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 A Killing Stroke, Pt. 1 [Mission/Solo] [Iwa to Land of Grass]

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PostSubject: A Killing Stroke, Pt. 1 [Mission/Solo] [Iwa to Land of Grass]   Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:00 am

Mission Info:

Shin was standing in the cemetery that Sunday when he got the call.  Another ANBU operative appearing behind him while taking a moment to remember Eichi Oshiro.  With the word of being called to the ANBU headquarters, he and the operative went on their way with haste.  A short and brief salute to Eichi’s grave before his departure.

The two of them ran with great speed, appearing to be more like large frogs hopping from the ground to the tops of buildings as they went through the village.  The two of them went to the Ninja Academy, which had a secret entrance into the massive underground infrastructure of Iwagakure’s ANBU Division Headquarters.

The structure wasn’t all that big, but sprawled out underneath the entire village interconnected by hundreds of tunnels.  Going through the Academy’s tunnel allowed them a closer access to the ANBU Captain’s office.  There, in a dark and dusty room lit only by three wall-mounted torches, sat the Captain in his darkly hooded cloak.  Once lead into the room, the operative that had arrived with him disappeared back into the tunnels leaving Shin alone with the Captain.

”Kokoro,” the ANBU Captain spoke in his deep and guttural tone, using the given ANBU name assigned to him by the Tsuchikage upon his re-induction.  ”It seems it is time to put you to use for your first mission.”

Shin, or Kokoro, approached quietly to the front of the Captains desk, kneeling down and bowing his head as the man spoke.  His hair fell over his face to hide a calm demeanor.  This wouldn’t really be his first mission as an ANBU operative, but it would be first under the name ‘Kokoro’.  ”What is the mission, sir?”

The Captain lifted his hooded head for a moment, having stopped looking at the few papers neatly stacked on the middle of his desk.  ”You are to go to the Land of Grass.  There you are to visit Engaru, a small town that is harboring a criminal and funder of crime in that Land.  The Daimyo of the Land of Grass has requested aid and found Jubei Kibagami to be the top of the criminal food chain.  Eliminate him.”

”Yes, sir.  It will be done.”

”Kokoro—“ the Captain called out as Shin got up to leave, thinking his orders were finished.  ”The Tsuchikage, herself, has requested that this not appear like the work of a shinobi.  Do not fail on this task.”

”As the Lady Tsuchikage commands, I will obey.”

The words echoed softly within the office room, reverberating within Shin’s head as he disappeared into the tunnels, this time exiting out into a dried up well within the residential district.  Although he had said he would do the tasks ordered of him, he couldn’t help but remember the last mission he had taken as an ANBU operative.  The mission he had “failed honorably” and had “risked much” to try to save the one he was ordered to protect and send into the Daimyo’s throne.  An order he had decided not to follow.

This however, would be different.  He knew this as he finished gathering his things for the journey.  This time he was killing a criminal.  Something he rather enjoyed doing.  Good men deserved to live, not those with corrupt souls and followers bought by silver and extortion.  Now, as a re-instated ANBU operative and secret weapon of the Hidden Rock village, Kokoro headed out into the Land of Grass and to the town of Engaru.

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Mission WC Requirement reached.  Mission unfinished.

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A Killing Stroke, Pt. 1 [Mission/Solo] [Iwa to Land of Grass]
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