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 Nekonote, Hanako

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Missing Ninja (S-Rank)
Missing Ninja (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Nekonote, Hanako   Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:19 am

Name: Nekonote, Hanako
Age: 24
Birthdate: Feb 12
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Clan: Nekonote
Rank: Jounin

Village: Missing-Nin
Element(s): Katon [SS], Fuuton [SS], Scorch [SS]
Specialties: Ninjutsu [SS], Taijutsu [SS], Senjutsu [SS], Genjutsu {B}
Special Characteristics:

Scorch Release:

Night Vision:


Enhanced Reflexes:

Enhanced Speed:

Height: 5'8
Weight: 115
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
General Description: Hanako is often seen with very casual clothes on. She doesn't really care to dress up, unless it is a formal occasion. Her hair is almost always in braids, much to the dismay of her friends. Her carmel skin tone is only accented by the chocolate brown eyes that glisten when seen, despite them being useless. Her body is very toned for a woman, but still has a very nice appeal to men. She is often known for being dull with the colors she wears, being mostly neutral and bland.

About You!
Personality: Because of the fact that she is blind, she has grown up with a very concrete look on life. Her no-nonsense attitude is shown on and off the battlefield. She is a very disciplined person, not really taking time fore leisurely activities. She is also a strong leader, often taking the vocal position in a group. She is not afraid of much, and shows this with her willingness to fight any opponent, despite the difference in strength. She is a very logical person, dealing in facts when making strategy for battle.

She also has a very keen sense for paying attention to detail, due to her lack of one of her senses. Because of that ability, she is able to create strategy and execute it almost instantly. She is a very blunt person as well, not really thinking about the feelings of others. She doesn't do this with hatefulness, it's just that she can't see expressions or how someone reacts to her statements. She is also a very confident person, often being a rock for those who don't have the confidence that she does. She is also a great listener for friends, but be prepared for honest advice.

Hanako loves to hunt and track things, often doing so just for fun. She can often be found in the wild, training or just meditating and sharpening her sense of sight. She also likes to listen to other peoples conversations, considering it practice for her future missions as a spy. She also enjoys being in charge, whether it be leading a squad on a mission or just barking orders around her house. She loves to spar, as she yearns for the adrenaline that comes with dodging all of your opponents attacks. Along with that will to fight comes her will to win in everything she does. Progression is a big deal to her.

Hanako is very particular in things she does not like. She hates bad smells, whether it be body odor from animals or the smell of sulfur. She also hates sitting still, as she finds it boring when she could be doing things much more useful and intelligent. Unless she is extremely angry, she doesn't appreciate brutality in battle. She has nothing against killing, but being overly sadistic makes her a bit sick, as the sounds are not pleasant. Lastly, she does not like those who are vein about their appearance or stature in life. She does not care what rank or clan you are from, as everyone is treated equal in her eyes.

Hanako wants to become one of the strongest shinobi known to the world, wishing to be as reknown as the ninja of old. She also would like to become strong as a fighter, as she enjoys life and would like to be around for quite a long time. She would love to help lead the village or even protect the Kage of Makkura, as she enjoys her unique home in the Land of Shadows. She secretly wants someone to change her mind on love, but will tell anyone. Lastly, she wants to be unique in the ninja world by possessing something that separated her from everyone else.

There is not much that Hanako fears. The most vivid fear that she has is the loss of her eyes or Doujutsu, as she feels that she would be useless. Another fear is a fear of great heights, as she can't stand the thought of falling and dying from such distances. She also fears being so weak that she is killed without putting up a fight, as she feels that would dishonor her clan and village. She has a unique fear of love, refusing to be put in situations where lover or care can be developed for another person. However, this could be changed by someone who was bold enough to force her to try to love.

History: Hanako was born in the mountains like both of her parents. From birth, she was molded and trained to become a fighter, so she could survive in the world of the shinobi. Her parents were both strict people, often lacking affection for her when she was hurt. This made Hanako a very strong child, often choosing to train over playing. She was a very well behaved child, making her raising quite easy in comparison to others.

As she transitioned into the life a teenager, Hanako denied almost every suitor that approached her. She found relationships annoying more than anything and would rather train further to ensure her life as a shinobi was one of success. At the age of 16 though, that idea changed. She met a boy named Akira, who also happened to live in the same range of mountains. They immediately hit it off, often being seen together training or doing other activities. He loved her and immediately wanted nothing more than to protect her, which would happen in the coming months.

After being with Akira for a whole year, her parents attempted to put a halt to the relationship. With Hanako's unwillingness to cooperate, they had but one choice, to kill Akira. Hanako would wake up the next morning to the site of a dead Akira. Not only had he been killed, but he had also killed her parents in the fight, leaving her to be forever alone in her life as a shinobi.

Since that day, she has vowed to never again care or love for another person so much. She has dedicated the rest of her life to being an amazing shinobi, forsaking the ideas of family or love. Her determination about this vow led her to complete her training, despite lacking a teacher to help her.

She would stay in the caves of the mountains until the age of 18, at which time she would venture out into the world after completing her training. She started in Hana as a student once again, but that didn't last long because of a special knack towards the ninja arts, she found a retired ninja and convinced him to train her. She easily breezed through the academy  level training and was almost instantly of the same level as a Genin. Her immediate reaction was to start training so that she could be as strong as a Chunnin from any other village, which she gave herself three years for. She has often been sent on tracking and espionage missions, as she is quite skilled in both of those areas.

After only a year, Hanako became as strong as Chunnin and started to train even further. After another years worth of training, she became bored of Hanagakure and the life that they lived. It was then that she heard of Makkuragakure and the possibilities that it held. Sure, it was inhabited by more bad than good, but she could care less. As long as it made her stronger and gave her a sense of purpose, she was fine with it. She moved to the shadow village and quickly became adapted to the village's lifestyle.

A few months have passed since she moved and she now blends in with the many rogue ninja that live in the Land of Shadows. Her morals and choices still remain the same, though no one could tell as she doesn't talk to many people. With the appearance of Alec Kane and the members of his group, she has decided that now was the time to make an appearance and further herself in the art of ninja. She hoped that he would accept her so that she could travel and serve a purpose. Of course, with the village now having a government, she proved herself and was given the official rank of Chunnin. What the future held, she did not know.

Her time in Makkura was wonderful and it introduced her to many people she came to call comrades. However, nothing was forever as the group moved on. Hanako, however did not. She stayed behind to find her Bijuu, Hisashi. After months of looking in and out of volcanos for a rumored beast, she found it and it was sealed in her. With her goal completed, she used her Dojutsu to track the people she had called family. This lead her to the village of Kurayamigakure. Now it was time to have a reunion.

RP Sample: N/A

Faceclaim: Minayo Shoumoto from EVE New Generation X[/b]
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PostSubject: Re: Nekonote, Hanako   Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:34 am


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Nekonote, Hanako
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