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 Kedōin, Shin

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PostSubject: Kedōin, Shin   Tue Jul 29, 2014 5:47 pm

Name: Kedōin, Shin
Age: 28
Birthdate: February 14th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: Jounin (S Rank) || ANBU

Village: Iwagakure
Clan: Kedōin
Element(s): Raiton || Fuuton
Specialties: Ninjutsu || Medical Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:

Name: Enhanced Smelling
Type: Supplementary
Description: Shin has an enhanced his sense of smell that within a range of fifteen (15) meters, he can track a person by smell alone if need be, allowing him to locate them within the range by their smell.  Once a target is chosen, only that target can be tracked for remainder of the duration.

Name: Hidden Stomach
Type: Supplementary
Description: Shin can swallow any item or scroll for safekeeping.  The item or scroll can be retrieved at any time by reaching into the mouth and pulling it out by the user.  Anyone else trying to get the item or scroll once swallowed by the user can only get it by opening up the user’s stomach.  The user can hold up to 3 items maximum in one thread.  Items can only be one rank higher (in reference to the rank of the shinobi) than their own rank.


5' 11"
Weight: 187 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark auburn hair with a reddish hue that is seen more when the hit by intense light.  The hair goes just past his neck and is usually tied up in a ponytail to keep it out of his way.
Eye Color: Dull brown, pupil-less eyes that seem to grow darker in tint when his mood darkens while getting lighter and brighter when his mood also brightens.
General Description: Motoichi is of average height.  His traditional Japanese wardrobe consists of a modified white kataginu with red trimming, a red bandage-like obi, red hand guards, and a gray hakama.  While Motoichi is more commonly seen in a long black-and-white sleeveless jacket lined with the same red of his wafuku, red hand guards of a Western style to match, a white belt to hold his sword, and black trousers and boots.

His physical appearance is average, having only a fit body to peak his attractiveness, though he does not look too handsome nor too unappealing and has a rather forgetful face.  This feature is advantageous for disguising, allowing Motoichi to not have to make such an effort to hide any identifying features from others.

He has a significant scar across his stomach from a failed attempt at seppuku from a quarrel which Motoichi never addresses to anyone why he made the attempt.

About You!
Personality: Shin Kedōin is one of the strictest, easy-going shinobi you will ever come across.  Meaning he is very easy-going, but on that scale, can be rather strict when it comes down to it.  He has a rough, playful disposition with his friends and can be stubborn in his ways.  He is always observant, being very knowledgeable and studious, always wanting to know everything there is about any subject.  Nothing and no one is free from his studious, ever-watching eyes.

Shin isn't one to randomly start fights, only wishing to fight after thorough research on his opponent has been made.  Fighting an unknown enemy is the very worst position in his opinion.  So when he is sent on missions, he makes sure to have all the information needed to carry it out.  He likes things to be calculated.  Never taking a risk that isn't worth his while.

He also will show in battle that he has a bloodthirsty (in a literal sense) side, as he often licks his weapons clean of blood after a fight.  Beyond this, he can be slightly sadistic and is not the most sympathetic of people.  However, he does truly care about his friends and allies.  Shin is a very strict and blunt person, always spitting out bad news feeling it best to acknowledge the bad immediately.  He also is highly self-confident of his own abilities, frequently opting to face a powerful opponent single-handedly or to continue a dangerous mission alone.  Yet he will never boast about his skill, outwardly, finding that it is better for people to underestimate him.

Likes: Shin Kedōin likes getting to know people very well, so well in fact that it borders on creepy.  This is a flaw and a strong point as he uses this information to always know the people around him.  He also enjoys running around on rooftops, trees, or to be somewhere in an elevated position.  The more he can see and the closer he is to the heavens, the happier he feels.  Shin also takes great pride in his seppuku scar, claiming that it’s a symbol of bravery and loyalty (though he won't acknowledge that it is from seppuku).

Shin likes to study his opponents while in the process of battle. Along with the studying process, he likes to think a lot about situations and keep majority of them at hand. His intellect is such that even most high-rank ninja above him, in experience and age, harbor respect for.  His calm and collected nature allows him to easily deduce the basic idea of his opponent's skill in battle to figure out their strength and weaknesses, something that Shin likes the most about himself.

Another trait that Shin likes about himself is the ability and the power of the mind. He has shown himself to be a crafty and cunning man in his brief life. The most noticeable trait that he gets from his mother is his ability to deceive and manipulate others around them in multiple manners. He has a great talent for analyzing and observing everything in his presence, allowing him to quickly understand a person's pattern of thinking and better manipulate them. Thinking of the right words to say to get into someone's head and have them thinking otherwise is the one thing that Shin likes to often do.

Shin's favorite foods are sweet bean soup and dango.

Dislikes: Shin doesn't like facing anything that he doesn't know.  In his mind, a situation in which he has to fight an unknown enemy or be lost in an area is the worst possible situation.  He dislikes the rotten-minded, the pigs of the world and also finds women that try to seduce, using their beauty to manipulate and trick. He values his life, and sees our time here as a precious gift, to him, the submissive, lazy personality is pathetic, pitiful, and unforgivable. Shin also strongly dislikes ignorant fools who rush in to battle on a whim.  Overconfidence in one’s abilities is a very poor trait in his opinion and one that Shin makes sure he never has, always teaching others not to be overconfident and resenting any that are.

His least favorite type of food is any and all spicy-tasting food.

Motivations: Loyalty.  Shin has an undying loyalty to his village that, of course, won't stop until he indeed dies.  This loyalty is not exactly centered to the village as a whole, but those within it.  He is loyal to the village as long as it means he can be loyal to his friends, and as most of his friends are from his village, the two coincide.  Yet this may not always be the case, and for that it must be said that he would be more loyal to his friends and family than to the village as its own being.

Training. Through blood and sweat, Shin dedicates his life to training, to become better and stronger so that his discipline might reflect his hope for the world. Training keeps him sane, always clearing his mind and making difficult thoughts easier for him. Training allows him to study his own movements so that he can become faster and stronger. Pain motivates himself to do more and train harder; feeling the physical pain strives him to go on so that he can resist more, fight a little bit more, and be that much harder for others who may try to break him.

Fears: Shin Kedōin is a man of petty fears, at least that’s what he tells himself.  He fears closed and crowded spaces, since he finds them hard to escape from. Shin also hates silence, and rather likes to hear something in the background, always fearing in times of complete silence that he will be attacked or ambushed.  This correlates into his other fear of not knowing all there is about something.  Running into traps and ambushes show only that there was a detail missed, or that his information was wrong.  He also has an odd fear of insects.  The odd thing about this fear is that it is coupled with a strong admiration of them too.  He is fascinated by them, but if they come near him he will do his best to not let one touch him.

Genin to Spec. Jounin:
The Self-Made Promotion:

RP Sample: Shin stood silently in the cemetery.  Head down, eyes closed.  The wind blew softly over the grassy knoll, birds chirped from their trees, a wind chime jingled its tune as the man stood in mourning.  Fresh daisies rested softly on top of the rough, granite gravestone.  The imperfections of the rock glimmering in the high noon sun.

Somehow, he could feel the world moving on.  The earth below him growing around the tombstone, the birds feeding their chirping babies, the pollen and cotton seeds gliding through the air to plant more plants anew.  Life continues on, death remains stagnant.  Saying prayers now for those left behind, buried beneath his feet, seemed petty and futile.  Wherever the dead rested, shallow words from the living would do them no good.  Yet still, Shin began whispering a prayer over the grave.

Behind the man, two shinobi appeared dressed in dark clothes and suited up with gray armor.  For a minute they just stood there, a few paces back as they let him finish his prayer.  They respectfully approached Motoichi, not bothering him for a few moments before softly calling out to him over his shoulder.  "Shin, it's time to go."

He nodded once and they all flickered out, their bodies fading in the sunlight until just the daisies remained. The soft, white petals rested upon the gravestone while the wind took hold of the pollen, spreading and filling the engraved lettering, spelling out in yellow color one young genin's name, 'Eichi Oshiro.'

Faceclaim: Harada, Sanosuke from Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan
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PostSubject: Re: Kedōin, Shin   Tue Jul 29, 2014 6:09 pm


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Kedōin, Shin
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