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 Helping with the Babies [Mission, 568/100 Word Count]

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Helping with the Babies [Mission, 568/100 Word Count] Empty
PostSubject: Helping with the Babies [Mission, 568/100 Word Count]   Helping with the Babies [Mission, 568/100 Word Count] Icon_minitimeWed Aug 20, 2014 10:41 pm

Mission Taken:

Nalla blinked slowly as she stared down at the mission scroll she had been given: she had been tasked with heading over to the hospital and helping care for some newborn babies. Apparently the hospital was low on staff and the nurses desperately needed an extra set of helping hands. Nalla liked babies like she liked tiny furry animals: which was an awful lot – they were cute and adorable after all.

So without further waiting Nalla took off, skipping, towards the hospital: it was faster than walking but less tiring than running. She skipped her way right in through the front doors, pausing only long enough to actually open the doors so she didn’t go bumping into them, and right up to the receptionists desk. The elderly woman behind it with the granny glasses looked up and smiled at her. “What can I help you with child?”

Nalla, who never spoke, simply held up the mission scroll and pointed to it with a smile.

“Ah, you’re here to help I assume. Follow the blue colored hallway and you’ll come across the nursery. You’ll find your instructions there, dear.”

Nalla nodded a thank you and headed on her way, choosing the blue hallway instead of the pink or yellow colored ones. She wandered a good bit down the hall before the sound of a baby crying reached her ears. She then came upon a room with a giant glass wall that allowed full view of a nursery filled with tiny, newborn babies. Nalla blinked at how many of them there were and then headed inside quietly. She went up to one of the nurses, patted her shoulder to get her attention, and then handed over the scroll without a word.

The nurse looked her over carefully, looked at the scroll, and then smiled. “Wash your hands in the sink over there, scrub up well. Then grab a bottle and get to feeding the babies. If needed make sure you change their diapers, too. Do you know how to change a baby?”

Nalla didn’t and so she shook her head no which caused the nurse to go into a brief display by changing the diaper closest to the pair. Nalla watched carefully and then nodded to indicate she understand and knew what to do now. She then went over to the sink where she washed her hands carefully, taking a whole sixty seconds to perform the task she ensured she cleaned every bit of her hands and even under her nails. Once satisfied she was clean she grabbed a bottle and got to feeding the first baby, carefully.

She repeated this process again and again, stopping every now and then to change a diaper and rewash her hands before continuing. After nearly an hour and a half every baby in the nursery had been fed and changed; all done in time for the shifts to switch at the hospital and the very tired set of nurses who also had been helping in the nursery to go home.

“You’re all finished, dear. You can turn in now. Thank you for your help.”, the nurse said before she patted Nalla on the shoulder and then turned to leave.

Nalla smiled and headed out, glad that that had gone off without any issues… and thinking that babies were quite smelly things when they wanted to be, even if they were adorable and small.

Word Count: 568 / 100+
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Helping with the Babies [Mission, 568/100 Word Count]
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