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 Mission Listing(Updated-2014-07-31)

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Kagami Kyouko
Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)
Kagami Kyouko

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Mission Listing(Updated-2014-07-31) Empty
PostSubject: Mission Listing(Updated-2014-07-31)   Mission Listing(Updated-2014-07-31) Icon_minitimeThu Jul 31, 2014 7:24 pm

S-Rank Missions

A-Rank Missions

General-ly Lost:

B-Rank Missions

The Lost Jade Idol:

Defend the Village:

A Killing Stroke:

C-Rank Missions
Lost Hikers:


Who Killed Shotaro Kaneda?:

D-Rank Missions

Substitute Teacher:
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Mission Listing(Updated-2014-07-31) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mission Listing(Updated-2014-07-31)   Mission Listing(Updated-2014-07-31) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 01, 2014 1:26 am

Completed A Killing Stroke as seen in these two threads starting here (583) and finishing here (6956).

Total wordcount: 7539
Ryo Reward: 450

Approved and Paid~

Jutsu || Shin Kedōin || Items

Ninjutsu S | Medical C
Raiton S | Fuuton C

D:0 | C:0 | B:0 | A:0 | S:0 | SS:0
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Mission Listing(Updated-2014-07-31)
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