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 First Ever Mission! [Private]

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PostSubject: First Ever Mission! [Private]   Fri Dec 02, 2016 8:34 pm

Mailman (D-Rank):

She got to do missions! Chiyoe had been waiting for this day for practically her entire life. Okay, maybe not her entire life but long enough. Yet, she had always had to deal with her finicky health issues. It always seemed that no sooner was she about to be cleared for duty that her sickness would rear its ugly head and flush her plans down the toilet. That wasn’t the case this time. Thanks to Suna actually removing the sickness from her, rather than treating the symptoms as everyone else did, she was still feeling great: and her mother had finally given her the all clear to go and do some ‘gentle missions’ as she had put it.

So, her first one? Playing mailman. The actual mailman was sick, he had fallen ill during his rounds and ended up with several letters that hadn’t been delivered. Since Chiyoe was no stranger to how an illness could knock you on your butt she had absolutely no problem in helping out. There were three letters she had to deliver: one to Lee, one to Yen, and one to Kei. From the addresses on the sealed envelopes she knew they all lived on the same street so it wouldn’t be all that difficult to get this done.

Given she had been at the administrative building and the street wasn’t all that far away she made good timing with the three letters in her hands. She started on the north end of the street and began to make her way down it, noticing that she was on the side of the street where the high numbers were. She glanced down at the envelopes when she walked, noticing they were out of order: seven, thirteen, and six. She quickly put them in order, and then starting with thirteen headed toward that house.

She arrived, walked up onto the porch, and slipped the letter into the mail slot before jumping off of the side. She made her way on further down the street, remaining on the same side since the next letter was also with an uneven numbered address. A few houses down she reached number seven and slipped the letter into their mailbox. She then turned, crossed the street to number six, and after skipping up onto the porch slipped the appropriate letter into the mail box.

Empty handed now she returned back to the administrative building with a skip in her step: her first ever mission was now completed!

WC: 416 / 100


It is not the critic who counts
Not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles,
Or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.
The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena...

Mission(s) Completed
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First Ever Mission! [Private]
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