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 Oda Ryōta [Done]

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Oda Ryōta
Jounin (A-Rank)
Jounin (A-Rank)

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PostSubject: Oda Ryōta [Done]   Wed Jul 30, 2014 2:12 pm


Name: Oda Ryōta (Senju)
Age: 18
Birthdate: 09/22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: A

Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Clan: Senju
Element(s): Mokuton(S), Suiton(S) , and Doton(S)
Specialties: Ninjutsu(S) and Taijutsu(C)
Special Characteristics:

Height: 6’1 ft.
Weight: 200 Ib.
Hair Color: Fuschia
Eye Color: Yellow
General Description:

Oda would best be described as having an athletic build and a heartwarming demeanor. He isn’t as many people believe athletes to be built having outstanding muscular build seeming to be a tower of pure muscle with little intelligence but rather toned and slender not truly showing his true strength by way of physical appearance but through actions and demonstrations. He stands tall at six feet and one inch weighing in a two hundred pounds even built of mostly pure muscle, and his hair is usually seen in a rather unique and hard to explain fashion while his outfit is always differing never truly having a set wardrobe. However, having a consistency of always having face paint on being a maroon star on his right cheek and a spring green teardrop on his left cheek. Or alternately a maroon teardrop on his left cheek and spring green star on his right cheek and always wearing diamond card suit resemblance earrings on both sides.

About You!

Oda is portrayed as entirely self-interested and does whatever he likes as long as it pleases him in some way. He lusts for the thrill of killing powerful fighters in combat; Likewise, he grows excited to meet any new people he deems worthy of fighting or anyone with potential to be a good fighter and entertain him in the future. However, he isn’t one to get off on this act, but rather simply enjoys a good battle and finds himself excited for knowing there are still many to come. Furthermore, he isn’t all about battle and seeking it but rather truly is mellow and sarcastic never targeting his village members out of a sense of respect but knowing that one day many of them could find themselves on his list if ever the circumstances fit. While he tends to be mellow, outgoing, nonchalant, and rather sarcastic with his friends or people he finds enjoyable to be around he would rather say he has a completely different side when it comes to outsiders of his clan and village.

In addition, Oda is or at the least, can be sociopathic.  While he does like people, he finds himself stating that, valuable one day could mean trash the next and could kill anyone with little to no reservation. He is completely self-centered and manipulative with all of these traits being indicative of sociopathic nature. He does not care for what has happened in the past as he is only interested in what could be amusing to him in the future or present. While Oda’s nature tends to be malevolent, he isn't an indiscriminate killer. While he has no problems killing anyone regardless of age or sex, he only kills people who are in his way or people he deems "worthy." As such, he is more simply amoral than flat out evil. He will even assist the people he deems “worthy” if there is "fun" in doing so or if it will make them stronger for a more entertaining fight in the future. Above all else, Oda cares only about having fun and a good challenge which may or may not involve killing people.

Strong Challengers, Sparring, Battle, Cherry Blossoms, Playing Cards, Relaxing, Napping, and Loyalty.  

Oda is rather a simplistic man when it comes to things that he enjoys in life while many of them revolve around battle and the seeking of a strong opponent to satisfy his lust for a good challenge he has rather equally normal tendencies like playing cards with his friends or watching the bloomed cherry blossom petals fly in the wind and spread beauty over the village in spring. Or rather simply relaxing by himself taking a nap in the village while he has nothing else to do and isn’t preparing himself for yet another fascinating battle or helping prepare someone to become a future worthy battle. However, those are the more simple things he enjoys while not all these are the key points people can use to stay on his good side whereas the other points are purely related to the seeking and obtaining of a good battle whether it be through sparring or actual combat he simply enjoys being on the battle friend for he finds enjoyment of testing human limitations and seeing if he can push them further to greater heights.

Slackers, Cowards, Traitors, Boring personalities, Overly Serious individuals, Cats, and Sour Food.

Starting with the odd two out of his dislikes Oda dislikes cats and sour food for truly cats are just the slackers of nature and sour food he simply finds disgusting and in a sense boring so truly it all leads back to his more natural dislikes. However, Oda dislikes slackers, cowards, traitors, boring personalities, overly serious individuals for the simple reason that he lives for entertainment and battle, and the listed above are the exact reason he finds it shockingly difficult as time progresses to find worthy outgoing individuals. For truly it seems as the generations continue to progress less talented fighters are being born into the world for his amusement and in replacement are the people listed above cowards, slackers, traitors, boring and over serious individuals…

Power, Glory, Sense of Immortality, Respect, and Fun.

These things are what drive Oda for truly he is a man of battle, and these things are what circle it power, glory, sense of immortality, respect, and fun all come from carving your name into history through the art of battle it has happened many different times never failing to truly be the only way to be in a sense immortal. Through this immortality you find yourself gaining glory, respect and for some like Oda entertainment or fun in the art of battle.  So these are the things that drive this man to do what he does and keep him alive not falling into a state of boredom and end his own existence prematurely.

Going down in history as weak, Falling ill and dying, Being a no name,  and Living a dull existence.

His fears mark the opposite of his motivations for truly they are one in the same the things that motivate you tend also to be the things you fear. If you seek immortality, you fear an early death, if you seek entertainment and fun you hate being bored, if you seek to face strong enemies and become powerful you hate being seen as weak. So truly your motivation and fears are one in the same and will always be seen as suck never truly being separate but a giant circle that flows together seamlessly to form something to give your life a jolt of purpose to drive you even closer to your goals and finally realizing your motivations and making them realities.

Birth Arc~

September twenty-second eighteen fateful years ago, a man that would greatly impact the world would be born the first-senju boy to have been born in many generations. He would mark a new era for Senju and when it came time that finally the old head of the clan would pass he would finally have a successor to take his place.  A man that would have been more that day would be Oda Senju he would be forced into the world under an alias, however, so that people wouldn’t try and takeout the newly found successor of the clan so they could take control of the power once he came to age. So he would be raised with this in mind living under an alias last name to keep the clan fooled he would go there for training ever since he could use ninjutsu so that he would be powerful enough to rain over the clan holding his position with power for truly many would not follow him any other way. So that faithful day would usher a change that would cause many ripples in the world starting in Konoha being a rebirth to the failing Senju clan back to life.

Academy Acr~

As he would reach the tender age of eight, he would be registered into the ninja academy having learned to use the water and earth element at a young age so he could learn through experience to use his hidden Senju kekkei genkai the famous Wood release. He would achieve instant fame through the academy for is seemingly advanced ability in ninjutsu. However, this wouldn’t be the calling card for his mark to come, but rather the events during his adventure through the academy he would become famous for his battle strategies and ability to exit sparring sessions without a single scratch executing the plan with great speed, power, and accuracy never faltering and if need be changing his original approach in the blind of an eye always testing against a stronger and stronger opponent before become the man that was sought after.  As he would rain over the academy, he would meet one young individual that would catch his attention that person would be Hideki‏ Kazabana he would be a rather powerful young man who would peek his interest so he would befriend the young man having early signs of his personality it would be the first opponent that would spark his interest in finding powerful individuals but he would graduate a year before him. However, would keep in contact with him always checking on his progress wondering if there would ever come a time where he would be able to destroy this wonderful creature of power but that time would never come as he would fade into his own life once more after becoming a genin and onward.

Genin Arc~

As Oda would rise through the ranks he would start his next part of his adventure to becoming a greatly known warrior throughout his village. He would however rocket through his time as a genin for the next chuunin exams were three years after he would become a genin so he would have trained and done casual missions gaining experience in combat and falling more in love with it with every win he would obtain. He would have meet many people in this time that would become great leaders in the village to come mainly just other jounin that were older than him and that he would slightly admire for their combat skills but never truly asking their name or becoming close with them. So really his genin arc was a flash of bloody battle and defeated opponents under his feet marking his rise in power until the faithful day his life wouldn’t be dragging along and he would finally become challenged in the Chuunin exams where he would truly test his abilities and would be driven to unlocking his hidden release…

Chuunin Arc~

As the time would roll around Oda would be enrolled into the chuunin exams as one of the highest prospects to win it from the hidden leaf village that is, his name would be whispered about throughout the coliseum as though he was a taboo. He would walk among the crowd as a ghost with his squad leaving everyone guessing as to who he truly was  and which one of them should have been killed off to ensure victory over the whole event for it seemed the other villages had begun to fear him as the rooms spread of his abilities in combat. However, this wouldn’t matter for over the course of the week that the chuunin exams were held his life would be thrown completely upside down and turned into a somewhat living hell that he would later on look back on to the stepping stone of his greatness…  As the written exam would commence on the first day he would be one of the few to finish first, however, not moving or acting indifferent unlike everyone else he wouldn’t care if he passed or failed and it would reflex in his actions for in the last second of the exam he would stab his pencil through his paper and infuse it with charka throwing it so that everyone could see his answers. For the first test was one of bravery and to see if you could truly help your squad for if you couldn’t even help them succeed in passing why should you? However, what the instructor wouldn’t have guessed or anyone for that matter would be the two papers that flew after his lining up neatly on the wall for the instructor to inspect it would have the same exact answers and would belong to his squad… They would have been using their tapping assigns to signal each other and Oda would have been the signal by tapping his pencil here and there so not to draw suspicion it truly was a habit he showed even before the exam commenced by tapping while he was explaining the rules to be a full proof on it being a sign of communication.  However, this would push his group through while the other groups failed  for either being caught or simply even failing to stand up to the system.

Furthermore, this chuunin exams would find a unique turn of events for only a select few truly made it even close to them for them minus five other groups would have been eliminated in the written process for every instructor gave a different test, however, all had the same goal of testing if truly you would make an admiral ninja or just slow the villages you represented down and cause chaos in the future.  That would turn out to be the hardest ever chuunin exam up to date, and the massacre that would transpire while it seemed the five groups waged war in the forest of death would never seem  to end. Only three teams were supposed to make it out... however, as it would turn out only one man would arise from the shadowy hell drenched in the blood of the fallen enemies and friends… As the operators would go to see what caused the to the battle, it would seem that the cause of death was a giant wooden spike being impaled into the final other teams’ chest while they grouped up trying to kill him… This burst of newfound potential would have been formed from the death of his best friend at the time dying in his arms after being mistaken for him. It would have been the first time he witnessed a teammate die and the first time he would have felt the feeling of near defeat… At that moment, however, it would be a sign of fear in anyone’s eyes, but the realization that the chuunin exams were over, and there was the winner the lone survivor it would seem. He would he granted his rank at the funerals of the fellow ninja, however, his personality would have fully been unleashed then his mind warped and his motivations, fears, and dislikes all altered accordingly… He would arrive a new man and his life changing in a drastic way in the years to come….

Part 2 chunnin- Present ~

As many years would pass after him becoming a chuunin the realization that he was one of the famous senju ninjas that founded their great nation long ago would spiral him into a life of training and secrecy until it was his time to become the successor. However, this time he was cut off from friends and family living with the current Head in an ancient forest outside of the village created by their ancestors long ago kept in secret from everyone to be thought of as a training ground to raise the next successor, and only the Hokage would know of its existence outside of the family. He would have learned to master his Suiton and become rather skilled with Doton, and his family’s Mokuton. He would train becoming a master in ninjutsu and rather talented in Taijutsu as well. However, his only entertainment being fighting the current head until one day he would have killed him in a sparring session for he wouldn’t know his chakra day by day was fading while training with a young boy. Though he went into a slight shock at first everyone else would have known this process and would have explained it to him… IF he didn’t by himself come to that realization at the tender age of sixteen, he would have taken his father’s life… He was the only pure blood senju boy left in existence and would immediately become the acting Clan leader… However, he would stay in the forest training for two more year before going back to the village and taking his true position as Village Head dropping his alias last name unless in battle and receiving the acting rank of Jounin after the Hokage could speak with him from his seven year long absence his body and mind would have grown even stronger as he was gone and would have been welcomed as though a long lost son by the family that his father sought to protect him from in the beginning he found it sickening but held his tongue hoping he could have his own son and pass this burden onto him so that he could live his life as his own so not to disgrace the family name his father kept alive so long.. This would be his last act of kindness to the man and respect at least this wish never acting against his word to his father…

RP Sample:
As Oda would be strolling around the village one faithful spring afternoon, he would sit underneath a cherry blossom tree. He would be found relaxing in the senju's homes courtyard underneath his favorite tree as though with not a care in the world. His glorious body exposed while he wore a white collared shirt and black dress pants and shoes; he would have been invited to a dinner party with the hokage for he finally had some time off and wished to speak with you young man about his positions and the meaning he now held in the village. However, it would seem his blissful silence would come to an end as the breeze rolled in whisking the blossomed cherry blossoms of the tree it would be a beautiful sight that would draw a large white smile upon his face would come to a souring  scolded look as he would yell at by his mother now in her later years she would be the only one in the clan he truly respected and trusted...


He would slightly laugh underneath his breath before jumping up with his hands in his pockets and would face his mother. His yellow eyes were seemingly darting into her glories hazel ones as the cherry blossoms would seem to flow around him he would utter a mere few words before leaping over the wall and heading toward the kages office.

"Mother I love you but we both know you couldn't make me getup even in your prime..."

His laugh would echo through the house as his mother would stand smiling finding it wonderful how much he had grown into a man even though she could do without his boastful attitude or the sarcasm she would find it fitting after thinking about her late husband and smiling of the resemblance in the two men both great leaders in their own way one charismatic and charming, the other a military genius with a slight charismatic appeal to him...

Faceclaim: Hisoka From HunterxHunter (2011)


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Oda Ryōta
Jounin (A-Rank)
Jounin (A-Rank)

Posts : 31
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PostSubject: Re: Oda Ryōta [Done]   Wed Jul 30, 2014 5:19 pm

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Oda Ryōta [Done]
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