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 Kurosaki Clan

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Kurosaki Clan 200px-103_-_pi3_-_bolt_of_cloth.svg

Clan: Kurosaki

Location: Scattered

Clan History: The original origins of the clan have long been lost to time; the stories of their people hint to a time when they lived in the warmer regions of the world; but whether or not these stories are true is unknown. As far as anyone is sure of, the Kurosaki clan has lived and worked in the snowy regions of the far north for as long as anyone can remember. The clan has long been famous for their work as weavers and tanners; taking any material or animal pelt and making the finest quality clothing around. The clan has long used special seals to make clothing water-proof or warmer then it would normally be; giving rise to the ability of the people of the north to wear very light-weight, yet extremely durable and warm clothing; usually made of silk from the hidden forest, or bird skins that have been tanned a special way.

The seal that they are most famous for was created on accident; one of the master weavers was attempting to repair on of the massive looms used to create the industrial cloth for large window treatments or wall hangings when a far small, exceedingly important part fell into a crack that was too small to reach into. Thinking quickly, the Kurosaki retrieved a bolt of 'defective' cloth and attempted to fashion a magnet hook from the cloth and some other spare bits. When that failed; he started trying to think of another way to get at the part without having to dismantle the entire loom. After several hours, the idea to modify a seal and use a length of cloth like a snake came to him; he could see the part after all, he just needed to maneuver the fabric and wrap it up to pull it free. It took the better part of the rest of the day to get the seal right; and when he was able to successfully retrieve the loom part; he realized just how effective controlling cloth in that manner could be.

From there, the idea of controlling cloth was born and nurtured by the clan; each generation improving upon the last until the current seal was created. It is almost unheard of to fine a Kurosaki without a bolt or two of cloth on their person at all times; at least one bolt of spare fabric for repairs, and a second with the special seal that they use whenever an extra hand is needed.

Elements: /
Specialization: Fuuinjutsu
Kekkei Genkai: Cloth Control
Kekkei Genkai Description: By inscribing bolts of chakra cloth with a secret seal, members of the Kurosaki clan are able to control the cloth as if it was an extension of their own body; similar to a prehensile tail or additional arm. By adding additional seals to the cloth in various places, the user is able to create different effects and use various jutsu that wouldn't normally be possible without access the to cloth. The actual power of the cloth comes from the seal, and the user's ability to manipulate it. Because of this, low ranking seals lead to slow, jerky movements of the cloth; better suited for physical attacking or constraint.The number of bolts carried is limited only by the user's ability to carry them. Each member of the clan receives 1 free C-Rank bolt of cloth.
Drawbacks: The clan can only control cloth that has the clan seal inscribed into it. Usually the clan member accomplishes this by placing the required seal at the deepest point of the bolt; in order to maximize the amount of cloth they can control at any given time. However; any time the cloth is cut away from that base, control is lost of the part not still in contact with the seal. (EX: You have a 3m3 bolt of cloth to work with. An opponent slices off a section 1m3. The part sliced away is now useless and unable to be controlled by the Kurosaki ninja via the Cloth Control Seal.) Because the cloth is just that, basic cloth, it is highly susceptible to fire and slicing based attacks. Katon gains a +1 rank damage against the cloth itself, and Kenjutsu or other slicing type attacks of C-rank or higher will slice clean through the cloth with no resistance at all.

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:

Name: Kurosaki Seal: Cloth Control
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C-SS
Type: Supplementary
Element: /
Range: /
Specialty: Fuuinjutsu || Kurosaki Clan
Duration: Permanent
Cooldown: /
Description: Simple in terms of Fuuinjutsu, this seal is special not for it's power but for what it does. By affixing it to a bolt of chakra impregnated cloth, the sealer is able to control the cloth as if it was an extension of his/her own body. The seal is normally placed on the very edge of the cloth to be controlled, in order to maximize the amount of cloth that can be controlled at any given time.

C-Rank: 1 bolt can be controlled, cloth moves at ~15m/s
B-Rank: 2 bolts can be controlled, cloth moves at ~20m/s
A-rank: 2 bolts can be controlled, cloth moves at ~35m/s
S-Rank: 3 bolts can be controlled, cloth moves at ~50m/s
SS-Rank: 4 bolts can be controlled, cloth moves at ~60m/s

Clan Item:
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Kurosaki Clan
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