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 Iki, Mitsukai

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PostSubject: Iki, Mitsukai   Mon Aug 18, 2014 4:18 pm

Name: Mitsukai (Mittens) Iki
Alias: The Desert Rose
Age: 15
Birthdate: December 31st
Rank: Jounin (S) | Kazekage

Village: Sunagakure
Clan: Iki
Element(s): Suiton(SS)  | Raiton(SS) | Fuuton(S) | Thunderstorm (S)
Specialties: Ninjutsu (SS) | Taijutsu (SS) | Senjutsu(Master) | Fuuinjutsu (S)
Special Characteristics:
Enhanced Varied Chakra Coloration:
Enhanced Reflexes:
Passive Shock:
Raiton Resistance:
Dragon Form Manifestation:
Powered Flight:
Import SC:

Height: 5'4
Weight: 120 Pounds
Hair Color: Black with Red Streaks
Eye Color: Silver
General Description: Mitsukai appears as a young, silver-eyed girl dressed in a black blouse and a skirt with red trimmings, complete with a red cloak. Her entire outfit is made up of various shades of red and black, with black as the primary color on the main suit and red on the cloak. Even her hair contains light-red streaks.
Mitsukai has cross-shaped pins holding her cloak to her shirt. Around her waist is a belt which holds large crystal batteries as well as a magazine pouch. She had a silver cross on her belt.
Mitsukai's physical appearance resembles the Little Red Riding Hood archetype.
Mitsukai's pajamas consist of a black tank top with a heart-shaped Beowolf design on the chest and white long pants with pink rose decorations. She also wears a black sleeping mask with triangular red eyes reminiscent of the Beowolves in her trailer.
A pair of headphones can often be found around her neck playing some kind of music or another.

About You!
Personality: There are several main parts to Mitsukai's personality.
The first would be her very innocent nature. She's pure in both heart and soul, lacking the ability to want to do evil for the sake of doing it. She has a very pure outlook on the world, and a very black and white point of view when it comes to distinguishing what is evil and what is not. Things deemed evil or sinful in nature make her almost sick. This also seems to affect her choice of clothing: or the color of it. She tends to gravitate towards lighter colors, refusing to wear dark colors or black unless she absolutely has to.
The second main part of Mitsukai's personality is affection towards those she knows. It's been known to cause her to show an almost clingy nature to some, while it's merely her way of showing that she cares for someone; this is stronger if directed towards a family member.
The third major part of Mitsukai's personality is her shyness. She's a very quiet individual, a thinker so to speak. This added into her natural shyness towards those she doesn't know makes her overly quiet. The flip side of this is when she's with someone she has known for a very long time, such as a close friend or family, then she becomes talkative so long as she remains surrounded only by those that she knows.
Along with these previously mentioned traits comes her lack of trust she has towards the majority of people. She knows that evil exists, even if she does try to avoid it, and she knows that evil can be cunning. Therefore she's very careful in who she trusts, knowing that even though someone comes across as the nicest person in the world their heart can be truly filled with evil.
Her final most prominate trait would have to be the wildness about her. While she's not wild in the aspect of being out of control, she can come across as almost fearless in the fact that she's willing to try something at least once, so long as it won't cause harm to others: leading her to enjoy some rather 'extreme' sports.

Likes: Mitsukai is very fond of light colors. The brighter the better, and she tends to gravitate towards the color white most of all, mainly because it is the color the represents purity.
She has a fondness towards books, not just for the thirst of knowledge but because of her own sense of adventure. She enjoys reading histories and even fictional books. Anything that tells the past history of something or something. She enjoys the idea of further expanding her mind, as she believes knowledge is a very powerful thing.
Mitsukai has an extreme liking towards lollipops. Though she's not picky when it comes to the flavor she does admit to Watermelon and Green Apple being her favorite flavors. She does tend to avoid the lollipops with anything in the center of them; as she claims that they taint and ruin the overall flavor of the otherwise delicious candy.
Mitsukai also has shown a great deal of fondness towards 'extreme' sports such as rock climbing and cliff diving. She finds the rush to be rather enjoyable.
Finally, she has a strong like of music, almost any type. Though, she does admit to liking music with a faster or more upbeat sort of tune to it.

Dislikes: Evil, pure and simple, has to be Mitsukai's stronger dislike. This extends however into several catagories, but the strongest one would have to be those who do evil to do it.
People who do evil for the sake of doing it would have to be those who she dislikes the most. These would be those who do anything from the range of bullying to outright murder and everything that could fall in between. While she understands that sometimes the only way to solve things is through war and thusly the loss of life, she believes that killing for petty reasons or to just do so is pure evil: and that evil needs purified.
On a more tamer side of things Mitsukai has an extreme dislike towards cigarette smoke and other impurities put into the body. With her innocent outlook and strong respectfulness she believes that everyone should respect their bodies: and by doing something such as smoking or putting another sort of toxin into ones body not only is that person disrespecting others who are around it but themselves.

Motivations: Mitsukai's biggest motivation would have to be wanting to help out her big brother, Luca. She has always looked up to the male since she was a very small child, and strives to become as strong as possible so that she can use her skills to further help him since he has helped her so much.
Her other motivation stems from this: she wants to be as strong as possible to protect her faimly and friends, so that no harm may come to them. Given her outlook on the world, and her great knowledge of good and evil, she realizes that there are a great many threats and enemies that could cause problems or harm at any moment and therefore uses this knowledge to further push herself to be all that she is capable of becoming.

Fears: Mitsukai has a very odd view on fear. She believes that to fear something is to acknowledge it and therefore to give it strength above you. So, while there are things in the world, such as the fear of failure and letting her family down, that she does fear she attempts to ignore it every chance she gets. She doesn't want to allow this fear to hang over her head and control her.
Of course, fear is still ever-present for her: though the monster under the bed, or the creepy shadow on the wall were never actual fears for her, she does have a strong fear towards darkness. Not in the sake of the lack of light, but because she believes that darkness is used to hide evil, and if there is only darkness then there is only evil.

History:   ~The Beginning of an Angel~
Mitsukai was born in the midst of a horrible sandstorm: one that had caused the loss of power throughout most of the village. At first, her mother and father wished to call her "Light" but upon looking at her face made the decision to call her "Angel" or Mitsukai, as they believed that best suited her facial features.
From a very young age she showed a great deal of bravery: which in most cases was fueled on by her curiosity. She was always being scolded for getting into places she shouldn't go, or for climbing up things she shouldn't be climbing. She wanted to climb more than she wanted to walk.
As she grew older, and was able to be out alone or otherwise with a sibling or friend, she was constantly finding caves, or cliffs, or other dangerous places to go exploring. She felt that by these places being hard to reach or slightly scary meant that they were less explored. Therefore they were places that weren't often touched, giving her a sense of being one of the first in these particular places.
When she wasn't busy exploring she could be found tagging along behind her brother. Usually this was done more to learn from him than to try and be an annoyance. She looked up to him from a very early age, and could always be found saying that she wanted to grow up to be just like her older brother.
~The Angel of the Academy~
When she was old enough to enter into the Academy she did so with a great deal of enthusiasm. She felt it was finally time for her to shine: for her to gain even more knowledge to use to better herself. Her goal in mind was to impress her big brother, and she used him to fuel her further.
She pushed herself further and harder than the other students because of her spirit to strive. She did everything she was told, took on extra credit even though she maintained top grades easily, and never missed a homework assignment. All in all she was the perfect student, but she never bothered to gloat about it. She believed that it was something she was capable of doing and therefore did it.
Because of her outstanding abilities she guaranteed herself and early graduation: being promoted early to Genin, ahead of most of her other classmates.
~The Angelic Genin~
Mitsukai, or Mittens as she was often called by this point in her life, began to spend a lot more time than she had been able to before with Holeman, who had been her good friend since before she could remember. The two became inseparable; beginning to go on missions together, train, hang out, and constantly talk about their dreams. They both wanted to do great things; her to prove that she could to her brother and the rest of her family, and him because he was, as his clan called him, the Chosen One.
Though, despite his title, Mitsukai didn't think of him any differently. He was her friend, her best friend, and there was nothing that was going to change that.
They kept training and kept going on missions; ranging from finding some lost pet or something similar, to doing repairs,, or helping out in the library restocking shelves or putting away new orders of books that had come in, or moving boxes. Any mission they were capable of getting their hands on they did; and flawlessly.
Her time as a Genin was short; and she found her promotion to Chuunin coming before either of them expected: however, she wasn't alone in this promotion, as Holeman was promoted right along side of her.
~The Angelic Chuunin~
The missions and the training continued. While Mitsukai had a squad to train with and do missions with she perferred either doing the training alone or with Mitsukai, and the same went for missions. The more time they spent together, the more they worked together, the more flawless their techniques became. They were beginning to become perfect with their routines: her attacking with him supporting, always having her back, always making sure that the bad guy didn't win.
Their missions by this point had changed up a bit; escorting traveling merchants, doing guard patrol when they were needed or could actually snag the mission. But, they still did the same old ones as before; helping the librarian out when she asked, painting or doing other work around the administrative complex, anything and everything. The pair were definitely on a roll.
~The Angelic Special Jounin~
When the time came for Mitsukai's third promotion she was a bit shocked; it had been unexpected at best. But, the message had come, and she was more than willing to accept it.
She finally could go without a squad; and given that her brother was still acting as Kage for Yokuchi, she was able to get permission to travel to Niwa to do some special training. Mitsukai wanted to learn Taijutsu for the main purpose of using a scythe, a weapon that had utterly fascinated her since she was very young. She met Spook shortly after arriving, and the training started almost immediately. She, at first, thought he had been joking when he told her to run fifty laps around the entire village with weighs on, but had quickly learned he wasn't. However, she didn't complain, she had simply popped in some headphones and got to it. She completed the task, too.
From there they moved into other exercises; punches, kicks, more strength and speed building. Spook taught her everything he could about his version of taijutsu, known as Spook Fu.
When she had learned all she was capable of at that point in time she headed home to tell Holeman all she could about her adventure to the village. It made him want to leave; and she promised she would take him with her the next time she went.
As they continued to hang out and train together, Mitsukai took to teaching Holeman had to combine Suiton and Raiton to get Ranton. The two spent many hours creating giant storm clouds after their training was complete and riding around on them for the fun of it.
~The Angelic Jounin(A)~
Mitsukai's next promotion came shortly after Holeman secretly informed Mitsukai that due to issues involving Yokuchi's current Kage, her brother, that him and the rest of the Holeman's wanted to pack up and move to Niwa. Mitsukai found herself in a very sticky position: Holeman was not only leaving without permission but taking his entire family with him which was something she ought to report on, but at the same time Holeman was her best friend, and they had even admitted to each other already their feelings about each other, making them more than just friends.
So, she traveled with him, making sure to keep an eye on him and keep him safe as he went ahead to talk to Aisling about allowing his family to move there permanently.
While Holeman helepd his family settle in after Aisling agreed to allow them to stay, Mitsukai sought out Spook once more and continued with her training; starting to use what would become her trademark Scythe after a stranger named Sero helped her to create it. She even created a jutsu that would allow her to fire chakra raiton bullets out of the end of it, five at a time.
The time came for her best friend to have his fated meeting with Mitsukai's brother, and she found herself in the middle of their fight that barely lasted (thanks to Holeman's grandmother).
Mitsukai took off for about a week, staying away from everyone as she allowed her thoughts to focus and fix themselves. Eventually, she got her head straight, and her friendship with Holeman continued: and she remained in Niwa to act as a go between for Yokuchi and Niwa.
~The Angelic Jounin(S)~
After Mitsukais' brother stepped down and Nasin took over, Mittens found herself being promoted once more; and no longer needed as much as she had been before.
Growing restless, as was Holeman, the pair gained permission to become wanderers; traveling from place to place, taking odd jobs and doing what they could for others; while returning home from time to time to ensure that everyone was still alright.

RP Sample: Trees and shrubbery blurred in her speed as she pushed herself further and faster towards her goal. Did it matter that the land would soon come to an end? No. Did it matter that there was a pool of water down below and she didn't know how deep it went? Not really. Reckless, maybe.. but that was Mitsukai's way. Always the explorer, always the one to take chances.
So onward she went, faster and faster until finally, she could see where the land ended. She didn't slow or hesitate, she just continued on. Reaching the cliff she let her foot hit the ground one final time, blasting herself skyward. As she began to fall she twisted her body midair, straightening it so that she was pointed straight downwards in what could only be described as a perfect dive. Her hair blew around her in the rushing air, but she couldn't stop grinning.
The water sped faster and faster towards her until finally, she made contact. Her form broke the surface, diving into the thankfully very deep water. Bubbles rose around her as she began to swim deeper, curious as to how deep the water went...

Faceclaim: RWBY – Ruby Rose

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Bump for completion. This is an imported character from Tales. <3 Enjoy my lovelies.
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Welcome to the Bloody Mist.

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Iki, Mitsukai
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