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PostSubject: Jashinkyō   Thu Dec 01, 2016 4:22 pm

Clan: Jashinkyō

Location: Scattered

Clan History: CLASSIFIED

Elements: /
Specialization: Fuuinjutsu (Primary) || Ninjutsu (Secondary or Tertiary) || Weapon Specialty (Bukijutsu | Weapon Tech - Secondary or Tertiary)

Kekkei Genkai: Jashinkyō (ジャシン教)
Kekkei Genkai Description: The user ingests a small amount of the target’s blood and using a highly specialized Fuuinjutsu seal which is drawn upon the ground using their own blood, they are able to turn their body into a Voodoo Doll of sorts; which in turn causes the target to take all damage inflicted on the user’s body. The user feels everything in relation to the injuries; including all pain. Because of this, the majority of clan members are basically addicted to pain in some form or another; whether via mental illness or some sort of sexual thrill. In general, members of this clan are sociopaths from birth; focusing on nothing more than causing pain and utter destruction from the moment they are born.
Drawbacks: The members of this clan are NOT immortal. They can be killed by normal means while not in Curse Mode. While in Curse Mode, they are only able to sustain ONE (1) fatal injury without dying per thread; beyond that they can be killed via normal means. Decapitation is guaranteed to kill the user, even if the one fatal attack clause is still in effect. Complete destruction of the heart will cause death, even if the one fatal attack clause is still in effect. The user MUST ingest at least a single drop of the target’s blood to activate Curse Mode. The user must spill their own blood to create the Voodoo Seal. Members of this clan are unable to take ANY elements at all; even if the user is of crossed-clans. Clan members are unable to take ANY specialty but Fuuinjutsu, Ninjutsu, and a Weapon-based specialty (Bukijutsu/Weapon Technician).

Members of this clan are required to take the following Special Characteristics:

Name: Unpredictability
Type: Clan || Required
Description: The user is literally and figuratively unpredictable in all manner and attitudes. Their fighting styles are normally extremely erratic and nearly impossible to predict. It is impossible to read the mind of anyone with this characteristic. They are unable to take any tactician, sensory, or mastery based abilities.

Name: Pain Addiction
Type: Clan || Required
Description: The user is addicted to pain to the point that they will be forced to cause self-harm of increasing violence if they are unable to cause pain to another being in some manner. This usually manifests via biting and chewing on hands and arms, cutting, or beating on inanimate objects. The user must cause to experience some form of pain every 10 posts or they will literally attempt suicidal levels of self-harm.

Name: Forced Mortality
Type: Clan || Required
Description: No member of this clan is immortal. No member of this clan is able to be healed via Medical Ninjutsu of ANY rank. Salves, Balms, herbal medicines, etc will work normally. However, the user does receive ONE (1) free pass that is used to prevent death via normally fatal means with the exception of decapitation or heart destruction once per thread.

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:

Name: Jujutsu: Shiji Hyōketsu (Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood - 呪術・死司憑血)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C-SS
Type: Offensive
Element: /
Range: 50 Meters
Specialty: Fuuinjutsu || Jashinkyō
Duration: - 20 chakra per post
Cooldown: Duration + 5 || 3 Uses Per thread
Description:  The user must somehow manage to ingest at least a drop of the target’s blood, at which point their skin then turns black with white markings which makes them look like a skeleton, a symbol of absolute death. They then draw Jashin's symbol on the ground in blood and stand in the center. This serves as the link between them and their victim. Once their sacrificial ritual takes place, the victim is linked with them until they either step or are forced out of the circle. Any kind of injury that the user inflicts upon their own body, or any injury sustained from an outside source, is reciprocated on the target, be it a mere scratch all the way up to fatal injuries. If the user is forced out of the circle, the link is broken until they are able to return. If the circle is damage, the link is broken until it can be rebuilt. The user is able to sustain only ONE (1) normally fatal injury without dying per thread; beyond that any normally fatal injury will result in death. The user may only capture someone of equal or lower rank to their own. Only ONE (1) target may be controlled at one time.
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