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 Message Delivery [ Private || Kuai ]

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PostSubject: Message Delivery [ Private || Kuai ]   Sat Aug 09, 2014 1:02 am

Early in the morning, a messenger brings a note to the Village Hidden in Mist, dropping it off where the Mizukage will soon receive it. The message was hand written by the Raikage himself, as well as having a wax seal to prove that it was real. The scroll read:

Mizukage Kuai,

This is a letter from the Village Hidden in Clouds, Kumogakure. I am sending this to inform you that one of my most trusted village members is going to come to your village to discuss a treaty with you. His name is Kiyoshi Uchiha, and I hope he is welcome there, not to be attacked or hurt in any way. I would come down there myself, but I have recently become Raikage, and am being piled with paperwork. All I ask is for you to consider our proposition, and keep in mind the benefits for both villages.

Raikage, Daiko

The scroll was letting the Kage of that village know who was visiting him, and what it was about. Hopefully the Mizukage would consider accepting the treaty, but now all Daiko could do was wait for Kiyoshi to try to work out an arrangement.

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Message Delivery [ Private || Kuai ]
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