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 Namie Kurayami [Import]

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PostSubject: Namie Kurayami [Import]   Sat Dec 17, 2016 10:02 pm


Name: Namie
Age: 15
Birthdate: November 23rd
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Clan: Kurayami
Rank: Genin

Village: Hanagakure no Sato
Element(s): Meiton | Katon | Fuuton
Specialties: Ninjutsu| Taijutsu | Genjutsu | Bukijutsu (Kenjutsu)

Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Graffiti Artist
    Type: Personal
    Description: The bearer of this special characteristic is a proficiant user of spray paint and allows everyone to know it. She leaves her beautifully done artwork on any surface that she can get it to stick to, with little to no regard of the consequences.

Height: 5'3
Weight: 110 Pounds
Hair Color: Blond with Pink Streaks
Eye Color: Pale Pink

General Description: Growing up in a place that never sees the sun has definitely taken it's toll on Namie's skin; because of this her skin tone is an alabaster pale, and easily burns when it comes into contact with the sun for more than a few minutes at a time. Her eyes likewise have pigmented strangely; having started out nearly red when she was born they eventually became lighter until finally becoming the pale pink color they are today. Her hair, which is a little longer than shoulder length and usually held back in a messy ponytail (or worn down underneath of a black skullcap), is likewise pink.

Namie's usual attire consists of a form fitting v-necked shirt with sleeves that go right down to her elbows which is white in color with a black collar, the top going down to her waist. This is normally worn with shorts and open toed shinobi sandals.

About You!

Personality: Namie is much like an onion when it comes to her personality; there are many layers, and each layer that is peeled back reveals an even different one. She can come off bitter as first, but once warmed up to someone she can become rather sweet and kind.

On the outer layer Namie comes across as a very brash, vile female. A violent quick temper is only equally matched by her bad mouth and the foul language that comes out of it. She is, ultimately, exactly what a black sheep would be. She's rebellious to the core; having a nearly total disregard for rules and regulations. The majority of the time she acts like she doesn't care what happens to herself: or as if there are no consequences to her actions. She is reckless and dangerous, having no regard to personal injury or death. She usually prefers to be alone; her method behind this being that if she doesn't allow herself to get close to anyone then she cannot be hurt again.

On the inside, however, Namie is nothing more than a hurting girl. Her past has worn down the good little girl she once was and thus she hides behind her outer layer simply to try and survive another day: she believes that only by being cold and calculating will she see another day intact. For those who can wear away at her outer layer they will find a sweet girl simply looking to find her place in the world while believing that she is a square peg trying to get through a circular hole: feeling as if she doesn't fit in anywhere. She is compassionate to the core, especially when talking about her art which comes off as her single passion in life. She can also be loyal and kind to those who give her a chance, for those who can possibly show her that the world isn't quite as evil and disturbing as she sees it.

These layers are hard to penetrate though; and her natural stubbornness only makes breaching them all that much harder. Yet, for those who do there is the reward of her hidden nature; a reward of getting to see the good person she once had always been.
History: Namie's family originally came from a tiny nameless village that was slowly going to the dogs; crime rates were up and things were becoming increasingly violent with the village's clans nearing a civil war. When Namie's parents realized that they were pregnant with their first child the decision to move was one that was made with relative quickness. However, her parents needed to be careful; Namie's father was part of the clan preparing to go to war and fleeing like they intended would not only have their rival clan coming after them but his own as well would want his head for betraying them as he was. They needed a place to settle down in where no one would look for them and thus they decided to settle down in Kurayamigakure.

Despite the gang in control of Kurayamigakure Namie's family found themselves being left alone for the most part. Several months later Namie was born. She was a happy and healthy child despite living in such a dark environment, and it wasn't long before she had two more siblings; a younger brother named Wong, and an even younger sister named Miko. Wong, Miko, and Namie all played together, trained together (as their father was an ex-shinobi and decided to train them himself since there was no Academy in the village), and spent literally every waking moment in each others company.

To make ends meet due to the condition of the village Namie's father, Len, often worked as hired muscle both inside the village and away from home. It was usual for Namie's father to be gone several weeks a month, and there were simple rules to live by: including not opening the door for anyone. Namie's mother, Umi, was pregnant with their fourth child and so the tension in the household was great as Namie's father left to go on another trip. Her mother wasn't due for another few weeks, and her father planned on being home long before the child was born, so no one thought anything of it - only adding a few extra protections to the home to ensure everyone was safe while he was gone.

Namie was still young at the time, only thirteen years old, and considered to have the strength and skill of a Genin by that point due to her father's training. Her father, upon leaving, told her to keep her mother and family safe: that they were in her hands. The first few days went by without an incident: the door was kept locked as well as the windows and everyone remained inside where it was safe. However, on the third day of her father being gone there came a knock on the door. Namie wasn't going to answer it at first, as per her father's rules, and yet as she looked through the peephole she saw what she thought was a bleeding man. Thinking that he was in trouble she flung open the door, planning on ushering the man inside and providing him help. What she allowed into the house though was only trouble: the man wasn't alone, nor was the blood he was covered in his own. The three men attacked the family; they tied them up in the living room and then set about turning the place over in search of anything worth value. Namie, feeling that it was her job to keep her family safe, got herself loose and attacked the men.

After what turned out to be a violent fight one of the men reached her mother and slit her throat as revenge for Namie killing his two friends. As Namie killed the third man her mother toppled to the floor, already dead from blood loss. Namie didn't know what to do; her mother was dead, her brother and sister terrified. Namie had no medical knowledge, and no way to save her unborn sibling. Her father, upon returning home three days later, found a scene worthy of his worst nightmares. He became silent and withdrawn; in silence he buried her mother, and in silence he spent the next several weeks. He didn't look at Namie, and she began to realize rather quickly that he blamed her. When he did begin to speak again he would show only her two siblings attention, and never her.

After nearly six months of this her father finally looked at her and simply said "You killed your mother and sibling. Get out. Get out and never come back or I'll kill you myself". Namie fled in terror, not knowing if her father spoke these words out of anger and or because he truly meant them. Several days after living on the streets she found herself taken in by a madame of one of the village brothel. The madame offered her two choices: earn her room by either servicing the men, or earn her room by doing tasks and keeping the ladies of the house safe - Namie chose to act as a guard in exchange for a place to live.

Two years later Namie still lives there; even though the village is in much better hands, and the headband gang that once ruled it dead. She feels as if this is where she belongs in life; as she more than believes that she is the reason even to this day that her mother is dead.

Faceclaim: Female Misaki Yata
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PostSubject: Re: Namie Kurayami [Import]   Sat Dec 17, 2016 10:02 pm

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Namie Kurayami [Import]
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