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 Tsukino-Uchiha, Kaia

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PostSubject: Tsukino-Uchiha, Kaia   Mon Aug 11, 2014 1:15 pm

Name: Kaia Mai
Age: 15
Birthdate: June 13th
Gender: Female
Rank: Jounin (S)

Village: Konohagakure
Clan: Uchiha | Tsukino
Element(s):  Katon (SS) | Raiton (SS) | Fuuton (S) | Suiton (S)
Specialties:  Fuuinjutsu (SS) | Medical Ninjutsu (SS) | Kenjutsu (S) | Ninjutsu (S)
Special Characteristics:
Chakra Radar:
Child Inheritance:
Enhanced Reflexes:
Invisible Sheath:
Sibling Bond:
Import SC:


5 Foot, 4 Inches
Weight: 120 Pounds
Hair Color: White | Slightly Longer than Waist Length
Eye Color: Blue
General Description: Dezzy appears as a young teenager since she’s only about fifteen years old, dressed primarily in light blue, white, and some red. She wears a pale blue bolero jacket over a similarly colored thigh-length dress with a piece of black lace making up the neckline of the dress. The inside of the bolero is red and the sleeves turn blue as they get closer to her wrists. The bolero has her clan crest on the back. According to Dezzy, her dress is a combat skirt: meaning there are shorts hidden beneath to keep her covered while fighting and accomplishing acrobatic feats.
Dezzy wears an apple-shaped necklace along with a pair of thin, rectangular earrings. She wears white, heeled wedge boots that go to mid-calf, also lined with red on the inside. Her long white hair is pulled back in an off-center ponytail, at the base of which is a small tiara that resembles icicles. She has a pale complexion and ice blue eyes. She also bears a crooked scar down her left eye.
Dezzy also wears a small bag on the back of her dress, wrapped around her waist with a ribbon, possibly containing crystal batteries and other weapons, respective to the colors on Myrtenaster.

About You!
Personality: On the outside she is like an emotionless shell. She is the perfect shinobi in that way and at such a young age. She can come across as cruel, heartless. Like she is nothing more than a machine or tool to be used for the 'greater good' or a desired out-come.
However, that's barely the scratch on the surface. There is so much more to the child than just the lack of emotions she shows others. She is a kind child deep down, caring and exceptionally loyal: the sort of loyalty that would have her marching into battle with the odds being a hundred against her just because the person she truly cared even thought of asking such a task of her. It's loyalty down to its very deepest and darkest core.
Dezzy~Mai, when she trusts someone, opens up like a book: outside of being kind, caring, and exceptionally loyal she's also bubbly and sweet. Adorable really once you get to know her and once she allows her true colors and nature to shine.
She is very child minded in the way she views things: sort of like a tainted black and white viewing of the world around her and how things should be. This child mindedness can be tainted even further depending on the views of those she is loyal to: whether they be evil or good she will follow them blindly.
Quiet. That has to be the most noticeable trait for the child. Even as a baby she hardly made a peep, choosing to try and communicate in other ways then through crying or other vocalized behaviors.
Smart. Dezzy catches on quickly to things, and despite her age she isn't confused by 'adult' conversations; though she plays well like she has no idea what's going on. It's a trait that's proved useful from time to time, when she's happened to over hear the right thing, and been able to tell someone she can trust what's going on, or what is going to happen.
Fluid. Dezzy-Mai loves to dance, and it's as much of her personality as anything. Dancing, acrobatics, grace. She's a fluid child who likes to be constantly in motion. Even when she's sitting still it is as if she's continuing to move; a slight sway, a ripple in her clothing, or her hair blowing in the wind. That isn't to say that she cannot be still, as she can quite easily especially when studying or reading, but she prefers movement far more, even if it's only a little bit.

Likes: Candy! Gummy bears, lollipops, pocky, you name it and she will eat it. Though she's not completely a candy junky it does take up the majority of her favorites; though she also has shown that she loves fruit and berries of all kinds, along with jerky.
Bright colors always fall beneath one of her likes: yellows, blues top the charts, but pinks, and greens don't fall far behind.
Learning. Dezzy yearns to learn anything and everything that she can. Like her mother, Aisling, Dezzy is a very fast learner, and enjoys the fact that there is an abundance of knowledge welcome to her at all times.
Family. Dezzy, from the day that she was born, has been surrounded by the love and safety of her family; it's all she had known until the tragedy struck. Therefore it causes her to be very protective of her family or those she now considers such, while making her shy around almost anyone else. Her family is the center of her life, after all.
Fire. Out of all of the elements fire would have to be Dezzy's favorite. She takes to fire like a fish to water, and is often, lovingly, referred to as a dancing flame.
Music! It goes hand in hand with her dancing. Music is calming and peaceful for Dezzy, even if it has an upbeat or faster beat. She can listen to music for hours and never become bored of it.

Dislikes: Dark colors. Yup, even the usual black that most shinobi wear is something Dezzy avoids. She has even gone so far as to say that she would be the first ninja in the world to go around wearing white!
Dezzy-Mai is a very loyal child when it comes to her father and with that loyalty comes a severe need to remain close to him and to not lose him. With that said she dislikes anyone who threatens her father; even the smallest of comments that are meant jokingly can send Dezzy-Mai over the edge and into the red zone of rage.

Motivations: Her family. It's really as simple as that. She wants to grow up to be as strong as the other members of her family, if not stronger. She knows that while they protect her now because of how young she is, that one day the roles will be reversed and the day will come that she will need to protect them. Therefore, even though she's only ten, she still studies and tries her hardest to remember everything that is taught to her.
Doing her best also is a motivation in itself. She knows what she will one day be capable of, and knowing that she strives to push herself as hard and fast as she possibly can, knowing that defeat is never the answer. Because of this she will never deny or turn down a task; always willing to try something at least once, no matter how hard it might look.

Fears: Loss. Dezzy loves her family completely; they're what she has known since the day she was born. Therefore, even at her young age, she is smart enough to realize that no one lives forever, and so the idea of no longer being able to see or speak with one of her family members is a frightening one.
Kai also fears disappointing her friends and family. She wants them to be proud of her, to be proud of her success and choices in life, and the idea of disappointing them, or causing them to be upset over a choice she has made is also a major fear for the young girl, so much so that it causes her to be far less impulsive then most children and to think about the things she says and does before she says and does them.

The Beginning
Dezzy-Mai, or dancing fire as she was so often called when she was very young, did not have the typical start to life that a normal person would have. There was no being born, no combination of two DNA’s into what would ultimately give birth to the child after nine long months. There was simply creation: a test subject born from stolen DNA that simply came from a test-tube an undetermined time later.

The scientists, who had stolen her father’s – Mitsuo Uchiha – DNA, had created her in the hopes of turning her into some sort of weapon: the ultimate killing machine that they had hoped, or so Dezzy figured, that they could control. From as early as she could remember she was given a number, Test Subject 3,  instead of a name – only the scientists with the most hands on experience with her referred to her as anything else.

Ultimately, had they not begun to brag about their exploits, had they not told everyone who would listen about their grand scheme, Dezzy-Mai would have likely remained with them and would have indeed becoming a killing machine for the likes of Niwaurushigakure. As it was though these rumors, these stories of a girl born from the stolen DNA of Mitsuo Uchiha, reached her father’s ears. Each story was grander than the last, especially as the child slowly began to grow and age – becoming powerful with very passing day. Through some intense searching her father was able to find her location and came looking.

On the particular day that Dezzy-Mai had been found she and several other children – the rest of which were boys – had earned the right to go outside and play in the fenced in enclosure around the property. They had all done well during testing and had all cooperated when it came to training their abilities, and so a break was granted for them. Dezzy-Mai, who had had no particular interest in playing with the other children at that time, was off on her own – closer to the gate and surrounded by a clump of bushes and trees. She had been playing in the dirt with a bucket of water, creating a mud-version of a sandcastle, when the large shadow of her father descended over her. She had looked up in the hopes of asking whoever it was to step out of the light so she could better see when she found herself staring at the much older and male equivalent of her. Even at the age of two she realized who this man had to be and stood up, reaching for him without hesitation.

Perhaps it was her reaction to his presence, or perhaps something else entirely, but her father made quick work of the weak chain-link fence that separated the pair. He took Dezzy-Mai from the location to where he had been staying while in that area. He had left her there and disappeared for a while only to return later with the distinct smell of blood surrounding him. Dezzy-Mai didn’t ask, but she figured that her father had slaughtered those scientists and perhaps everyone else in that place.

The Chakra Beast
Dezzy-Mai was perhaps the perfect child; the sort of child any parent could dream of. She was loyal to her father, her savior, and because of this loyalty she never second guessed or disobeyed an order given to her – all she expected in return was the love and protection that any parent was supposed to offer.

As time continued on Dezzy-Mai quickly learned to love weapon’s, more particularly swords. However, this love was enhanced by the skills and information she had learned and been forced to memorize back when she was still with the scientists: Weapons Tech. Therefore, she combined the two over the years, both Kenjutsu and Weapons tech, to form her ultimate weapon: Myrtenaster – her multi-action dust rapier.

She often could be seen training with her weapon and because of this it became like a part of her; an extension of her arm instead of just an every day weapon. Perhaps it was this good fortune that saved her from what was to come. At the age of nine she went exploring in an old castle that her and her father were stopped by. She had ventured in alone, her usual lack of fear keeping her from feeling the intimidation that such a large and dark place would have given any other child. Exploring came naturally because with exploring came knowledge; and so she was soon moving through the castle with ease, absorbing all of the information she could gleam from the place. In the last room she reached was a huge suit of armor in the pose of kneeling with a giant claymore about the size of the suit of armor.

She approached in curiosity only to find that this suit of armor was alive: some strange chakra beast that came from being the reanimation of an old swordsman long forgotten to time. The battle began. The chakra beast known as Kasai enjoyed a good challenge and had spotted the child’s rapier; and it was something that after years of being stuck in that castle in boredom he wasn’t going to pass up. The fight was brutal with only the abilities of her rapier, those which came from the fuuinjutsu seals and the healing chakra inside of her – allowing her to stand any chance against this otherwise inhuman creature. Towards the end of the battle Dezzy-Mai was struck and hit the ground with such force that she should have died, torn to pieces before her father’s very eyes. It was during this period of time that she realized she would die; she had little faith that the medical ninjutsu she had created and used on herself would be capable of sparing her from such a fate such as death itself: and therefore she, while still holding on to the slivers of life and consciousness, plucked her eyes out of her own head, both having reached Mangikyo Sharingan, and gave them to her father, resulting in blindness….

Her father left, unable to likely stand the sight of his dying daughter, and Dezzy thought that surely that would have been the end of her.. and yet she got to her feet with only the scar that even to this day shows over her left eye after the healing chakra that she had little to no faith in actually did its job and saved her life. The battle continued on with Dezzy-Mai using her rapier’s finishing move to stop the creature and weaken it enough for it to be sealed inside of her: thus granting her even more power than that she had previously had.

She went to rush after her father, hoping to tell him her fate was not so, and yet the blindness overwhelmed her in such a way that she was unable to proceed and fell unconscious. She was later found and taken to the village of Konohagakure. She remained hospitalized for a short period of time while she was checked time and again to ensure that she truly wasn’t harmed. It was during this period of time that she began to produce something known as the chakra radar; and ability that allowed her to see through radar instead of the eyes she so willingly gave up to her father. However, this was no weak or ordinary ability, and soon, especially as she began to hone and practice with it upon leaving the hospital, she was capable of seeing further and further away, and in increasingly good detail until the whole village was within her sights.

Back to full strength Dezzy continued to train; she knew it would take a lot to find her father… and hoped to one day be reunited with him again.

RP Sample: Dezzy Mai beamed as she was patted on the head again: she truly felt exactly as she had spoken. Becoming Hokage, or an ANBU Captain, or some other high ranked shinobi was all grand and glorious but what Dezzy Mai truly wanted to do was to help people like herself. To save people who might be in the position that Dezzy Mai had been before her fathers had saved her. Dezzy Mai knew first hand what it was like to suffer, what it was like to have to go without and to make hard decisions, to make life or death choices, to have to suffer under and at the hands of others, and she wanted to be able to rescue others from that sort of a horrible position.

And so, with that in mind she had turned her attention from her father and onto her other teammates, curious as to what they hoped to achieve under the guiding hand of their sensei: would they want to be Hokage sometime in the future or perhaps something else entirely? She was eager to find out and to learn more about those she would be working with.

But, what was this? Her oldest teammate had decided to attempt to attack Mitsuo unprovoked and un-ordered. It was one thing to be training or sparring with ones squad or sensei but it was something else entirely to attack, unprovoked, and to attempt to get away with it.

Dezzy Mai found herself torn between her feelings as she watched her father use the pummel of one of his swords to knock Julius first on top of his head, and barring he dodged that by some means, the side of his head with the flat edge of another sword. Suddenly it felt like there were several ‘inner’ Dezzy’s all exclaiming different things: though the loudest inner voice was going ‘Go, daddy, go!’ in her skull and cheering like some sort of cheerleader with a set of pompoms and a cheerleading uniform with the Konoha leaf symbol on the front of it. Another inner voice looked annoyed: this was the inner voice who had been looking forward to a sparring match. A third one of these inner voices had its mental hands balled into fists, brows lowered together in a look that in itself could kill if looks could accomplish such things: this was the inner voice that was at the front most of her emotions and feelings.

Dezzy Mai was agitated; angry really. She was loyal to the very deepest core of her being when it came to Mitsuo or Strafe: they had saved her, they had taken her in and so they deserved the very best loyalty she could give them – and being loyal was just something she was good at. It was loyalty that could not be diminished, that could not be altered, or changed, or swayed. With this loyalty came a protective feeling: Mitsuo was her father now and she had no intentions in losing him or seeing any harm come to him, so having to stand back and watch one of her teammates attack him? Just, no. It caused her hands to ball into fists and the twinkle of happiness in her eyes to dim. A serious expression crossed her face; wiping away the smile that had always seemed plastered there since the day she was saved. It was, all in all, like a mask of happiness being removed and the serious inner part of Dezzy Mai that never showed coming to the surface. Her eyes darkened, and her mouth formed a thin straight line; a sign of how serious she took that situation.

She had no intentions of attacking Julius herself – though, had her father not reacted as quickly as he had she would have, if only to attempt to stop him by some means. Still, there was no point in kicking someone while they were down – at least not when it came to a fellow teammate – and so she kept her hands to herself and simply folded her arms across her chest: hiding her hands which were still balled into fists.

She saw the look on Mitsuo’s face and how he seemed to continue on as if nothing had happened even though Julius would have likely been unconscious had those blows hit him. She figured that this was a good example to follow by and took a deep and quiet breath, exhaling slowly as she forced her face to relax back into a more peaceful expression. The deep breathing helped some of her anger, annoyance, and agitation at the situation that had just happened and passed to abate and within a few seconds a smile – though smaller than the one that had been there minutes ago – slipped back onto her face once more.

Still, she could hear one of the inner voices in her head, picture it as if she were watching a TV, pump its fist into the air and go ‘YEAH! DADDY KICKED ASS!’. It made her happy that only she could hear these inner voices. The usual twinkle appeared once more in her bright blue eyes and her smile became more natural and less forced.

Faceclaim: RWBY - Weiss Schnee

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PostSubject: Re: Tsukino-Uchiha, Kaia   Mon Aug 11, 2014 1:15 pm

Bumping for completion. This is a direct import from Tales. <3

"Everyone is entitled to their own sorrow, for the heart has no metrics or form of measure. And all of it… irreplaceable."
Fuuinjutsu: SS | Medical Ninjutsu: SS | Kenjutsu: S | Ninjutsu: S
Katon: SS | Raiton: SS | Fuuton: S | Suiton: S
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Tsukino-Uchiha, Kaia
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