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 Kuron, Inari

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PostSubject: Kuron, Inari    Tue Jul 29, 2014 9:00 pm

Name: Inari Kuron
Age: 15
Birthdate: March 1, 1999
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual? (never really loved or felt attracted to anyone)
Rank: Genin

Village: Kumo
Clan:  Kuron
Element(s): Lightning, Wind
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:


178 cm (5'10)
Weight: 56 kg (125 lb)
Hair Color: Cyan
Eye Color: Cyan
General Description: Inari has cyan eyes and cyan blue shoulder-fastened hair in a ponytail. His favorite color is white, so he mostly wears white on casual days. On missions he hates how battling ruins his white clothes so he mostly wears a black shirt with a blue jacket, and tan pants.

About You!
Personality: Inari tries to be as honest as he can, sometimes he'll try to find the nicest way to say certain things, but he doesn't bend the truth...just uses different words.  He comes off as antisocial to most people, but the people that actually try to talk to him knows he doesn't give them the silent treatment.  There have also been rumors of him being a robot since he doesn't seem to show his emotions to most people, he bottles them up and waits until he's alone, but he figures thats normal for a lot of guys.  He also doesn't smile much, and when he does its usually a small, sly smile.  He only shows how he's feeling and his real self to people he's comfortable with.  When he's with someone he feels comfortable with he seems like a different person, he has the brightest smile, he talks louder then he usually does, and he relaxes, which gets him embarrassed sometimes, cause his word aren't as carefully chosen, like they normally would.  Only one person has seem him like this..his old childhood friend, Kyoko, he hasn't seen her, since she started her journey, she was basically a sister to him.  She used to try to beat up the kids who would make fun of him...he misses her a lot.

Likes: Inari enjoys music, and beautiful sounds.  He loves it when it rains, the peaceful sound of raindrops falling and the half lighten sky relaxes him.  Basically, he loves peaceful and serene things.  A warm, quiet day with a light breeze and the sound of leaves rustling, or birds chirping, he'd sleep better outside, in that weather than he ever would in a big comfy bed. And sometimes, when people actually want to talk to him, not out of pity or with a hidden objective, he appreciates it a lot. He likes it if he can help people or make someone smile, its probably his favorite feeling in the whole world.

Dislikes: He hates loud noises, like crowded places, yelling, anything like that, annoys him.  He hates favoritism, which some people find weird, but for example if theres two girls or guys and one of them is more attractive than the other, most people will treat the more appealing one nicer.  He never really understood it.  He also never liked not knowing...he feels most things, like fights and arguments are because of lack of communication, and suborn people.  Also when he's mad at someone, he always wonders if they have a reason for doing or being the way they are, and if there is he wish they would just be straight forward about it.  Lastly, he hates that he over thinks things, thats why he likes to distract himself by practicing new jutsu and other things.

Motivations: The only reason Inari, wants to become a ninja is because of one reason....his parents. On his 14th birthday card, his parents said they couldn't wait to see him turn into a great ninja like his dad, which happens to be a few of the last words he'll ever get from his parents.  So, Inari keeps that birthday card in a drawer for safe keeping, but he keeps the words with him, everywhere.  He also doesn't have that many hobbies, so practicing keeps him busy, distracted, and lets him take out his frustrations.  He's also not afraid to sacrifice his life to do the right thing.  He even sometimes enjoys mastering new jutsu.

Fears: He doesn't fear much, he bases most stuff off logic, so he doesn't see the point in being afraid of stuff like spiders, if you don't provoke them or if you avoid them then you're fine. But because of this he sees things in black and white, almost never even being logically smart he can be dumb and oblivious to things. But, don't assume he's not scared of anything. He is afraid of some things....since his peers used to laugh every time he spoke, he is very self conscious about what he says, being afraid he'll say something wrong. He also never had any real friends or anything he really loved or cared about(besides his parents)...but he's afraid of either..never having someone/something like that...or to lose it once again...

History: Inari didn't have the worst childhood ever, he had both of his parents and he never got beaten up or anything.  His mother did want a girl tho, so for a few years he was raised as a girl, he was actually quite cute. But there was only one moment he can remember from his childhood that affected him greatly... He was 10, and his peers thought it would be funny to ignore him...he'd try to talk to someone but nobody would even glance at him, and every time he would try to say something...people would just start to laugh... The "game" lasted a little bit over a month or so. Ever since then he never spoke to anyone unless spoken to first....he would make little exceptions here and there and for people he trusted, but very rarely.  He never had any real friends, and people would make fun of the way he looked, since he has such weird colored hair, eyes, and a feminine face. A guy once hit on him...(Teenage years)  On his 14th birthday his parents wanted to surprise him with a special gift, a cute white puppy...But on their way back home..they get ambushed and killed along with the new puppy...when he heard the news, he starts to hate himself.  His other family members tell him its not his fault, but at night when they think he's sleeping, he hears them cry and say that his parents shouldn't of gone so far for a little freak. Their hurtful words about him, like how he should of died instead, haunted his dreams and turned them into nightmares. He hates himself, but he's basically all he has...which is fine..he got his parents last words..the words they wrote in a birthday card for him.  Some bright news is that his peers were a bit nicer to him when they started noticing his skills with ninjustu. People ask him if they can train with him or how he learns so well and fast, since he didn't have anybody to teach him...he just tells them the truth... He just practices and works hard everyday... not exactly what they thought they would hear...but in the future he doesn't want to be a hokage or anything like that..he just has all this free time....truly all he wishes for is just..a friend

RP Sample: "Huh?" Inari just randomly remembered something.  Inari sits down by a tree, for shade.  "Hmm, who was that?" She whispered, to herself.  She saw this image of a little boy with a friendly, cute, pure smile.  After some time of thinking she gets frustrated and starts training, smashing boulders, throwing kunai at trees, and practicing new jutsu.  She misses a tree and her kunai goes flying somewhere, she goes to find it.

Inari opens his eyes, he must of fell asleep, after he was finished training.  Inari stretches, "Mmm, its so peaceful.", he thinks to himself as he hears the noise of birds, and insects while looking at the calm blue sky.  He lays there, enjoying the scenery, when suddenly a kunai comes flying at him, he catches it, wondering, "Where it came from, and more importantly who threw it..."
He hears some footsteps and turns around, cautiously.  He see this older looking girl with familiar red hair... "I-is that really her?"

Inari goes to find the kunai, to see that a young blue haired boy found it first.  "Hey, that's mine, can i have it back?"  She looks at him, "He's quite cute, like a little puppy", she thinks to herself..but for some reason he was looking at her strangely.  She clears her throat, "What's with that look, kid?" She stands in front of the dumbfounded boy, waiting for a response.

"Hey, that's mine, can i have it back?" the familiar looking stranger asked.  When he heard her voice, he knew it was her.  He was so happy, that he completely forgot to respond to her.  He just looked at her, hoping he wasn't dreaming.  "Could it really be her?" he thought.  "What's with that look, kid?" she asked.  Inari blinks, and realizes he probably has some dumb look on his face.  He stands up, putting his usual pokerface on, giving her the kunai.  He clears his throat, "Sorry, you kinda look like someone I know.."  He debates wither to say this or not but decides too, "Your name....would not happen to it?"

After sometime the boy actually does something, besides staring at her, he gives her the kunai.  "Sorry, you kinda look like someone i know.."  He talks in such a one toned voice, but somehow its kind of..friendly.  Before she can speak, he starts to say something.  "Your name...would not happen to it?"  She freaks out, "How does he know her name, is he some kind of stalker or something?" she thinks and decides wither or not to answer, truthfully, not trusting this guy.  Then she remembers, he probably heard about how amazing of a ninja she is or something.  Inari starts to feel fluttered, wanting to boast.

The familiar women, starts to get all confident and starts blabbing about how amazing her accomplishments, and adventures have been.  "Man, this has to be Kyoko" he remembers how happy she was when they used to play games and she won.  Inari's thoughts get interrupted when her talking stopped.  "A-ah thanks for didn't really answer my question though" he walks up closer to her, looking straight into her eyes, "Who are you?"  he asks.  He stands in that position for a while before walking back into the shade of the tree leaves, patently waiting for the answer to end his question.

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PostSubject: Re: Kuron, Inari    Sun Aug 24, 2014 7:25 pm

Erase the year 1999 on your birthdate section.

If you mean that Inari does not feel sexual attraction of any sort, then that would be asexual, not pansexual.

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Kuron, Inari
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