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 Commander General Requests

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Uno Natake
Commander General

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PostSubject: Commander General Requests   Wed Dec 07, 2016 8:29 am


Here is where you can request things such as rank up, travel permission, and assignment to special groups (not assignment to squads, please see the Squad Listing for that). Please use the appropriate template found below for each request you need. If you have multiple requests at the same time then please post them all within the same post: unless your post has already been checked over at which time please use a new one. Failure to use the appropriate templates or fill them out properly will get your request skipped and ignored until you fix that issue. Thank you.~

Please note that requests made to Commander Uno are handled at her digression: she is able to deny requests if she believes that your character does not meet her specifications.

Rank Up Request Template
Name: Character Name
Current Rank: Current Rank of Character
Rank Desired: What rank do you want?
Stats: What are your characters stats? (Include stats trained and turned in but not modded yet)
Missions Completed: Please list (In A Spoiler) the missions you’ve completed including their ranks. You cannot use missions that have already been checked off for a previous rank up.
Example – Missions:
Major Events: Sometimes major events count for more than you might realize. Has your character participated in any sort of major plot event or done anything special for the village? Please explain and post links.
[b]Current Rank:[/b]
[b]Rank Desired:[/b]
[b]Missions Completed:[/b]
[b]Major Events:[/b]

Travel Request Template
Name: Character Name
Destination: Where are you traveling to? If multiple destinations then please list them all.
Traveling Companions: Is anyone going with you? (They must fill out a travel template too!)
Duration of Trip: How long (In IRL time) do you plan on being out of the village?
Reasoning: Why are you leaving?
[b]Traveling Companions:[/b]
[b]Duration of Trip:[/b]

Wolfpack Request Template
Please see Wolfpack guidelines before applying to make sure you qualify before applying!
Name: Character Name
Current Rank: Current rank of your character.
Specs and their Ranks: What rank are your specs? Include ranks that they’ve been trained to and submitted even if they haven’t been approved yet.
Elements and their Ranks: What rank are your elements? Include ranks that they’ve been trained to and submitted even if they haven’t been approved yet.
Stats: What rank are your stats? Include ranks that they’ve been trained to and submitted even if they haven’t been approved yet.
Missions: What missions have you done? Include them in a spoiler along with their ranks.
Major Items/Weapons: Do you have anything special that makes you more unique?
Major Events: Have you done participated in anything special?
[b]Current Rank:[/b]
[b]Specs and their Ranks:[/b]
[b]Elements and their Ranks:[/b]
[b]Major Items/Weapons:[/b]
[b]Major Events:[/b]

Missions Completed
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Commander General Requests
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