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 Patient Wolf vs. Impatient Wolf (Mission/Solo)

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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Patient Wolf vs. Impatient Wolf (Mission/Solo)   Fri Aug 01, 2014 12:53 pm

WC: 811/500

IC: "Well, I guess life can't be just one huge party. You gotta earn your bread sometimes." Yasu thought, as he had just recently left through the Village's main, front gates, and was now making his way towards the outskirts of it. Having just recently been tasked with a mission, after a period of absence that felt way too long for him, he was now headed towards his next assignment. He did not have any problems with doing his work as a fellow Kirigakure Jounin; in fact, he enjoyed the thrill of the battle just as much as he did the one that the Sake provided. As long as it was not something overly monotone and mundane, much like the D-ranked missions he used to be so massively given when he had freshly graduated from the Academy, then he was happy and eager to put his skills as a respectful Shinobi to the test. And given that the times where he was just a mere low rank Genin were but distant memories, he now accepted most missions with a grin from ear to ear. This one was no different; he had been assigned with actually killing a wolf creature, one that had seemingly been attacking several defenseless villagers on the outskirts, and had even claimed lives already. Surely the creature would provide an enjoyable fight, seeing as how it was part of a B-rank mission, and how those often meant that a decent amount of danger was involved.

So, after a small trip, Yasu was already approaching the village where the wolf was last spotted in, doing his predatory habits. As he questioned all of the inhabitants, he noticed a distinct fright in each and every one of them. Apparently living in constant fear of being eaten alive was taking their toll on them. Nevertheless, they were quick to point out how the wolf usually appeared during the night. With a confident smirk, Yasu swore to them he would be eagerly waiting for the creature to show up. Quite surprisingly, this cocky attitude of his actually proved capable of giving hope to the scared inhabitants, and even smiles formed on the faces of a considerable number of them.

It did not take long for the night to come. Yasu had placed himself on a branch of a nearby tree, the tallest, in fact, and where he could therefore see everything from. As the sun left the sky and darkness invaded the small village, the Jounin found himself wishing he had just a small bottle of Alcoholic content to pass the time. Or at least a companion of sorts, because he was honestly quite bored. It seemed that luck was with him, for now at least, for it did not take long before he began to hear the incoming footsteps of what was probably some kind of animal. Another few moments passed, and the wolf creature finally revealed itself, coming out from a few nearby bushes. The thing was actually considerably huge, probably the biggest wolf Yasu had ever seen, and its claws and mouth were somehow still stained with blood.

As the predator began to approach the small community, Yasu rudely whistled loudly at it, catching its attention as it quickly shifted its gaze up at him. "Over here, Fido!" He said before jumping down towards the floor, right in front of it. The wolf began to show its teeth at its potential prey. The Jounin, without an hint of fear, merely raised both hands at each side in a taunting manner. "Well, what are you waiting for? To be thrown a bone?"

At this, the creature pounced towards the provoker, who quickly rolled towards his right side in order to dodge the attacker. Once done so, he began to chuckle, and stood casually staring at the wolf. The latter repeated the attack process, which Yasu dodged as well, and would continue to do so consequently for a few moments, as he mocked the creature. Finally, having had enough fun, the Jounin locked his legs firmly in place, and awaited the next pounce. Once the wolf was at arms length, Yasu quickly extended both hands towards the animal's mouth, forcing it to remain open and preventing it from biting down due to the sheer force he was exerting. As the creature was now being held in midair, Yasu began to open the predator's mouth forcefully, more and more, until the latter's mandibles succumbed to the force and were ripped right open.

With the animal now whimpering on the ground and attempting to run away, Yasu quickly rushed towards it, grabbing its neck before snapping it, effectively delivering the finishing move. Once done so, he took out a Kunai, and began to slowly cut off the target's head in order to show it later as proof of the mission's success.
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Patient Wolf vs. Impatient Wolf (Mission/Solo)
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