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 Iki - Dovahkiin, Nalla

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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Iki - Dovahkiin, Nalla    Wed Aug 20, 2014 5:23 pm

Name: Nalla (Beloved)
Age: 8
Birthdate: August 20th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Erm… what’s this? –Headtilt-
Rank: Jounin [S]
Village: Kirigakure
Clan: Iki | Dovahkiin [Taking Dovahkiin KKG]
Element(s): Suiton | Fuuton | Hyouton | Blizzard
Specialties: Ninjutsu | Taijutsu | Medical Ninjutsu | Senjutsu
Special Characteristics:
Sibling Rivalry:
Import SC:


4 Foot
Weight: 57 Pounds
Hair Color: Black | Waist Length
Eye Color: Ocean Blue
General Description: Ocean blue colored eyes stand out against her alabaster pale skin; framed long black hair normally worn down which reaches her waist.
Nalla like bright colors and movement as her choice of usual outfit reveals. A top, white in color but with very light purple undertones is held up on her shoulders by two black straps. This black colors continues on over the top of her shirt, framing the sleeves that go down slightly past her elbows. The shirt goes down to roughly her knees, hanging more like a dress than an actual top. A purple colored ribbon can often be found wrapped around her small waist or her Kirigakure headband when she chooses to wear it like that. With this outfit is a pair of purple leggings that match the ribbon; these leggings are tucked into black shinobi open toed sandals.
On the back of her right shoulder blade is a birthmark in the shape of a baby dragon, normally revealed by the fact that her top hangs in such a way to reveal it.
While she doesn’t wear any jewelry she does have two purple ribbons tied nearly around her wrists as well, their purpose being to hide old scars due to her treatments because of her sickness in the very beginning of her life.
About You!
Personality: Quiet. That has to be the most noticeable trait for the child. Even as a baby she hardly made a peep, choosing to try and communicate in other ways then through crying or other vocalized behaviors.
Lovable. Though the majority of the world could see her as sneaky or shy, those who know Nalla well know her to be as lovable as could be, and a very sweet, sweet girl.
Smart. Nalla catches on quickly to things, and despite her age she isn't confused by 'adult' conversations; though she plays well like she has no idea what's going on. It's a trait that's proved useful from time to time, when she's happened to over hear the right thing, and been able to tell someone she can trust what's going on, or what is going to happen.
Fluid. Nalla loves to dance, and it's as much of her personality as anything. Dancing, acrobatics, grace. She's a fluid child who likes to be constantly in motion. Even when she's sitting still it is as if she's continuing to move; a slight sway, a ripple in her clothing, or her hair blowing in the wind. That isn't to say that she cannot be still, as she can quite easily especially when studying or reading, but she prefers movement far more, even if it's only a little bit.
Likes: Candy! Gummy bears, lollipops, pocky, you name it and she will eat it. Though she's not completely a candy junky it does take up the majority of her favorites; though she also has shown that she loves fruit and berries of all kinds, along with jerky.
Bright colors always fall beneath one of her likes: yellows, blues top the charts, but pinks, and greens don't fall far behind.
Learning. Nalla yearns to learn anything and everything that she can. Like her mother, Nalla is a very fast learner, and enjoys the fact that there is an abundance of knowledge welcome to her at all times.
Family. Nalla, from the day that she was born, has been surrounded by the love and safety of her family; it's all she's known. Therefore it causes her to be very protective of her family, while making her shy around almost anyone else. Her family is the center of her life, after all.
Water. Out of all of the elements water would have to be Nalla's favorite - though most would say this had something to do with the fact she was born in Kirigakure. She takes to swimming like a fish, and is often, lovingly, referred to as a fish out of water by her mother.
Music! It goes hand in hand with her dancing. Music is calming and peaceful for Nalla, even if it has an upbeat or faster beat. She can listen to music for hours and never become bored of it.
Animals. Nalla absolutely adores animals and can often be found attempting to sneak a pet, or two, or... five... home.
Dislikes: Dark colors. Yup, even the usual black that most shinobi wear is something Nalla avoids. She has even gone so far as to say that she would be the first ninja in the world to go around wearing white!
Bullies. There is just something about those who pick on the weak and defenseless that rubs Nalla wrong. She knows that she is strong compared to most children due to her upbringing, but never dreamed of using it to bully someone. She sees those who use their abilities to bully or tease the weak as unworthy of the power they possess. It has caused her to go so far as to stand up for and protect those she has found being bullied, even if she didn't know the person: it is also partly the reason why she became interested in medical ninjutsu compared to a more physical specialty.
Motivations: Her family. It's really as simple as that. She wants to grow up to be as strong as the other members of her family, if not stronger. She knows that while they protect her now because of how young she is, that one day the roles will be reversed and the day will come that she will need to protect them. Therefore, even though she's only a young girl, she still studies and tries her hardest to remember everything that is taught to her.
Doing her best also is a motivation in itself. She knows what she will one day be capable of, and knowing that she strives to push herself as hard and fast as she possibly can, knowing that defeat is never the answer. Because of this she will never deny or turn down a task; always willing to try something at least once, no matter how hard it might look.
Finally, her big brother. She wants to be strong, powerful, and unafraid like him. She has looked up to him for as long as she can remember and hopes to one day become just like him.
Fears: Loss. Nalla loves her family completely; they're what she has known since the day she was born. Therefore, even at her young age, she is smart enough to realize that no one lives forever, and so the idea of no longer being able to see or speak with one of her family members is a frightening one.
Nalla also fears disappointing her friends and family. She wants them to be proud of her, to be proud of her success and choices in life, and the idea of disappointing them, or causing them to be upset over a choice she has made is also a major fear for the young girl, so much so that it causes her to be far less impulsive then most children and to think about the things she says and does before she says and does them.
History: Dark. Filled with pain. Horrifying. These are often the words so often used to describe the 'normal' shinobi's past, present, and likely future. But, this is not the case when it comes to young Nalla. Where as the majority of Kirigakure's shinobi grew up knowing one form of heartache or another Nalla has yet to have to suffer such - and likely never will if her older brother an the rest of her family have anything to say about it.

This isn't, of course, to say that her childhood has been uneventful. Nalla conception is somewhat a mystery to her - though not likely that way with her older brother and especially her mother and father - and though she knows she is of a different clan than her older brother she has never questioned it: leaving in silence if she were a product of a moment of weakness or something else entirely.

When she was born she was very sickly: something that was chalked up to her having been born a full month early. The doctors had informed her family that they didn't expect her to live to see morning but she surpassed their estimations and continued to do so. When they said she'd be too weak, to fragile, to even learn to walk she started running. When they said she would never have the strength needed to become a proper shinobi she began training in Taijutsu. Over and over again Nalla continued to prove the doctors wrong, and continued to impress. Though, this was by no means her reasoning behind pushing herself so hard: she had seen and heard of her brother's adventures and workings and had chosen his example to follow after - she wanted to be just like her big brother.

The only thing that truly did seem 'broken' by any sense on the child was her muteness - though whether this was by choice or some sort of default in her genetic makeup is left to be seen. By the age of two, around the time that a normal child would begin verbalizing actual sentences, Nalla was beginning to hone an ability known as telepathy - something that at first was kept a secret from all others in case the information fell into the wrong hands.

By the time Nalla was old enough she was entered into the Academy - something that had a lot to do with her brother's insistence as her parents were still weary about the idea - and excelled. Everything came naturally to her, and by the age of almost eight she was capable of graduating far ahead of the majority of her class.

Now that she has graduated the whole entire world is open to her, but what will she do? Where will her path lead her? Will she be the next great hero, or perhaps end up taking a turn down a much darker path and become the greatest villian known to mankind?

Who knows... for now, she's content with attempting to smuggle adorable creatures home to be her friends.
RP Sample: xD Do I really need one?
Faceclaim: Original: Google Image Search | Edits: Myself

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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Re: Iki - Dovahkiin, Nalla    Wed Aug 20, 2014 6:00 pm

Bumping for completion. I do believe the Dovahkiin clan needs modded still before I can be approved. :(

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PostSubject: Re: Iki - Dovahkiin, Nalla    Wed Aug 20, 2014 6:43 pm

Technically you do need a RP sample, though I am not as picky heh.


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PostSubject: Re: Iki - Dovahkiin, Nalla    

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Iki - Dovahkiin, Nalla
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