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 Demitria Kane [Odyssey Import]

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Demitria Kane
Missing Ninja (S-Rank)
Missing Ninja (S-Rank)
Demitria Kane

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PostSubject: Demitria Kane [Odyssey Import]   Wed Dec 07, 2016 4:25 pm

Name: Demitria Kane
Age: 16
Birthdate: December 19th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Clan: Malkavia [Clan Head]
Rank: Jounin [S-Rank] – Former Kage

Village: Missing-Nin
Element(s): Yin Release [SS-Rank] | Yang Release [SS-Rank] | Void Release [SS-Rank]
Specialties: Genjutsu [SS-Rank] | Ninjutsu [SS-Rank] | Medical Ninjutsu [SS-Rank] | Fuuinjutsu [SS-Rank] | Taijutsu [S-Rank]
Special Characteristics:
Yin Release:
Yang Release:
Void Release:
The Cobweb:

Height: 5’4’
Weight: 120 Pounds
Hair Color: Blond | Blue tips on the Left, Pink on the Right
Eye Color: Bluish Silver
General Description: Demitria stands at only five feet four inches tall and weighs one hundred and twenty pounds even. Her physique is slightly athletic and thin with an hour-glass shaped frame and D-cup sized breasts.
She often wears her hair, which is light blond with blue tips on the left side and pink tips on the right in pig tails at the sides of her head; more toward the top. Red lipstick, black eyeliner and mascara help complete the look with eye-shadow added: blue on the left and pink on the right the same as her hair. As an added effect she wears pink and blue nailpolish on her fingers, the colors alternating every other finger.
Demitria has a variety of tattoos covering her body including several on her face; the most notable being a heart on her right cheek with the words “Embrace the Madness” tattooed along her jawline.
Her usual outfit consists of a white t-shirt that reads “Daddy’s Little Monster” on the front in black lettering which contains some rips and holes ‘artfully’ added later on. A pair of shorts keeping with the blue and pink theme (half blue, half pink), a pair of black fishnet stockings, and a jacket that matches her shorts help to complete this outfit with the words “Daddy’s Little Monster” embroidered onto the back of it. Unlike standard shinobi who wear typical open toed sandals Demitria’s shoes of choice are a pair of three inch healed boots white in color. As added accessories she wears a red fingerless glove on her left hand, a dog-collar style choker around her neck, and a belt with a buckle that reads “Madness” around her waist.

About You!
Personality: How do you describe someone who is so incurably insane it isn't even funny? Well, I guess that would be a good place to start. There's hardly anything left of Demi's personality that could be considered 'normal'. While a normal human being tends to avoid - at all costs - angering most people, including those who are far bigger and stronger physically than them, Demi gets off on it almost. There's an extremely sick sort of satisfaction that she gets off of watching someone turn from shades of pink, to red, to even purple as she continuously needles them into flipping out. There is just an overall appeal she gets from watching someone get so angry they can no longer control their own actions.

With that being said Demi herself is almost too calm of a person. It's more than just an emotionless mask that most ninja tend to perfect at some point in their life. This goes far beyond that. Demi's emotions themselves are unaffected by mostly everything that happens. Someone could out-right strike her and she would never show anger over it, and would in fact keep the same remaining - slightly psychotic looking - smile on her face, as if she were more amused than anything else. That isn't to say she wouldn't harm them back in some way - usually with that smile still on her face - but their actions would simply be unable to cause her to feel anger.

Now, on the other extreme, any sort of anger that could be triggered within Demi would have to be done so by pain, death, or the threat of either being performed on or to a member of her family or someone she considers such. However, this 'anger' isn't anger, but pure blind rage. A rage so intense that she is almost incapable of snapping out of it once it has begun, and not until the person who has triggered the emotion is dead will it be satisfied enough to be replaced with her normal emotions. The only sort of person capable of snapping her out of this sort of rage after it has begun would have to be a member of her family, or a very close friend: anyone else would likely end up feeling her wraith as well, even if they had done nothing to provoke her into this state.

Along with all of this goes Demi's very black and white view of the world; meaning simply her views on what is right and what is wrong. Twisted, though they are. While most find murder to be a sin, with a penalty of death, Demi looks deeper than just the crime itself; she looks into their motivations. Then, and only then, will she pass such a judgement. If someone where to steal food, say for their family, she would look to that as a more 'good' thing, than bad.

All in all she has a very outside of the box kind of view about the majority of situations that could and have presented themselves to the young female.

History: Pre Academy
Ever since Demi was born there was a mysterious quality around her. A quickness to her mind if you will. She was never child-like in her mentality unless throwing a temper tantrum - and those were just outright violent in nature, and something to be avoided at all costs. In fact, most full grown ninja tended to avoid her when she was going into one of her bouts of rage, or a tantrum. The ending of one of her tantrums would look much like a death match of sorts had happened; everything broken, strewn around, wall paper ripped free in spots, and entirely missing in others. Pure and utter destruction. Even when she was only two or three years old she was capable of this sort of violent behavior, and the outbursts were something to be avoided at all costs.

It got to the point that no one would babysit her. If they ended up absolutely having to they tended to try and divert her attention to anything and everything else but themselves. This proved useful rather quickly for some and a complete and utter failure for others. Childish toys never interested her, other than the plushie she was given that looks to be a mix between a tiger and a wolf; and she was never subtle in the ways she showed this. Handing her a toy that a baby or another small child would play with usually ended up in it being thrown at the person who had tried to give it to her, or destroyed in some other means; usually beyond fixing. Though, those that provided something she found useful - which normally would consist of something that teased her brain, like a puzzle, rubix cube, or the like - tended to have no problems at all in watching her, as she would sit there for hours in complete and utter silence... at least until she finished with it. Then it was back to being a holy terror.

This, however, never extended towards her parents or siblings in any way; despite her complete lack of behavior and respect towards others, she was a perfect angel for her parents; always dutiful and well behaved; at least unless she was directed otherwise.

Demi was enrolled a year or two younger then the other children usually were given her ability to understand, and her less child-like nature; at least while she was acting mature that is. She found out very quickly that she enjoyed messing with other peoples minds. It started with her peers one particularly sunny afternoon. She had had her eyes on one of the other children's lunch; nothing sweet mind you, but an apple of all things. It was red, ripe, and otherwise delicious looking and she just had to have it. She would have just taken it, but even then she knew that stealing was wrong. So, she hatched a plan to make the other child give it to her. She had wandered herself over, and sat down nearby, without even really thinking much into the whole process of it; as if it were all second nature. She had heard that this particular student was afraid of bugs, and was not above playing on that fear. In true acting fashion she jumped up from her seat and pointed towards the apple. With one hand on her chest and the other pointing at the apple, she explained in a very frantic sounding voice how she had just seen a bug climb all over it. The child was overly spooked, almost to the point of tears, and unwilling to come near the lunch box to inspect further. After a few moments, and playing things just right, Demi offered to do it, and to remove the now 'contaminated' apple in question. The child didn't think twice, and allowed her. With apple in hand Demi slipped off, parking herself beneath a particularly shady tree where she enjoyed the apple in peace and quiet.

Though, despite this new enjoyment of manipulating the minds of others, she never let her mind stray far from her studies. It was during this time in the academy that she began to get this fixation for wanting to protect her family, to become the best ninja she could in the hopes of keeping her family safe and alive; unharmed.

This manipulation did help her in other ways than just being a form of amusement; she was capable of keeping others from picking on her for the plushie she continued to carry around with her, despite her growing older.

Given Demi's ability to understand things at a more mature and adult level she advanced quickly through everything that the Academy could offer her. Because of this she graduated at an alarmingly early age. Full blown arguments broke out over her age and the fact that no one wanted her on their squad to begin with. They all fussed, saying that they didn't want to babysit, they wanted to teach. How could they bring someone so young on a mission and let them witness death? However, that all ended rather quickly when the Kage stepped in and demanded the child be taken into a squad, and be taken on missions.

It was shortly after this that Demi began to become bored with playing with the minds of other children like herself. She set her sights on larger 'prey'. It was too easy to manipulate children into giving her their things, or having them do things for her. She wanted a challenge. She wanted something more complicated for a goal. Because of this she played with her young age. Even something as simple as a doll she was able to get it just by manipulating; playing the part of a poor child whose only friend could be that doll on the shelf that she could never afford to pay for. A few tears drops. Just the right kind of words.

She wasn't even beyond manipulating her own sensei, so much so that she convinced him to allow her to enter into the exams, despite how utterly dangerous they were going to be, and how much younger she was going to be than her possible opponents.

The exams had gone rather well, as her mind proved to be an excellent tool at her disposal, and through sheer outsmarting she was able to complete the exams mostly unscathed. With the rank of Chuunin she was taken slightly more seriously on the squad she belonged to. So much so that her team mates began to look to her for guidance, and instruction. This quickly proved to annoy their sensei, and because of such the man made a very foolish move.

Their mission was supposed to be a simple one, to escort a man from their village to the borders of his own. Another team had already run ahead to clear the way, and everyone had assumed that things had gone according to plan. The squad quickly found themselves in trouble, and after a battle in which their sensei was wounded the squad took off, looking for shelter and a better strategy. After locating a momentarily safe location their sensei began to blurt out plans when Demi, in a very calm and rational voice unlike the scared and otherwise hurried voice their sensei was using, described the best possible course for action that would leave them with the ability to accomplish their mission without further injury. Her sensei was so utterly angered by this that, after insulting her, went ahead with his own plan; and it nearly cost him his life. Demi was barely able to save the man, and had done so only by manipulating the minds of those who had been after them into believing that everyone had already been slain and nothing of value had been on them.

Despite the fact that the man could have died, Demi's sensei quickly began to despise her, going so far as to complain to his higher ups about her and her abilities.

Special Jounin
Thanks to her sensei constantly complaining about her behavior and actions during missions special attention began to be paid to her. Extra care was taken when looking over the summaries of missions she had taken both alone and as a team. Little things that used to be ignored or swept under the rug were now being paid extra special attention to. It began to stick out like a sore thumb her abilities with planning, organizing, and the ability to flawlessly preform the tasks given to her; or as flawless as any human being could. Because of this she rose through the ranks once more, being given the rank of Special Jounin due to her thinking and planning skills; an asset, they informed her, that any squad needed to be able to preform their duties as flawless as possible.

From here missions became harder, but no matter how high or low the risks were, as long as her plans were followed her and everyone else always got out alive and unharmed. Only when those instructions were ignored did danger and disaster strike. This happened a few times at first, given her still extremely young age. People doubted her, thought that age meant knowledge, and that they knew better than her because they had done this before. Those were the people who ended up injured, or worse, dead before Demi's rather emotionless eyes. Therefore, she began to be taken a lot more seriously, and her words were heeded almost every time.

Another ability that began to stick out as Demi completed more and more missions was her ability to handle extremely stressful and tense situations without freaking out. Her emotions were always mild, no matter how dangerous or deadly a situation her and her team were in. Everyone else could be raging and she would just be the perfect picture of calm. Though, this did cause a red flag of sorts in the fact that it gave her almost sadistic like tendencies when she went to kill; she always did it with a smile on her face, and always without a moments hesitation.

Because of her ability to prove herself over and over again in the field while on missions she was elevated to full Jounin, and given her own squad. Once more she had to go through the motions of her squad not believing she was capable of doing what she should be able to at her rank. However, all it took were a few rather intense, violent, and piss yourself scary squad meetings for them to change their tune rather quickly. With respect now in play she took the time to get to know her squad, taking them on mission after mission to hone their skills, and spending a lot of her off time with them. She wanted them to be the best they could, and would stop at nothing to achieve it.

It was during this time that the over-protectiveness that she showed with her own family began to play in with her squad. After spending so long with them she became close to them, protective.

During a shortage of higher ranking ninja Demi had agreed to take her squad on a slightly harder mission; more dangerous than the ones they had been on. It was during this time that their enemy had decided to threaten one of the members of her squad; she utterly lost it. In a show of brutal, sadistic, skill she slaughtered the man, not stopping until she had broken him both in mind and in body; leaving almost nothing behind to remain; or to be buried.

Reaching home, she reported in, not sparing a single detail.. and earning herself a rather scary reputation. One that made almost any and all avoid her, one that caused whispers from those who didn't think she could hear them, and looks from others who figured she could. But, she never showed the slightest hint of emotion that it bothered her, she just kept training herself, bettering herself; all with the goal in mind that she needed to be beastly protective of not only her family, but those she was in charge of protecting, and that plushie she still continued to keep on her person at all times, the same one that had been given to her when she was a very, very young child.

Jounin S
It wasn't long after this that her father tired of the village they were in and the way it was being run. He caused several terroristic acts before bailing; Demitria of course following her father. A series of events occured, Demi going on her own path for a bit only to meet up with her father in another village later on. Eventually, it would come to conclusion that they needed a home, a new home that they were rulers of. So, her father and Avery went off to create such a place, Demi and her siblings following shortly after.

For a brief period of time Demitria was named Kuraikage of the location, a title she later passed on due to how heavily grounded she was in her research at the time. More time would pass in which Demi would be named clan head of the Malkavia clan, something that granted her far more power than she previously had.

Years after being settled into this new home her family went on another trip to a new country, with Demi staying behind. It wasn't long, though, before Demi too found herself needing to go. Through the cobweb that connected all Malkavia's she could hear cries and pleas: one of her people were being tortured and that simply wouldn't do. So it was with the mindset to cause some pain and suffering of her own that Demi set out, following her father, Avery, and her sisters out of Makkuragakure and into a new land - to Kurayamigakure.

Of course, it would seem they would not remain there for long before once more traveling to new lands; only as missing-nin.

Faceclaim: Suicide Squad – Harley Quinn

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Demitria Kane [Odyssey Import]
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