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 Wukong [Complete]

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PostSubject: Wukong [Complete]   Wukong [Complete] Icon_minitimeSat Aug 09, 2014 5:12 pm

Wukong [Complete] 21ngx6p

Name: Wukong
Age: 17
Birthdate: Jan 1st
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Rank: Genin

Village: Konohagakure
Clan: Seikitai | Gekido
Element(s): Katon | Doton
Specialties: Bojutsu [Taijutsu] | Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:

Name: Varied Chakra Color [Green]
Type: Supplementary || Non-Combat
Description: Having no effect on the player's combat and damage ability, the manifested color of the player's chakra is different then normal. Non-elemental chakra will manifest as something other then the normal blue, while elemental chakras will be colored different then what is considered normal (Katon may be green instead of red/orange, Suiton could be yellow, etc.) User is free to decide what the color change is, however once stated the change cannot be undone, nor is the user able to change it again at a later time.

Name: Journeyman sensory
Type: Combat
Requirements: Untrained Sensor
Ability Tier: 2
Minimum Rank: C
Description: No longer weak and untrained, you are now able to sense anything of your own rank or lower within a 50 foot radius. Your ability to sense is still effected by the targets ability to hide or cloak themselves; any coverage ability that rank exceeds your ability to track is still effective.

Name: Enhanced Reflexes
Type: Supplementary
Requirements: /
Ability Tier: Tier 2
Minimum Rank: D
Description: The user has trained their body and mind to react far faster than normal. Because of this they are able to react with the speed of someone ONE rank above their own. Only affects reaction times; not general movement spee‏d.

Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Emerald
General Description: Wu stands at five foot seven, weighing in at roughly 150 lbs. He has blonde hair, which is usually very messy atop his head. Like so many of the Hoshi survivors, he has red eyes that seem to glow with an inner light.

His face is framed by his clan tattoo that marks his entire body. This tattoo extends down his neck, crossing the front and back of his body. The largest portion of the tattoo is located on his belly, a symbol of his chakra 'core'. From this 'core', the tattoo expands, branching out and covering his entire body.

While not in duty, Wu can be found wearing simple clothing; often a plain shirt that is appropriate for the season, as well as shorts or pants (depending on season). He likes darker colors: black, deep reds. The deeper the color, the more he would like it.

While on duty, he tends to favor a strange dresscode. Wu favors something similar to the old dress of the Root corps; the outfit consists of a high-collared shirt, black pants, shinobi sandals and gloves with his fingertips exposed. Typically, when out in public, the male keeps his tail wrapped around his waist like a belt.

About You!
Personality: Wu... does not like people. He doesnt trust them. He would rather keep himslf away from people. He tends to have little patience for people who brag and show off. He's slow to anger, unlike his sister. However, when he is angry, he's a roaring inferno. To him, its him and Nanalie vs The World. He's notticed something about this world. Many people seem to dislike those who like other of the same sex. He's aware of his sexuality, and doesnt mind it, but at the same time, is very picky in whom he opens up to. Around those that he likes, his personality shifts some; from his normal, outgoing self, he become quiet and shy. He stumbles over his words, and will often forget his own name. At the same time, he will suddenly become self conscious about his appearance, and will want to wear more clothing. He will remain this way around that person, until he becomes comfortable...

While Wu does not trust people, those whom he decides to open up to, he trusts completely. His parents, and his sister Nanalie are chief among this. He tends to hold them above all else, valueing thier word. But that isnt to say he will trust no one else. No.. for him to trust you, you must prove that you desersve to be trusted in the first place. For everyone else, Wu displays a calm, emotionless face, perfect for hiding his emotions.

Likes: Wukong absolutely adores sweets. Be it candies or fruits, if it is sweet, he will want to try it at least once. He's open to trying new candies from exotic locations; any from rare jellies to your grandmother's homemade recipie for cheesecke. If it is sweet, he'd going to want it. He can often fe found with a lollipop betwixt his lips, face frowned in concentration as he flips through a book. And speaking of books... Wu currently holds the record for unreturned books in the Konoha library. He loves to read, and will read anything he gets his hands upon. History, mysteries and horror are among his favorites...

Beyond this, Wu loves to train. He often spends hours on end training alongside his sister, or forming out new techniques to use. He believes that his reward for a hard days's training is the satisfaction that he is bettering himself as a shinobi.

Dislikes: Wukong supremely dislikes braggarts. To him, they embody all that he hates about people. Ha has no problem with people who are confident of thier abilities, mind you. But those who boast that can beat anyone that they come across, reguardless of if they can or cannot. These are the people whom Wukong does not like. He sees this as pointless; there is always someone bigger, badder, and higher up on the food chain. And those are the ones who usually put the braggarts in thier place.

Wukong does not like sour foods. Something mildy sour, like a tart is fine. But anything that is so sour that it makes him look like he's been sucking on a lemon is a no-no. He hates these food with an undying passion.

For some reason, Wukong dislikes bright colors. Perhaps it is because many people believe that homosexuals prefer bright, flashy colors, or that he was never a big fan of them to begin with. Either way, he avoids them. The only bright color that he has ever been seen to wear is white. To him, white represents puritiy, sacredness, and divinity.

Motivations:  One of the main things that motivates Wukong is to do better. He seeks to push himself to his body to the limits, and then smash through them. He is a strong believer that the only limits that a person has are the ones they place on themselves. He strives to push himself further, and has a developed a sort of rivalry with Nanalie. With every step Nanalie takes towards bettering herself, Wukong is sure to take one himself.

Wukong also wishes to become a well respected member of the Jounin corps, perhaps the Jounin Commander himself at some point. He believes that if he becomes Jounin Commander, people will look up to and respect him.

Fears: Wukong lacks the normal fears that many people have. For one, he does not fear Death. Due to his clan's teachings, as well as their history with their cousins, the Iki, Wukong does not believe that death is the end anything; rather, the start of something new. A journey to another type of existance. He himself has seen first hand a particular jutsu of his cousins, the Archangels of Vengence. The Angels summoned seemed to retain all of their memories from life, even additional ones, events that happened long after they had died...

Wukong fears failing. He wants to be the older brother his sister needs; someone she can rely on to keep her strong, and level headed. Wukong realizes that he does not have enough strength for this at the moment, and sadly, he fears he never will.

History: Wukong, or Wu for short, was first born in a set of twins; his sister being Nanalie. From an early age Wu was taught how to fight, to use his body as a lethal weapon. While he was younger, about two or three years old, it was simple exercises. Stances, basic blocking and countering. Wu loved it all. It became apparent from a very young age that Wu had a natural knack for his training. While Nana was always being scolded for going places she shouldn't, it was Wu who was being scolded for following his sister everywhere she went. Whether she was climbing the hokage monument when she was supposed to be doing chores, or punching some poor genin who though it would funny to push her into the mud, he was right with here, racing her to the top of the monument, or throwing the second punch that would level the genin.


The academy was boring to Wukong. He had no problems with the basic studies; he even managed a passing grade with the help of a classmate. Practical Ninjutsu was easy enough; the clone tech was simple, Henge was laughably easy. Genjutsu theory.... Wukong still has nightmares from the class. His taijutsu courses... were more than easy. Those in his training class soon refused to be paired with him, leaving Wukong to be paired with the instructor and the TA. It was quickly realized that the Instructor could barely handle Wu's style; he only won because he was physically stronger. The poor TA left with more bruises than he ever got on missions.

It was quickly decided that Wukong would be given advanced taijutsu lessons; from one of the Jounin corp. The more Wu trained under this jounin, the more his skills flourished. As they trained together, the Jounin placed an idea into Wukong's head; using his elemental affinities to enhance his taijutsu. To Wukong, this as a wonderful idea. As he trained, Wu began to focus Fuutin into his kicks, creating large arcs of wind released with each swing. For his punches, afflicted them with Raiton; more the better for numbing and shocking a single opponent into submission. Armed with these skills, Wukong continued his lessons until graduation...


As is common in his clan, upon graduating from the Academy he was given a full body tattoo with ink that is made with a certain mineral that is used in the production of chakra metal. Wukong was proud when he received his tattoo. He felt as if he was a full fledged ninja.

RP Sample:  Slow strokes of his wings kept him aloft as he flew lazily over the terra. The young Dragovampirian was restless; as was habit during mating season of his kind. The ache within his loins was the cause; he had no mate, being less than one day old in his transfromation, and physically sixteen.

His looks belied his power and heritage; He was the son of a human and a seraph, making him half-angelic, and his six wings were a testament to that. But through his blood, he had every ability that his Sire had; though would still need to master them. If he were to stand upon the ground, his full height would be 8 foot 6, and even at that height, he was shorter than the average Dragovampirian. Red shoulder length hair, but for now, held back with a black ribbon, brushed over a soft cotton dress shirt, which clung to his barrel chest. Black jeans, loosely fit about his lower half, but secured to his waist with a chain, offered a bit of comfort against the dull pain in his loins.

For now, he was barefoot, not knowing how to fully mask his appearance was a small hinderace; his nails were slightly extended, giving the appearance of claws and talons, while within his hair almost blended perfectly in were spikes. These spikes layed back against his hide, until he flexed; at that moment, they would stand and protrude, sharp enough to pierce the armor of any boot that dare be placed upon his back.

He swooped in from the air on six wings. The topmost set were dragonic in origin, the gift of his new blood. The remaining four were white and feathered, proof of his angelinc background. Upon his feet touching the terra, his wing would fold over his body and seemingly melt together, pouring over his body to create a robe and mantle..

Faceclaim: Sun Wukong ~ RWBY
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PostSubject: Re: Wukong [Complete]   Wukong [Complete] Icon_minitimeSat Aug 09, 2014 7:03 pm

Quote :
Specialties: Bojutsu [Taijutsu] | Ninjutsu
Anyone can use Bojutsu, regardless of what spec they take.

That's about it.

Bump for approval when you finish.

Props for LoL FC.

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approved. <3

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Wukong [Complete]
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