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 Gomu Clan

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Gomu Clan RhRhT1v

Clan: Gomu

Location: Scattered

Clan History: Not ever ninja clan is comprised of classical ninja. Some clans are specialists in one form or another; they prefer to use a certain set of skills over another. Some clans however, they will hyper specialize in their preferred skill set; sacrificing all ability outside of what they traditionally use. The Gomu clan is one such specialist clan; from the moment the clan was founded, the members used martial arts as their primary mode of combat. In ancient times, the clan was famous for preserving and inventing all manner of martial art, some of which can still be seen in their current fighting style. When the ways of Ninjutsu and the ability to manifest and control chakra reached the clan, they focused the power inward; empowering their bodies and enhancing their martial abilities; evolving to use proper Taijutsu within a single generation.

This focus on inward infusion of chakra eventually stripped the bloodline of the ability to project chakra outward; their skin acts almost like a shield to stop their chakra from escaping from their bodies. A secondary result of this evolution was the dissolving of the typical pathways that bodily chakra normally took; in a Gomu clan member their chakra is evenly distributed throughout their entire body. This works in their favor, as it means that they don't have to focus chakra in the same way other ninja would; the chakra is already where they need it; and in greater amounts than would normally be possible.

The current Kekkei Genkai of the clan is the fullest evolution of the clan's martial abilities and inward chakra focus. Training of the body to be pliable yet supremely strong slowly began to change them; as the generations came and went, they began to take on the characteristics of rubber; flexible joints, snappish counterattacks that took full advantage of their body's ability to stretch and function on the limits of human dexterity. A mutation in their chakra caused a mutation of their bodies; it took several generations to fully manifest, but in the end they had become fully rubberized; everything about them was rubber-like. Stretching limbs could reach multiple meters versus just a few feet; torso's could stretch for days without stopping. It was then that the clan took on their current name; Gomu, forgoing their original name for something far more appropriate.

Elements: Rubber
Specialization: Taijutsu

Kekkei Genkai: Rabaa Shitai (Rubber Body -ラバー 肢体)
Kekkei Genkai Description: Rabaa Shitai is the result of generation upon generation of dedication to Taijutsu and the training of the body itself. Long ago, the Gomu clan banned the usage of chakra skills in any manner beyond enhancing the body itself. Because of this extreme devotion to Taijutsu and inward chakra focus, the clan's bodies began to change; becoming more and more flexible until they began to take on the properties of rubber. With this mutation arose the clan's signature fighting style, tailor made to take advantage of the extreme flexibility and power the clan possesses. Because of their unique physiology, Gomu clan members receive reduced Raiton damage, to the order of -2 ranks.
Drawbacks: Members of the Gomu clan are wholly and entirely unable to take on any specialty that requires projecting chakra outside of their own bodies; with the exception of Medical Ninjutsu. That being said, Gomu clan members that use Medical Ninjutsu suffer a -1 rank/power to the specialty; and all Medical Ninjutsu used on them require +1 rank worth of chakra to work because of their unique physiology. Clan members receive +2 damage from Katon and Yang releases; as the heat of the Katon makes it impossible for them to stretch and control their bodies properly, and the Yang's vitality enhancing effect condenses and hardens their bodies so that they can't move.

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu: Name: Rubber Body [Gomu Shitai- ラバー 肢体]
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D-S
Type: Supplementary
Element: Rubber
Range: Self
Specialty: Taijutsu
Duration: Passive
Cooldown: /
Description: The basic Gomu clan ability, when active the clan member's body becomes like rubber; able to stretch and deform to various degrees without taking damage. This ability is passive and costs no chakra to maintain, only the initial trigger costs; which is equivalent to a normal jutsu of the USER'S current rank. The amount of total body stretch compounds; each limb and any torso stretching is taken directly from the user's current rank ability.

D: 15 meters of body stretching total
C: 25 meters of body stretching total
B: 35 meters of body stretching total
A: 50 meters of body stretching total
S: 75 meters of body stretching total

Name: Gum Gum Pistol [Gomu Gomu Kenjuu - 護謨護謨拳銃]
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Rubber
Range: 15 meters
Specialty: Taijutsu
Duration: /
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: The user sacrifices range for power; tightening and compressing their rubberized arms; turning them into springs of sorts. The user pulls their fists back in a fairly normal manner; which because of the properties of their body means they stretch backwards roughly 10 meters before throwing the punch. While the punch must cross nearly twice the distance; the compression and release of energy causes the punch to move at twice the normal speed and impact for 1 rank higher worth of damage. The punch can easily crush and break bones, and pierce through flesh up to 3 inches. So long as the target is within 15 meters of the user, they will suffer a 5 meter knock back effect.
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Gomu Clan
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