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 Number One Extra-Quirky Killer Girl

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Jounin (A-Rank)

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PostSubject: Number One Extra-Quirky Killer Girl    Wed Jul 30, 2014 11:35 am

Name: Kurome Makashi
Age:  16
Birthdate:  4/16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Str-, eh, well, hmm..... this....this will be worked on...
Rank: A-rank Jounin

Village: Kumogakure
Clan: N/A
Element(s): Fire, Lightning
Specialties: Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:


Weight: 106 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
General Description:
Kurome has short black hair that extends to the sides of her neck, and  a few sharp bangs that cuts through in between eyes. Her hair is extremely black, darker than most black-hairs, that it really looks like one is looking at the color of the River of Styx, the deep color of death. Her eyes are dilated with a reddish tint in the iris. In contrast to her neurotic personality, Kurome has a small, but very cute face  with a range of facial emotions. She can be happy and all smiley at one time, and completely neutral and sullen at another, a perfectly flat line for a mouth. She has a small nose. Her smile can be that of a psychotic's grin or just simply happy. Her neck is relatively small, smaller than the average person's.

Her height is average for that of a 16-year old's, 5 feet and 4 inches. She thinks of herself as having a relatively short stature, and uses that to her advantage in combat.  She is pretty thin yet well-propotioned, a strong petite girly. She is flat-chested, so you won't be seeing any bulges out of her upper chest. Kurome has very smooth skin. She does not appear to be heavy, big, or large in the slightest bit, and everything points tot the opposite of that. She has the body of a flexible acrobat rather than that of an athlete, and is pretty quick on her feet. Her legs are the only thing "long" about her. Her arms have rigidity to them, but other than that they appear to most people to be squishy and weak.

Her clothing is pretty straight-forward, and wears the same thing every single day. She wears a short-sleeved striped shirt (red and white), and puts a kunoichi's chainmail on top of it. Layering that is a short-sleeved black shirt ( that looks like something a sailor would wear) with a white lining along the neck to shoulder area and with an open neck, so some of her striped shirt could be seen from the exposed neck, but not the chainmail. She also wears a red shirt-tie that is attached to the tip of the V-neck. Kurome wears black, fingerless gloves, along with a black samurai arm-guard that covers the back of her head down to an inch below her elbow. She wears black ninja leggings that covers everything from hip to ankle. She wears red socks and black leather shoes for comfort and speed. She fits her black shirt inside her black leggings. Kurome sports an amateur belt with a black mini-skirt that goes from her hips to her knees. So overall she has a pretty straight-forward appearance. Her ninja pouches could be found along her belt line, and she carries her sword along with her either attached to her hips or back.

About You!
Personality: Kurome is a very unique, quirky girl, as one can tell from her self-proclaimed moniker. She may even be the weirdest chick in the entire village. She has a few screws loose in her head, which prompts her to do bold and daring things without hesitation. Some people describe her to be "insane" or "mad", which is mostly true, but she is also a very sincere person who would stick up for her friends at any time, and would brutally slaughter all of her and their enemies. Kurome is typically an extremely lonely person, although she is very friendly and willing to converse. It's just that for most of her life, she did not socialize a lot, although she clearly wanted to, but could not find the will to do so. Her conversations are generally quick and short to the point, rarely going any further beyond a topic that has died out for more than ten seconds. Usually, it's up to someone else to start a conversation with her, as she does not have the personality nor communication skills to strike up a topic once she sees someone. In fact, she usually doesn't even look at a person such as when passing by in a hallway, until they gesture to her or talk to her, after which she'll respond with a smile. She is a quiet girl who minds her own business, unless she sees something seriously wrong with some of her friends. She has a degree of volatility and fluctuation with her own emotions when communicating with someone. Loneliness and asociality are very strong traits of Kurome's personalities, and are the ones that are least likely to change about her.

Kurome is very well known for her imaginary friend "Jimmy", which is due to a huge number of psychological issues that led to this, terms like psychosis, insanity, neurosis, mental disorders, extreme hallucinations, and childhood impairment comes up frequently. Her imaginary friend speaks volumes about Kurome's controversial psychology, because people aren't sure if there is truly a separate consciousness inside her head that only she could see and hear, or she is simply playing around with them and knowingly created this fictitious being to trick/entertain others and/or make her stand out more, given her lonely nature. It's common to see her look to the side and start conversing with her imaginary friend out of the blue, talking about something random or directly pertaining to what she was talking or thinking about. She does not refer to Jimmy exclusively as a "he" or "her", as sometimes she herself interchanges "he", "her", and even "it". It appears that Jimmy can appear in many different forms, or she is convinced that Jimmy appears in different forms. Her conversations with Jimmy vary from time to time. Sometimes she can be angry with Jimmy, and even break out into a violent fight with her imaginary friend, scorn him for an insulting comment made to someone that only she heard, or talk pleasantly with him about something the both of them agree with. Sometimes she involves conversations between Jimmy and those around her, acting as something of a translator for both sides. Interestingly, it does not seem that Jimmy can actually "talk" to someone other than Kurome, but more like Kurome could hear Jimmy's thoughts loud and clear, and that's how she can communicate. Jimmy may serve as a morale support for Kurome, or act as an extra "consciousness/body" of her, kinda like siamese twins.

Kurome excels at combat, and even more at murder and violence. She harbors no hesitations when killing someone (hence the few screws loose in her head), and can do it expressively like a battle maniac or sullenly, coolly, and repressed without any emotion. She can even do it as brutally as possible, cutting someone's head off, impaling them through their ass, gutting them, stabbing them through the heart, slashing their guts out, amputating their arms and legs at the joints, stabbing them through the eyes, and even cutting through genitals. She does not discriminate between men and women, she kills them equally. Elders do not matter to her, and even pregnant women are of little concern to her. However, she'll not kill children (anyone newborn to like... 10 years old). She'll stop her blade before it cuts through a child. She likes to train and spar on a daily basis, and can be found sharpening her blade or playing around with it. Her body is her tool. Extra-quirky, unsociable, messed-up in the head, and a killer at heart, Kurome is one hell of a kunoichi.
Likes: Kurome likes doing solo activities and keeping to herself in general, as well as hanging around with her friends. She doesn't like to hang around just "people" - they have to be her friends. Otherwise, she likes to have small-time conversations with strangers.... to remind herself, or to give herself the illusion that she has friends. These conversations are generally brief and irregular; Kurome likes to keep it that way. She likes to train and fight, her soul seemingly fixated on combat and the swinging of her katana. She also adores her best friend Jimmy, who is her only bff. Jimmy is always with her, and is the only one Kurome feels 100% comfortable with. She likes it when Jimmy talks to her, plays with her, walk alongside her, and fights with her.

Dislikes: Kurome dislikes conversing for extended periods of time, meaning if a conversation drags out to be long, she'll just shut down, stop talking, and just listen to what people have to say. She also hates talking in small groups, as that would be an automatic "rule" in which she has to talk and contribute or else. That said, it makes sense that she'll survive better with large groups, as if the conversation drags out, it'll be easier for her to just slip away. Kurome doesn't like communicating in general with anyone outside of her friends - mostly Jimmy. Speaking of Jimmy, in her "inverse" state of mind, she abhors Jimmy. She may not like Jimmy's attitude, opinion, or choices, and would just go out on a rage to try to kill poor Jimmy.

Motivations: One would have to wonder what Kurome is motivated by. Money? The very essence of life and being alive? Killing? Sadistic torture and mutilation? As far as Kurome is concerned, none of them are the push that she gets to get up from bed and go outside. No, she is solely, singularly motivated by one thing, one treasure. She's supported by the strength of her friends. She doesn't care to do anything or fight if no one motivates her to be a kunoichi, even if it's only Jimmy there for her. She is also motvated by the thought of making more friends.

Fears: Her fears are few; Kurome's mindset has reduced the number of phobias as a result of her mental ability to tolerate out of psychotic tendencies. She fears the loss of friends. As Kurome truly cherishes friendship, and that making friends is a massive effort for her, it is  heart-wrenching to her for her friends to die, whether it be through death, suicide, disease, or natural causes. To handle that fear, she would put her own life to protect her friends. Kurome also fears the loss of important things in general, like her sword or gifts from friends. Cherishing the significance of objects, Kurome will go bat-shit crazy and desperate either to search for the lost item, or be a train-wreck knowing that she cannot get it back.

Kurome was born to the Makashi family. Her father owned a training dojo for shinobi, but the family itself had no ninja or fighting background. She spent most of her life playing with toys like the majority of girls her age, especially with dolls, although she had the uncanny knack for taking off the clothes from her dolls. Kurome was very much alone in her childhood. She was an only child, and did not have any friends or people to play with. Her parents sometimes neglected their child, and would rather spend time with her than allow other children to be with her. It was at the age of 4 was Kurome first introduced to the sword. She had found a real, bladed katana lying around the outskirts of her family household. Having seen people train with wooden swords frequently in her father's dojo, she was not unfamiliar to how to use the sword. And it seemed very natural to her the moment she swung the sword - amateurishly, but gallantly. It seemed alright, if not good for her to do this. Like the sword was a part of her body. When she was done, instead of taking the sword back home, she would drop it where she found it, and then return the next day to train once more. The sword had become a new toy for her. Every day over the next two years, Kurome would do this. She had taught herself the Way of the Sword, all by herself, simply by listening to her body, her surroundings, and her instinct. She had known what to do, how to do it, and how to do it the right way as a child, simply by listening to the rhythms of her own body, which is something that only a rare number of people could do. Not once did she return home with a bleeding wound. Her kenjutsu was wild and savage instead of refined and traditional , but it was her own way. She wanted to enroll in the Academy and pleaded her parents for that chance, even sobbing and crying. She wanted to meet other people and get better at Kenjutsu. So she joined in on the Academy.

She did not talked at all during the first week of her Academy days. She simply did not have the courage to talk to other people, which is relatively common for youngsters. She just didn't have it in there. It's not there. Not part of her system or genetic wiring. There was a void in where her communication motors should be. She simply learned and did her best. However, one day, when Kurome got home she saw something really terrifying. It was her father, who was beating the crap out of her mother. She didn't know why, but she slowly walked towards them, as her father repeatedly smacked her mother in the face several times, until her father noticed her and yelled "DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!". She stopped just a few meters away from them, eyes wide open, stunned. Eventually, her father killed her mother with his bare hands. But she was still silent. Kurome's father made her promise him one thing. That they would not speak about this at all to anyone. That either her mother was still alive and doing house work or whatever, or that there was no mother at all - she was never there in their lives. Kurome nodded, went back to her room, and slept.

And that was when her nightmares began. She could not remember her nightmares very well, but there were always this kind of black ghoul and plague that surrounded her. Still, she resumed her life in the Academy, but looked very glum and dark. Some people tried to approach her, but Kurome never did spend any more than a minute talking to them. She kept a secret inside of her, without it impeding her performance in the Academy - which turned out to be outstanding. Through her own hard work and effort, things were quickly brightening up for Kurome as she graduated from the Academy at the age of 8.

She was sent into a three man-cell with a Jounin-sensei, but because of her inability to work together with them and tendency to show up late, she was kicked out and placed on a list for any other teams. Meanwhile, she continued to hone her own skills. Her father got her a shiny katana for her success as a kunoichi. As she was an accomplished swordswomen, she could learn on her own how to master kenjutsu. She also discovered her primary Katon element affinity. She went solo on missions, doing several D-ranks before moving on to a few C-ranks, all on her own, because she could not enter a Jounin-Genin team. It was during this time, at an era where she was isolated and deeply, deeply subconsciously traumatized by her mother's death, did Jimmy first come into her life......

Jimmy appeared in front of her out of nowhere, and very vividly too. Jimmy was introduced as Kurome's friend, and Kurome easily believed that Jimmy was an actual, real person. They trained together, clashed katana with katana, slayed oni, and went on cruises all around the world. When she returned home, her father was amazingly confounded as to who Kurome was talking to and why she was facing the wall. Kurome introduced her friend as "Jimmy", and her father understood the sub-text of her delusion, and acknowledged the presence of Jimmy. Kurome was often seen around town turning her head to the side and talking to her imaginary friend, which isolated her from the rest of Konohagakure and her reputation made it even harder for her to find a team. She often heard people calling her "quirky, no, extra-quirky, even". In the meantime, with Jimmy along her side, Kurome refined her Kenjutsu style after watching the most prestigious swordsmen demonstrate in front of her, and trained intensely in Taijutsu. She wanted to better her body - speed and reflexes, so she could make quick kills as a swordswomen. She learned a few Katon jutsus, but she really was more of a swordswomen/physical combatant more than anything. As she trained and sparred with Jimmy, she was more convinced that Jimmy was truly her eternal friend, and would never betray her. They got stronger, together, breaking sweat and tear. Eventually, after she mastered her Kenjutsu and showed impressive speed and acrobatic prowess at such a young age, was she finally allowed to go on one singular B-rank mission as a Genin.

On this B-rank mission, she found herself surrounded by a group of 8 gangsters while escorting a young boy, all of whom had some skill in Ninjutsu. Using her own awareness of her surroundings and listening to the rhythms of her body, Kurome was able to kill seven of the men in such quick succession that it all flowed in one, easy stroke without any hesitation - but it was all calculated, all planned instinctively inside Kurome's head. For her first real mission, Kurome showed no hesitation ore regret whatsoever in killing her first victims, and was rather emotionless about it as she stared at the blood puddles before her. The final gangster went about to punch the back of her head, but Kurome caught the movement and instantly stabbed the man through the neck. It was then did she first unlock her sadistic rape-face. Although the man was already dead, Kurome decided to mutilate his body as a form of torture upon the dead to humiliate them. She skinned his face off, plucked his eyeballs off, lopped his forehead off so she could clearly see his brain, smothered his dead brain about with her bloody hands until the brain was all squishy and spurting blood, then proceeded to tear out the man's guts until his rib cages showed covered in blood, and proceeded to wringe his dead heart out. Jimmy was seeing all of this. Jimmy approached her and said that what she was doing was ugly and abnormal. Kurome licked the bloody heart, and then threw it inside the man's open stomach, and was done with her mission.

She entered the Chunin Exams as a lone kunoichi, made her way through the tournaments all by herself, where she killed her first opponent before the judge or sensei's could stop her, but barely beated her last opponent using just her kenjutsu and taijutsu. 9 years old, she became a Chunin.

Chunin/Assassin Swordswomen:
Alas, as a Chunin, it was normal for her to be free and alone. One day, she was approached by an ANBU Black OP named "V" who was impressed by her killing skill in the Chunin Exams, and thought she would make a great ANBU operative. Kurome declined, saying that her father wouldn't like it if she did the shady stuff. V was stubborn, and offered to train her in the art of the assassin to spark her desire to join ANBU. Kurome asked for the opinion of her imaginary friend Jimmy, who said that it was a good idea. So, over the course of 2 years, she was specifically taught how to use the sword, her body, and the environment for assassination purposes - to kill without being seen, and to kill properly. In the meanwhile, she wanted to get a better weapon than her katana, which seems to have worn out. Asking V for his opinion, Kurome wanted to know what legendary swords were there around the world for her to claim. V explained that really only a few swords are still scattered around the world, and there's really no chance for a girl like her to get them. However, V referred her to a dojo up in one of Konoha's mountain villages, where she could find a sword known as "Black Cold".

Kurome traveled to the mountain dojo and asked if they knew where Black Cold was. Everybody laughed. The owner of the dojo came in. Kurome asked him if he knew where Black Cold was. And he laughed. The owner took out his katana and explained that this was "Black Cold", although it was just a stupid name he gave to it because he wanted it to sound cool. It was given to him some time ago by a woman, and was of very high quality by Land of Fire standards. Kurome asked if she could have it. Everybody laughed. The owner explained that she would have to kill him for it. Kurome asked for the next highest quality katana in the room, and she was given a shiny silver katana. The owner placed a wooden sheath over Black Cold so he would not hurt Kurome. They fought for ten minutes straight. The owner was highly impressed by Kurome's skill, and Kurome herself have trouble wounding the owner. However, she also found that the refined, taught, traditional Kenjutsu of the owner to be way too boring. If she were to use the style she was taught, then she would be hit. Instead, she listening to her own body, and returned to her pure brutal, wild style of Kenjutsu, from which she was able to spin around with uncatchable agility, and finally impaled the owner through the knee. She then slammed on Black Cold with the bottom of her foot, and pointed the tip of her blade towards the owner, threatening him with her sword. The owner relented and gave Black Cold to her, saying that she could take pretty good care of it. Before she went, the owner gave her two different vials. He explained that they were important to the sword.

When she returned, Jimmy, V, and she inspected Black Cold. V detected the hidden ability of the blade. In addition to its immense sharpness yet toughness, by analyzing the content of the vials, V could see a very volatile chakra inside them. He could see that in the vials were tainted chakras, which was made from a very dark mental energy. He poured some of the vial carefully on the blade, and could see that the blade instantly conducted the tainted chakra and kept it stored on the blade. Curious on what it did, V cut himself a little on the blade, and a short moment later, he instantly felt his chakra aggravated as intense pain flowed through his body. He recovered some time later. He tested the effects of the other vial, and was instantly ridden by utter madness, and for the first time in his life..... could see Jimmy, smiling down upon him...

V woke up the next day, and kept the chakra vials inside a portable container. He judged that Black Cold was of a suitable condition for Kurome. Kurome then trained for the remainder of her life with Black Cold, constantly evolving her Kenjutsu skill. Due to her sword skills and quick kills, she was able to wreck up dozens of B-class missions killing people and even made through 2 A-classes. She did all of this alone, without anyone to help her except for Jimmy. By the time she was 15, she had an impressive body count over 100. She gave herself the alias the "Number One Extra-Quirky Killer Girl!" for her own proud achievement of killing people.At around this time, she was promoted to Jounin.

Although often introducing herself as the Number One Extra Quirky Killer Girl and her friend Jimmy, Kurome found that people were more willing to talk to her and converse with her, something that hadn't happened before as her only regular contacts were V (who is no longer training her), her father, and Jimmy. But her conversations were often very quick, since she did not have the same play-time as everyone else, she did not gain the communication skills that she should have as a child. But it seems like as she's getting a little less lonely, she is starting to open up a bit more, and even allowed Jimmy to play along with them. Kurome hopes that as a Jounin, she would be able to do something absolutely amazing for her fellow ninja, die gallantly in battle, and hopefully make one more, true friend.

RP Sample: The technique worked to flawless success. It wasn't a trick or tactic or anything. It was just a simple, smooth execution of one of her "secret" attacks. It was secret, because one, it was reserved for killing and therefore she'd hold back in sparring with another human being, and two, those who Kurome use this on were ALL murdered by her, falling to this technique and some other one that she used. Right before she mutilated them of course - eyes, skull, arms, legs, genitals, internal organs, and guts. Pink slabs of flesh sauteed in metallic red liquid surrounded whatever husband, wife, or child that the body used to be after the gore. And the virgin man who became victim #101 was no different. His legs sent flying dozens of meters away from their sockets, Kurome flicked her katana towards the ground, before sheathing her lethal weapon. The man, a target that betrayed a secret of Kumogakure's, was reaching for a scroll a few inches in front of him, literally crawling his way towards it as his dismembered legs could not carry him far. He would be intercepted by a pair of two black pillars, which were no more than Kurome's legs, garbed in dark ninja leggings.

"H-have mercy...." he uttered. Kurome smiled and looked to the side, to which the man followed with his own, bulging eyes. "It's your turn", she pronounced; a devilish glee accompanying her girlish voice. Jimmy sat up from where the ass touched the ground, and  walked on over to Kurome; only friend. "Here's the guillotine. Make sure you do it nice and clean!" Jimmy took Kurome's sword, knowing that it'd have to be used to sever whatever tissue was in between the poor man's neck and head. Kurome watched as Jimmy raised her katana. "Do it, do it, do it!" she exclaimed. With all the might that could be mustered, Jimmy swung the sword down on the man, the edge of the gleaming blade touching the wet skin of the back of his neck.

The man huffed and puffed, looking around him in such terror that it seems like he was keeping an eye out for the Boogie-Man. He looked at Kurome, his assassin and then all around him, and was profoundly confused. He touched the back of his neck with his right hand, before it came back to the ground. He stared at the scroll not so far away from him, as Kurome jumped up and down, chanting Jimmy to decapacitate him, encouraging him "do it, do it, do it!"

Faceclaim: Kurome from Akame ga Kill

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PostSubject: Re: Number One Extra-Quirky Killer Girl    Wed Jul 30, 2014 3:27 pm

She's ready.
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PostSubject: Re: Number One Extra-Quirky Killer Girl    Wed Jul 30, 2014 4:05 pm

Quote :
Likes: Being alone, small-time conversations to remind her that she has friends, training/fighting, Jimmy.
Dislikes: Conversing for extended periods of time, talking in small groups, communicating in general, Jimmy.
Motivations: She goes through every week supported by the strength of her "friends".
Fears: Losing her friends. Losing important things in general would make her bat-shit crazy and desperate.

100 words minimum for EACH category.


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Jounin (A-Rank)
Jounin (A-Rank)

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PostSubject: Re: Number One Extra-Quirky Killer Girl    Wed Jul 30, 2014 5:22 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Number One Extra-Quirky Killer Girl    

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Number One Extra-Quirky Killer Girl
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