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 Vivian (Vi) Yang [Import]

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Missing Ninja (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Vivian (Vi) Yang [Import]   Fri Dec 30, 2016 5:29 pm

Name: Vivian (Vi) Yang
Age: 16
Birthdate: October 31st
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Clan: Nara | Uchiha
Rank: Missing-Nin (S-Rank)

Village: Fubukigakure no Sato
Element(s): Shadow Release
Specialties: Ninjutsu | Medical Ninjutsu | Taijutsu | Genjutsu
Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Pain Addiction
    Type: Personal
    Description: The user is addicted to pain to the point that they will be forced to cause self-harm of increasing violence if they are unable to cause pain to another being in some manner. This usually manifests via biting and chewing on hands and arms, cutting, or beating on inanimate objects. The user must cause or experience some form of pain every 10 posts or they will literally attempt suicidal levels of self-harm.


Weight: 117 Pounds
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Blue
General Description: A five feet five inches tall, one hundred and seventeen pounds, pale skinned, generously breasted, athletic looking walking lover of pain is the best description anyone has ever given about Vivian. If the black colored barbed wire tattoo around her throat, or the dark gray colored VI tattooed underneath of her left blue eye wouldn't be enough to say that the girl likes pain then perhaps the nose ring on the left side of her nose or the multiple gold and black hoops that hang around the top of her ears would.

Vivian's love of pain goes hand in hand with her rather eccentric appearance. Her hair is a bright pink color and the styling is rather punk-modern: the left side of her head is shaved right above the ear, leading to waist length hair towards the back of her head. The rest of her hair is likewise long; kept back in either multiple braids or a ponytail depending on her current mood that day. Pink bangs sweep across her forehead from left to right, helping to frame her face.

Vivian's eyebrows are dark compared to her pink hair and styled in an arch with a slice of bare flesh going through the pointed portion of the arch on each one. Her lashes are black in color and both her top and bottom lashes are rather thick; leaving little room for mascara though she does often apply it as well as black eyeliner to both her bottom and top lid and waterline which further cause her blue eyes to 'pop'. While she cares little for face powder or blush she does bother using lipstick, typically a red in color, lined with black and styled so that the black fades into the red in an artful fashion.

Vivian's sense of fashion changes from day to day; but no matter what it is that particular day it would be far from what anyone would call shinobi-like: in fact the majority of the time Vivian could pass more as a unruly tourist then an actual ninja of the village. However, her favorite outfit would have to be her white zip-up in the front hoodie with the zipper, sleeves, shoulder portion, and the hood of the hoodie being jet black in color. This is often worn with either a black tank top underneath or a black t-shirt. Her legs are often covered with black ankle length leggings with decorative rips and tears revealing pale colored flesh on both the front and back of her legs – though these rips never start until past her finger tips or halfway down her thighs. Unlike most shinobi who prefer typical sandals – open toed or otherwise – Vivian prefers her black combat boots that buckle and lace up the front.

If Vivian bothers to wear her village headband that day it can normally be found tied around her left thigh right below her hoodie so it shows, as she often has her weapons strapped to her right due to being right handed. Vivian often also wears either sunglasses or goggles, usually kept up on the top of her head when not being used.

About You!
Personality: “Fuck off.” Vivian is by no means a people person. She is an introvert to her very core and cares little for social interactions. She prefers to work alone the majority of the time, and trusts almost no one but her closest circle of people. Vivian's circle or pack as she often calls it is small, delicate, and given Vivian's personality could be disbanded at a moments notice and for little to no reason at all– except for her best friend who she keeps by her side through thick and thin.

“If I have to... let's get this the hell over with.” When Vivian is forced to work in a team or squad then her overall aim is to get it done with as fast as possible. She tolerates little goofing off or fooling around: she wants to get her task done and move on with her life – and as far away from those she's been forced to work with as possible. She's normally quiet when she works, choosing not to say anything unless she absolutely has to: while some could see this as being focused – and she can indeed be focused - it's often more that she knows with her quick temper and short fuse that she could snap, and no one would be happy if she did that. So she chooses to say nothing at all then say something that could start an issue and prolong her having to deal with the people she's dealing with.

“This is mine, touch it and I will break every bone in your body in alphabetical order.” Vivian is territorial at the best of times. You simply do not touch something that belongs to her. However, this territorial reaction is increased ten fold when someone messes with one of the very few people Vivian actually considers her friends, let alone her best friend. It makes her absolutely lethal: she will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who has harmed someone she cares for, no matter the personal cost to herself, and the only way to stop her when she is like that is by killing her because she will not stop until her goal is reached. Only those she cares about stand a chance at stopping her any other way, and even then she can prove to be as stubborn as a mule.

“Oh, I'm not going to kill you. I'm just going to cut you... a lot.” Vivian is a complete sadist. She likes pain: both giving and receiving it. This enjoyment of pain stems rather deep too: she 'gets off' on it in all sense of the word. When she's not causing others pain she's often causing herself pain simply because her brain's receptors combine pain with a great deal of pleasure. It makes Vivian a rough individual to deal with at the best of times, even more-so if she's in a foul mood that day.

“I go where you go. I'm yours for life.” When it comes to her few friends and her best friend Vivian is as loyal as they come. No secret would, even through torture, leave her lips – though, she'd likely get off on being tortured due to her addiction to pain. She would follow a friend into battle with no hesitation, and no matter the cause behind the battle. No adventure or journey could separate her or cause her to leave her friends side: her protective and loyal nature wouldn't allow it. She is simply there through thick and thin, till death do they part.

“What's mine is yours. Take it,  you need it more then I do.” Vivian would literally give someone she cares for the shirt off of her own back in the middle of a blizzard if they asked, and even if they didn't. She puts those she cares for before herself in all aspects, showing compassion and caring that few others get a chance to even glimpse at.

“Keep your nose out of my business or I'll remove the fucking thing.” It's truly as simple as that: Vivian is a very private person who likes to keep her own business and the business of those she cares for to herself. Keeping secrets is something that she is just damned good at. You'd simply be better off talking to a wall and getting information out of it then trying to get it out of Vivian if she doesn't want to give it up.

“Keep poking at the beast and it'll bite back.” This 'beast' would be Vivian's temper. It's short, as is her fuse, and it's constantly brewing just beneath the surface. The smallest thing could trigger a violent or aggressive reaction from Vivian: and no two triggers seem to be the same. What bothers Vivian one day might not bother her the next. Just as what didn't bother Vivian yesterday could bother her today. She's unpredictable in this nature.

History: “Don't blame me for how I turned out, blame those who raised me.” Vivian's life seemed to be on a downward spiral from the moment she was conceived. Her mother had been nothing more than a Fubukigakure no Sato civilian with no training whatsoever, barely fresh of her sixteenth birthday, when her mother sent her to the market one evening for a last minute ingredient for dinner. Her mother's brother offered to escort her, but Vivian's mother was feeling brave and because she was now sixteen years old she didn't want to be babysat. It was a mistake that would prove as such within twenty minutes of her walking out the door.

That evening her mother didn't make it to the market; she was nearly there when she was pulled down a dark alley by a missing-nin who had taken one look at the beautiful female and allowed his lust to overwhelm him. She was raped, brutally, and left there to die when the criminal was finished with her. However, fate would not allow Vivian's mother to die: the woman was found by a Jounin on patrol and she was quickly taken to the hospital. Her rapist able to escape capture that evening.

Despite every precaution being taken to attempt to keep Vivian's mother from becoming pregnant nine months later Vivian was born into a world that didn't want her. It wasn't a joyous occasion, nor was there a celebration. It was a home birth – her family wanted to keep it as secret as possible – and because of such Vivian nearly died within the hour of being born. Later on Vivian would find out just how much her mother hoped that that had happened.

Her mother's life was utterly destroyed by Vivian's birth and she refused to have anything to do with her daughter. To her whole family she was a constant reminder of the night Vivian's mother was tainted. Within twenty four hours of being born Vivian was left on the doorstep of a local Fubukigakure no Sato orphanage: becoming just another face in the crowd as she grew up.

The people in the orphanage were kind enough, but Vivian was a handful early on in life. She proved to be defiant, constantly angry, and tended to do the opposite of what she was told time and time again. Unlike most little girls who cried when they were bullied by the older orphan boys – something that happened far too often when the matron's back was turned – Vivian often ended up beating the boys asses far worse then they deserved. They learned quickly to leave her alone: in fact, most of the children did. This was the beginning of Vivian's urge for isolation and to be left alone.

When the orphanage went on their yearly trips Vivian often opted to stay behind; or she remained by herself when forced to go. On one of these occasions when she was left behind with one of the orphanages attendants she ended up sneaking into the matrons office while the attendant was off shopping: she had faked a stomach ache to be left behind. After going through the files of quite a few of her fellow orphans she stumbled across her own which contained a letter that had detailed Vivian's conception and situation to the matron – written and signed by her grandfather. Apparently this letter had come with a large chunk of hush money to keep the matron from gossiping about who exactly Vivian was and how she was related to one of the more wealthy families in the village.

Vivian was furious, and upon the matron returning home with the other orphans she confronted the woman on the matter. The matron attempted to deny the accusations at first, but when Vivian presented the letter to her the matron simply opened her desk drawer, pulled up the large sack of ryo she had been given, and tossed it to Vivian before telling her to get out: Vivian was just seven years old.

Vivian took to the streets, but had no idea at first how to take care of herself. The ryo she had been given ended up quickly being used up – with the rest that hadn't been being stolen one night. She became just another homeless child in the cold frozen streets of Fubukigakure no Sato. You either died in this situation or you improved and adapted and that was exactly what Vivian did. She learned how to steal, how to break an enter into a building, and where she could and couldn't duck in for shelter during the brutally cold nights, and she became good at it. This sustained her throughout most of that first year on the streets.

One night however, Vivian was caught. As fate would have it the same Jounin that had saved her mother's life nearly nine years ago who caught a glimpse of Vivian as she was attempting to pick a lock. He snatched her up, but recognized her because she shared the same facial features as her mother; and had the same hair and eye color. When questioned by him at first Vivian refused to answer, but as the Jounin began to show her a kindness and patience that most didn't she found herself opening up. She explained to him her whole situation; from the orphanage to finding the letter to being tossed out on the streets and robbed of the last of the ryo she had to survive on.

The Jounin took pity on her and decided to offer her a choice: if she would stop stealing and breaking into peoples buildings and homes then he would help her become a certified shinobi. He warned her that it would take hard work and dedication, but Vivian accepted. The next day Vivian found herself being presented with a single one room apartment paid for by the village – it wasn't much but it was so much better then living on the streets – and she found herself enrolled into the Academy.

It took her a few months to get the hang of things: most of the other kids had been trained in the ninja arts since young children while Vivian hadn't. But, she was able to use what she learned while living on the streets to give her an edge, and due to her being a fast learner she caught on soon enough. Once she had the hang of things she excelled at a rapid rate. She rose up through her class to become one of the top students by the time she graduated. Each of her marks were exceptional, and there were often comments about her dedication and study habits that rose far above any seen before. However, there were also comments often made about how Vivian didn't work well with others: she was still untrusting after all she went through, and definitely preferred to be and to work alone.

“Ugh, I could do this so much better on my own and you know it.” Fresh out of the Academy Vivian was put into a three man squad under the same Jounin sensei who had looked out for her for some time now: the one who had rescued her mother. From the first squad meeting Vivian made it clear that she preferred to work alone. However, her sensei made it clear that she wasn't going to have a choice: if she was going to be in his squad – and she wanted to be in the hopes of perhaps finding out about what happened to her mother and who raped her – then she was going to play by his rules.

So, even though she didn't want to work and play well with the others, she put her head in the game and did. From there on they worked like a well oiled machine: missions were completed damn near flawlessly, and their sensei who Vivian found out later had a reputation with everyone else as being a hard ass often offered them praise. Training likewise went well and Vivian ended up learning more than she would have alone – though she never allowed herself to admit it out loud or really think about this as she still always felt she would be better off alone.

No matter the time that she spent with her squad though she always kept up those fortified mental walls of protection and never allowed herself to get too close for fear of being hurt.

After one of the last squad meetings she would attend before being promoted Vivian found herself having a few minutes alone with her sensei: her other team-mates had already gone on home to their families, and Vivian who still lived in that one room apartment alone, was in no rush to get back and shut herself in. It was that evening that Vivian gathered up the mental strength to ask her sensei exactly what had happened to her mother: she had known at that point that he was the one who found her, but she had never bothered to ask for details before that. At first her sensei was hesitant, obviously worried about how much if anything at all he should say – and also wondering how it would effect Vivian. But, Vivian simply stated that she was old enough to know and had a right to know why it was her mother hated her so badly, which the sensei agreed with. It was then that Vivian was told of how her sensei had found her mother after being raped, and how with the description her mother had given of her attacker he was easily able to come to the conclusion that it was a missing-nin who had been rumored to be in the area at that particular time who had done the deed. Not only was Vivian a child of rape, but she was the child of a traitor: someone who had murdered many, stolen secrets, and betrayed the village.

Everything seemed to fall into place and make sense after that: Vivian could no longer blame her mother nor the rest of her family for how they felt – her mother had been just sixteen years old when she was attacked by someone who was considered by the entire village as lower than scum for the deeds and acts he had done. No, she couldn't blame them at all. That, of course, didn't mean she still couldn't feel angry about what life had thrown at her though.

”It was the best feeling ever... I suppose it's what a fat kid feels like when taking the first bite of a double chocolate chunk cake.” Shortly after learning of her mother's situation Vivian was promoted to Chuunin. The very next day after her promotion was given she was sent out on an assignment leading a squad of genin. They were to protect a man as they escorted him from one village to another. The mission wasn't supposed to be dangerous, nothing more than keeping the man safe from robbers or stray animals, yet the man failed to tell anyone that he was being hunted by far more dangerous foes because he didn't want to pay the increased price that that sort of protection would have detailed.

When they reached the village outskirts they were ambushed. Knowing that she had to take responsibility Vivian moved to the front of the fight: willing to put herself on the line because that was simply what the nature of her job entailed her to do. It was then she realized just how much she liked pain: she was attacked and captured – the genin escaping with the one who they were supposed to be protecting so that the genin could bring back backup. It took the backup that was sent over twenty-four hours to find and rescue Vivian and during that time she was tortured: however, it became quite clear that Vivian rather liked it. She had expected to feel unholy pain but something within her mind, perhaps some nerve ending or receptor that was out of whack, kept turning that pain into pleasure to the point to where she was getting off on the pain sexually.

Vivian found herself enjoying herself so much that not only was she confusing her captors who had after a while began to notice her false reactions differed from her real ones, but she also found herself rather pissed off that the rescue squad had arrived so soon – she had really been looking forward to going a couple more rounds with those knives and other instruments of torture.

But, it wasn't to be, and Vivian was sent off to the village hospital upon being returned. After she was cleaned up she was questioned in detail and provided the needed information: including how they found out only after the fact that their protectee had lied about how and what was after him and the reason why he needed protection. Vivian ensured she kept out her reaction to the torture her captors preformed on her though, not wanting to risk her career or cause some sort of issue to rise up out of it later. Those questioning her never noticed she was withholding that detail and therefore it became her own secret.

”Don't knock it until you've tried it honey... A sadist is as a sadist does after all.” As Vivian had continued on with her life as a Chuunin she had ended up exploring more into this reaction of hers to pain. However, it wasn't until she was promoted to Special Jounin did she really begin to notice how addicting it was becoming. She found herself unable to go long periods of time without either harming someone else or herself: on several times when she attempted to ignore the urges and the needs her body was telling her she would end up nearly killing herself when she would snap and lose control to end up harming herself too much.

After the second time of this happening, and after becoming increasingly tired of the medical staff prying into her own private life, she began to give in to the urges: extra pain inflicted on those she was fighting, torturing others for information while on missions that she could have gotten by less painful means, or harming herself when there were no suitable outlets around. It was because of this that she also started delving into the medical arts herself.

She had never had reason before to learn Medical Ninjutsu: she had simply relied on Ninjutsu heavily with a bit of Genjutsu and Taijutsu thrown in. However, Vivian was naturally a secretive person and was tired of the medical staff prying into why she would suddenly show up badly injured with no explanation: or with an explanation that they knew better than to believe – there were only so many accidents that any one person could have after all. So, she decided that perhaps it was best she learn how to heal herself: it would come in handy over-all with missions or trainings, but it would definitely keep her from needing to go to the hospital each and every time she got cut too deep or let someone hit or slice her a little too hard.

And so, as Vivian began to step deeper into her life as a Special Jounin she began to explore many possibilities: though her sadist mind often turned medical techniques that were often meant to help into something that could also harm.

"And so we've come full circle." As Vivian continued to excel in her techniques and her missions she found herself once more promoted: to Jounin.

RP Sample: “Oooh…. Yessssssss.”, came the groan of pleasure from behind the section of bushes that the young female had hidden herself behind. She liked her privacy and had chosen a less traveled path in a section of the park not normally bothered with to hide away as she took care of herself and her needs and urges.

It wasn’t the first groan that had sounded as such from behind the clump of bushes she was hidden behind, and it likely wouldn’t be the last. The sound was almost orgasmic in context, and the heavy breathing to boot caused several teenagers who had been passing by to take pause and look over in the direction of the bushes. It was a small three person group of teenage boys who looked like they were between the ages of fourteen and sixteen years old.


The teenager boys snickered and elbowed each other in the ribs, lifting their fingers up to their mouths as they shushed each other and moved ever closer to the large clump of bushes. “Shh! Shut up, she’ll hear you.”

“Dude, this is awesome!”


The teenagers moved closer to the bush and the eldest boy reached up, his hands lifted to part the bush that stood between themselves and the female on the other side. Their hearts were all beating rapidly and they each had an identical grin of anticipation plastered on their faces. The eldest bit his bottom lip as he slowly began to part the bush in front of him. When the male’s brown eyes however saw what was on the other side his face changed from a look of lust and perversion into horror. With a yelp he took a step backwards and tripped, sprawling on the ground. “What the fuck! Let’s get out of here!”, he called out as he scrambled to his feet and took off running.

His buddies looked at each other, to the back of their fleeing friend, and then back to the bush. “What’s his problem?”

“Maybe he’s scared of… you know.”

“Let’s take a peak.”, came the hushed and quiet conversation as yet another series of feminine moans came out from behind the bush. The two younger of the group crept forward and reached towards the bush just as their buddy had. Each took hold of a separate side and pulled them apart before sticking their heads through the opening to see what exactly there was to see.

What they had been hoping was a naked woman in the throes of pleasure was in fact a female with exceptionally long pink colored hair that was up in a messy ponytail, pale flesh, and blue colored eyes who was fully dressed in a black top that covered her chest and left her mid-drift bare, black pants that ended right below her knees and hung low on her hips, and black sandals, whose stomach and arms were covered in fresh blood. At the moment that female, Vivian, was slicing a long and sharpened pointer finger of her right hand across her lower belly with enough force to cause more blood to well up, and as she did so she let out a very satisfied groan.

The boys stared for but a few seconds before they both let out screams louder than those of their friend. Vivian’s head jerked up, momentarily distracted from self-harming herself, in time to see the boys fall backwards and disappear behind the other side of the bush. Blinking she leaned to the side so she could peer around the bush with her blue colored eyes: watching as the boys scrambled to their feet and took off running after their friend.

A slow grin spread across Vivian's face as she watched them flee in terror. "Wimps... Don't knock it before you try it.", she said to herself before she turned back around and returned to what she was doing...

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PostSubject: Re: Vivian (Vi) Yang [Import]   Fri Dec 30, 2016 6:20 pm

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Vivian (Vi) Yang [Import]
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