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 Clyde Mcdouglass

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Clyde McDouglass

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PostSubject: Clyde Mcdouglass   Wed Jul 30, 2014 12:07 pm


Name: Clyde McDouglass
Age: 16
Birthdate: December 25
Gender: Male
Sexuality: heterosexual
Rank: Genin

Village: Kumogakure no Sato
Clan: Kazabana and Usagi clans
Element(s): Water (Sution), Wind (Futon), and Ice (Hyoton).
Specialties: Taijutsu [S], Ninjutsu [A]
Special Characteristics:

Kekkei Genkai: Hyoton (Ice Release)
Kekkei Genkai Description: By combining Water and Wind chakra, the user is able to create and use Ice and Snow based jutsu. 
Drawbacks: Members of this clan cannot under any circumstances have Katon as an element, nor use Katon affinity items. Users MUST have Water and Wind as Primary and Secondary Elements, in any order. The rank of the user's Hyoton is locked to the lowest rank of the composite elements. Ex: If the user has S-rank Water and B-rank Wind, then the highest rank of Hyoton they may use/train to is B-rank.

Height: 5'8
Weight: 127.4 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark chestnut brown that is sort of long, and spiky at the ends. It is also slightly ruffled.
Eye Color: A light bluish green.
General Appearance: Clyde has long, dark chestnut hair that falls down to about the same height of his chin at his sides, falls down to the top of his neck at the back, and stays near above the eyebrows for his bangs. His hair style is a plain hair cut with medium long hair that is mostly straight, but ruffled that is spiky at the ends. It is in between long, and short. The length of the hair that goes on his forehead is about as long as his forehead. He has no facial hair, and the hair on his head goes to two inches on everywhere but his bangs. His bangs are slightly longer then two inches. His hair is thin, and wispy. His hair is very spiky at the ends, and is overall a medium length.  Clyde loves wearing blue, and loves wearing scarfs. He has skin more on the pale side, and he can seem gothic at times with some of his clothing. He usually wears a blue t-shirt, black and blue striped scarf, brown shorts, and a black bracelet.

About You!
Personality: Clyde is a very nice, creative, and clever boy. He loves spreading happiness, and is usually cheerful. He also loves creating things, and using his imagination both for fighting and fun. He is very clever too, and has a very high IQ. He can easily come up with good battle strategies, and can adapt quick. He is not easily tricked, but acts like he is. Clyde tries to be nice to everyone he meets, but certain enemies will always pop up for him. When he fights another ninja or meets another one is frightened that they will kill him, and is very easily intimated by ninja. He will, however, lose most of his fear during combat with the ninja. He has a like/hate relationship for all compliments, because when he is complimented he will freak out and become very embarrassed. He still likes compliments, but doesn't like being the center of attention. Clyde is very shy at first, but is the most out going person you could have ever met when you come a good friend of his. Clyde is all about promises, and when they are broken he will get very mad and hateful. Clyde is very into girls, and gets twice as shy as usual when he sees a girl. He is usually a very nice partner for relationships, and is very sweet to his partner.

Likes: Clyde really loves blankets more then anything, but has a few more likes. He loves his scarves, and overall loves being warm. He also loves designing new weapons, and creating other things. In his spare time he draws blue prints, but never goes through to making the things he draws. He loves scarves, and usually wears a blue and black stripe one. He loves new jutsu and techniques, and always tries to create his own new ones. He loves training in general, and always makes it top priority to get his training in. He loves to eat, and eats a lot. He still stays skinny, and doesn't overeat. He loves helping out his friends in anyway he can.

Dislikes: Clyde hates when people harm or make fun of his friends. He will harm anyone who is guilty of doing this, either verbally or physically. Clyde hates losing someone close to him, and will lose his cool anytime that happens. Clyde hates feeling weak, and trains hard because of it. Clyde dislikes people who betray him, and will try to harm the ones who do either verbally or physically. Clyde hates the ones who betray or hurt his village.Clyde hates the ones who break promises the most. Clyde doesn't like being hot, or getting sweaty. He will not care about getting sweaty if he is battling though.

Motivations: Clyde is motivated by his desire to help his friends. He spends some long nights practicing his medical ninjutsu, and loves to heal peoples wounds. He is also motivated by his desire to become strong. He trains extra hard, and always tries to learn a new jutsu or technique. Clyde is sometimes motivated by anger to kill someone or harm them verbally or physically. Clyde is sometimes motivated by his mental condition to kill or harm many people. He can be motivated by his friend's or village's suffering to kill or harm others. He can also be easily motivated by money.

Fears: Clyde fears his friends getting harmed, destroyed, or mocked. He fears the day his friends will die. He fears the day his village will be no more. He fears the day he will be too weak to save his friends. He has a bad fear that the world will end. He fears being lonely. He fears being kidnapped. He fears people judging him. He fears other people, and is kind of shy. Clyde fears dying, because he feels all his friends will need his help someday. Clyde fears ghosts very badly. Clyde fears drowning, and suffocating. Clyde fears spiders, and just can't handle them at all.

Clyde was born into a broken family, and had no idea that his parents didn't have a good relationship with each other. His mom married a man who had strange bunny ears on top of his head from his clan. His parents always fought late at night, and Clyde was never awake to hear it. Sometimes they would wake him up, but that was when the fights were very evil and scary. His dad was almost always gone, and his mom was usually always there to love Clyde even when she faced the worst.
When Clyde was 5, his parents got into their worst fight yet. It was horrific. The fight started when his mom came home early. She walks through the front door a little bit tired, and hears noises upstairs. She recognizes the noises and sprints up the stairs to see Clyde's father, and another women in bed. The fight was deadly, and my father ran away from my mom. I never saw my mom so evil, and that side wouldn't go away anytime soon.
After that fight his mom drank lots of alcohol at night. She always would go drinking away her sorrows at any bar she can find. She came home one night, and beat up Clyde with a stove pan. She kept yelling that Clyde reminds her of her husband. Clyde was horrified at the sight, and tried to block the pan few times. After his mom was exhausted she yelled at him to leave with tears running down her face. Clyde limped away to the hospital.
"What happened child?" A nurse asked.
"The darkness beat me with a frying pan."
"Who's the darkness?"
"Alcoholism, divorce, and anger problems."
She looked at Clyde confused, and sad.
"Lets go patch you up." The nurse said with a smile.
Her hands started glowing over his wounds.
"What is that? Did you hurt your hands?"
"No silly, this is a medical ninjutsu." She said with a smile.
"Oh your a ninja?"
"Sort of. I do medical techniques instead of fighting. I don't fight much people."
"Can you tech me medical ninjutsu?"
She smiled at Clyde, and said "Of course honey. The training will be hard, but I think you can do it."
Clyde ran up to her and hugged her. She smiled, and hugged him back.
After Clyde's wounds healed he thanked her, then went back home. When he came home he told his mom he wanted to be a ninja. His mom thought it was a good way to keep Clyde away at this point in her life. She was having problems, and doesn't want to hurt Clyde. Clyde went off to study for long nights at the hospital, and at his home. He studied medical ninjutsu outside of the academy, and everything else in the academy.
One day, when Clyde was 6, his mom begged him to leave forever, because she doesn't want to hurt him anymore. Clyde just wanted for his mom to be happy so he smiled, and kissed her goodbye with a back pack strapped on. He cried walking away, and looked back to see her crying. This is the best thing he can do, and he walked straight to the hospital with adoption papers.
"Hey Clyde, ready to start training?"
"Yes, but I have something I want to give you."
"What would that be?"
He slowly pulled out the adoption forums, and handed it to her. She started crying, and smiled.
"Of course Clyde."
Clyde started crying too, and they hugged. She filled out the forums, and got them accepted. This was Clyde's happily ever after in his mind. He studied until he became a genin at fifteen. His real mom, and his new mom were there to see. They threw a big party, and Clyde's two moms talked to each other, and filled in the gaps. His new mom understood, and was amazed that Clyde went through all of that. Clyde left a week later to find his teacher.

RP Sample:

Clyde went to the hospital feeling sore all over.
"Did you hurt yourself again Clyde?" the nurse said worried.
"No the darkness did." Clyde said sadly.
"Who is the darkness? I never understood what you meant. Is it your mom?"
"No it's the darkness inside my mom. We all have our own darkness inside we let loose at points."
The nurse teared up, and agreed.
"The world is filled with darkness that comes out sometimes." Clyde said daydreaming of destruction, and death. He went to the nurse, and cried into her shoulder.
"Clyde there is light, and warmth in us all two." She put around a black and blue striped scarf around Clyde's neck, and wrapped it around. Clyde grasped the scarf, and smiled. He enjoyed it so much that he started laughing, and running back and forth across the room in his scarf. The nurse looked at him and smiled.
"You can keep that scarf if you want."
Clyde looked back at her for a few seconds, then ran at her and gave her a big hug. She smiled, and looked down at Clyde wishing she could help him with his mom's abuse.
"Let this scarf remind you of the light in all of us. Even when the darkness rises you will have light inside you to fight against it."
Clyde looked at her, and smiled.
"I am going to wear a scarf every day I can for the rest of my life." And Clyde went on to do just that.
Clyde went to the nurse the next day with his scarf on, and was greeted with a special surprise. He was going to use medical ninjutsu on a patient! Clyde was over joyed to help out, and was eager to start. 
When it was time he walked over to the patient, and saw they had a stab wound in their shoulder. Clyde put on his gloves, and went through the healing procedure. When he was done he was exhausted. He used up most of his chakara healing. He went to the nurse happily.
"I finished healing the man."
"Let me go see what you did."
Clyde lead the nurse to the room and her eyes widened.
"Did you have any help?"
She walked over, and studied the man.
"Where was the wound?"
Clyde smiled, then pointed at the mans shoulder.
"Clyde this is the best work I have seen. You did a very impressive job." She patted him on the back, and they both smiled.
The man woke up a few days later to see the wound completely gone. He was very shocked. He asked who had treated his wound to a nurse, and she had Clyde walk in the room.
"I healed your wound!"
His jaw dropped, then he laughed.
"How really healed me wound?"
The nurses all pointed to Clyde.
"What is your name kid?"
"Clyde Kusomono."
He pulled out some money, and handed them to Clyde.
"You are going to do big things in this world. Take this, and go buy yourself some candy bars or something."
He smiled, and Clyde got a big grin. He looked back at nurses for approval, and they nodded.
"Thank you mister."
"Your welcome kid, have a good day!"
Clyde walked out, and bought a robe, new clothes, a wristband, a beautiful necklace, and ramen. That night Clyde had the time of his life, and then the next day he ran to the hospital with the beautiful necklace.
"I got you a gift."
He hand the nurse the necklace, and smiles.
"I love it Clyde. That was so sweet of you!"
Clyde smiled a huge smile, then they went to training.

Faceclaim: "Fan art of the main character from "Pokemon Emerald" [url= and Boys/895420-20brown_hair20green20green_eyes20pokemon20solo_zps291b84b9.jpg]Link Here[/url]"
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Clyde Mcdouglass
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