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 Nanai Furuya

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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Nanai Furuya   Nanai Furuya Icon_minitimeMon Jul 28, 2014 7:08 pm

Nanai Furuya Cm__akira_hitsumi_by_annichole1359-d30icwv

Name: Nanai Furuya(Nicknamed Nainai, Nai or Nana, which can piss her off)
Age: 25
Birthdate: June 14th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual
Rank: Jounin(S-Rank)

Village: Iwagakure
Clan: None
Element(s): Raiton | Katon
Specialties: Ninjutsu | Taijutsu
Special Characteristics: None


Weight: 131lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Light Blue
General Description: Nanai is about five feet and nine inches tall, weighing about one hundred and thirty one pounds. She holds a somewhat slender body built, followed by having some hint of muscles in her arms. Nanai has black long hair that reaches up to her waist, but it's often seen as a ponytail; rare to see it even down all out, with pure, light crystal blue eyes. She has a light complexion, as she also happens to have long scar that travels across her stomach, hence why she wears a light blue belt around her exposed midriff. Her clothing style is more of being detached, such as her black sleeves and collar with white trimmings, along with parts of her light blue shirt, followed with a black skirt and a white belt and along with other varies accessories, such as a black bow around her lower waist.

About You!
Personality: Nanai is an overall disciplinarian, who favors strict compliance and a woman who is naturally formal, including her acquaintances with her congenital vacuous mien with her glacial light blue eyes being shown(so Japanese honorifics would be used at times; However most of the time, she may just refer to people by their last name), who is very realistic and straight to the point. It is rare for her to actually show any emotions on her face, unless someone can wow her in any way, from anger to being happy. She can also be known for having an assertive and forthright persona, but also a classy lady of who can be sophisticated and of course, elegant. Nanai is also an open-minded woman, as she is willing to take on new ideas, but can be very judgmental at the same time with being logical and witty. She is someone that doesn't tolerate those who wish to interrupt her peace, as she can of course be peaceful, and prefers her peace all to herself than to share it with others. Depending on how others would approach her, Nanai would would return the same style the other person would, except remaining her vacant facial expression, and mostly in a calm fashion.

She is also shown to be someone who is mature, and someone who wants to get her job done and correctly. This can mean that Nanai would have zero tolerance for those who are either loud, obnoxious, cocky, or anyone that tries to annoy her. However, she wouldn't express her emotions through her face, but rather through her actions and words as she remains her expressionless face with showing off a rather shameless and impertinent way. Despite somewhat having an insolent attitude, Nanai has the ability to respect others, typically with high authorities. But as said before, if she doesn't get respect, she'll be gladly to return the greeting the same way they did. However, that doesn't stop the fact that she acknowledges the value they hold within the village of Iwagakure, regardless on who they are and their rank.

Nanai is also a very tidy and organized woman, who keeps her work in order and a very clean woman. However in her own home where she's all alone, specifically with her clothing, she is nothing more than being disheveled and untidy, in which she sticks with the usual big shirt over panties route.


  • Peace: This is usually her number one like. As something who can be strict and doesn't like those who are loud, she is someone who likes peace all to herself, as she wouldn't get so much stress worked up or trying to break her calm streak. If anything, she prefers something quiet and steady, so Nanai can enjoy her time by herself.

  • Seafood: Nanai can go gaga, though she doesn't show it, over seafood, as it's one of her favorite types of dishes. From crab sticks, shrimps, or even anything from the sea that is edible and has a lot of flavor to it. However, she can be a picky one on what she expects but will enjoy it regardless. Well, depending on the taste, of course.


  • Nicknames: Nai, Nana, or even Nainai, Nanai doesn't like to be called by any nickname. As a high rank and of course someone who can always be serious and the fact that she isn't so much the type of lady to simply hang loose, it would be a complete bother to be called by any of those nicknames whatsoever, or any other nickname that has a high chance of pissing off Nanai.

  • Drinking: Nanai isn't a fan of alcohol since it's bitter to her taste buds, and of course she wouldn't be the type to go ahead of overdose herself to the point where she'll go drunk. Staying sober is always the best.

Motivations: Nanai has a lot of motivations set in the future, and one of them were completed which was of course, to become a Jounin. She sets herself to be a little more realistic, but at the same time can go a little overboard with her imagination at times. One motivation would be to become apart of the ANBU in order to help serve Iwagakure more fluently than how she is as of now, with an attempt to assist others in need, no matter how much she hates them or not. Nanai would still acknowledge that everyone in Iwagakure has value in them so it isn't so much of a bother for her.


  • Death: Now, Nanai isn't typically afraid of death unlike some shinobis, but instead is afraid of the death of her allies. Despite her somewhat careless personality, and no matter how much this is repeated often, everyone holds a value to Nanai in Iwagakure, so someone of an high authority such as the Tsuchikage for example at death, it wouldn't be so long before Nana break down in shock, though her expressions would be minimal, as her heart would rather pound like crazy. Or at least, to the people she knows.

  • Medical Needles: Nanai is deathly afraid of medical needles, as she would simply freak out to make a run for it. This is also considered a great fear, as these things could break her blank face streak, causing to show fear all out like no tomorrow.


The Academy Life:

Being a Genin:

Chuunin Exams/Years:


RP Sample: Nanai laid herself on top of a tree branch, leaning against the truth of the tree, with one leg hanging out and the other flat on the branch. Her arms were crossed, as she was currently in the training grounds of Iwagakure. Nana decided to get some rest, as she just recently came back from a mission where a bandit invaded into the village, which was somewhat hard with the bandit being an A-Rank. She watched as some genin and academy students were here to either train to get better with their skills, while others were simply playing games. It was actually a fairly sunny day, where the skies were still blue and the sun was still shining its rays, which can pretty much explain why the grounds were moderately packed.

However, this gave Nanai horrible memories. Memories she wished she never had. It all happened right here, within the training fields of Iwagakure. She remembered this was where she almost died; where were stomach was widely sliced to the point where it was still visible today. Luckily, there were no sneak peaks of any organs being shown, so that was a good sign. Nanai's soft, light blue eyes stared at the leaves of the tree she laid upon, as she then passed a soft, quiet sigh. She wasn't too sure herself as to why she came here, knowing that memories will begin to haunt her with the events that happened in her childhood.

She held her belt that covered her large scar, as the image of her once to be a friend, Suki, slashed her purposely for when the chuunin exams arrived, Nanai would be in a lot of pain, of which it happened. Luckily enough, Nanai came out victorious. However, that was her first near death experience, which of course Nai had the rights to be pissed on about. Yet somehow, it felt as if her friend never really meant to do that in the first place. Maybe it was... just out of her anger to commit such actions.

Well, it didn't really matter for Nanai for now. She just came here to relax, as she has the ability to tune out the noise around her, but of course would be somewhat annoyed by it. Closing her eyes slowly, she then released the tension that her body held, quietly getting herself into a long slumber.

Faceclaim: Original Art done by Annichole on Devianart
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Nanai Furuya
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