank before this is put on cooldown. All previous healable wounds are still healable and don't take a turn to do so, while deep cuts and severed tendons may be stitched back together at the cost of a post.
A: Now able to use all four limbs at once (a few spare threads may be used to hold the user when both legs are being used). Muscles may be ripped and bones may be broken from constriction, while area of direct impact is nearly completely destroyed. Defenses; unlimited d-rank, six c-rank, four b-rank, two a-rank. All threads may be used together to block a single s-rank before being put on cooldown. Any cuts shy from a limb being completely severed may be stitched back over the course of a post, while everything less takes barely any time at all.
S: Now able to use entire body, meaning everything from a and lower as well as the neck and mouth of the Genshi. Sections that are being constricted can be destroyed completely, while the strength of direct impact can go through the target's body. Defenses; unlimited d and c rank, six b-rank, four a-rank, two s. An SS jutsu will obviously put this on cooldown with no damage absorbed, and likely kill the Joingu user. Severed limbs may be stitched in one post and healed over another (meaning that while the limb is reattached it is still unusable for another turn). Nearly severed limbs take a post, like A-rank, while anything less takes nothing but some threads.

*All "non-direct" hits of a rank are the direct hit of the rank before. Meaning, a non-direct s-rank may shatter bones and muscle, etc, while a direct is defined in the actual s section. This doesn't count towards attacks with not much strength in them; the force of the attack is what causes the damage. An s-rank attack can still do d-rank damage if that's how much power you put behind it.
*Except for C, the "defenses" put for each rank count towards damage taken on the thread from any of those attacks. Meaning if you can block one d-rank and you're using two arms? Even if only one arm is hit by that jutsu, the ENTIRE jutsu is put on cooldown. C-rank blocks the number defined per each arm and only shuts down that individual arm when the limit is reached.
*Any jutsu two ranks or higher than the ranking of Joingu will destroy the section of threads it hits, and whatever else it normally does. Just like any ranked higher cutting jutsu.
*Whatever threads are destroyed stay destroyed the entire topic. The end. If all threads currently usable are destroyed the Genshi will pass out, if not die at the hand of their opponent.
*Constrictions are over the length of a post. These are completely relative to how much thread you're using and the opponent's size. Use common sense.
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Genshi Clan
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