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 Catching the Killer [Private] (Mission)

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Delcan McCrous
Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Catching the Killer [Private] (Mission)   Sat Aug 23, 2014 12:09 pm

Mission Info:

Delcan walked out of his house after doing his morning routine, then checked his pockets.
"Man I need some cash. I am running really low."
Delcan thought for a few seconds what to do with a this, then remembered the mission board! This is great. I really have a lot of catching up to do, because I can't go traveling such a long distance to Clyde with only one jutsu. I only have a forehead protector too! I should probably get money, then buy some weapons. I also should try training more jutsu. What if Clyde lost hope though? Whatever would I do? What if I died, and never reach Clyde? What if he dies. Delcan shuddered thinking of this himself, then ran to the mission board.
"Guess I will need to get strong even if he dies. Whoever kills him will regret ever killing my cousin."
Delcan ran through the hot town of Sunagakure to get to the mission board.

"Finally made it!" Delcan panted, and looked at the mission board for a high paying mission.
"Hmm Michael? Sounds pretty easy." Delcan dusted off his robe, then put his forehead protector on his forehead. He took the mission, and then looked around.
"Where could that piece if shit be?"

Delcan walked around Sunagakure while sweating intensely. It was a very hot day. Delcan takes off his robe, and decides to just wear his t-shirt and shorts around. While walking around the village he finds a ramen bar, and decides to spend the last of his money on a bowl of ramen. While he eats his ramen he sees a shadowy figure talking next to him, and starts getting suspicious. He pretends to be in his own little world as the shadowy figure has a conversation. Delcan started listening in.
"Micheal Myers is going to do it tonight. He is going to kill Clyde once and for all."
"What? Really?"
"Yes he really is a sick person like we thought. Luckily he gets the job done."
The two snicker at this.
"Oh, this is going to be good. He won't have to deal with anymore weak ninja too."
"Exactly, he has this very well planned out. Clyde is going to get it."
The two exchange smirks.
"So what exactly does this Micheal guy want?"
"He just seeks death of millions."
"Doesn't really surprise me. When does he want us there?"
"400. He is awfully picky."
"Wow there goes my night."
"I know right?"
The two both sigh.
"When is he going to kill Delcan?"
"In a few days. Delcan really poses no threat. His rank is the only problem."
"Very true. I bet we could kill him easily though."
"So true."
The two laugh, then look to see Delcan next to them.
The two bolt out of there as fast as they can. While Delcan finishes his Ramen.
"So, he has two minions, he is going to kill Clyde, and also wants to kill me. They really shouldn't talk so loud." Delcan laughs to himself, then gets off his seat.
"400, huh? That is midnight if I am correct." Delcan goes back home, then starts preparing for the worst.

"What should I do?! This is crazy. If they lay a finger on Clyde, then they will be dead in a few seconds. I am just going to march in there, then kill every last one of them." 
Delcan smiled at this. It is going to be good to kill this wannabe ninja. Delcan turns on the television, and sees a show about ponies, then thinks about how Clyde used to always watch this. Delcan cries to himself while thinking of Clyde. He felt so dreadful for leaving him. Clyde probably gave up all hope on him. Clyde probably is in the hands of Micheal Myers right now. Delcan gets up, and glares at the wall. He is going to kill this Micheal guy with pride. He looks down at his skin to see it still pale as ever. He thinks of Clyde again after that. He thinks about how Clyde is all alone in a world that eats away at itself. 

"How do I even deal with this?" He is never going to forgive me for doing what I did. This entire thing is one sick joke. Delcan runs out of his house with his anger very intense.
"You are so dead Micheal. Don't touch Clyde. I have done too much to get to where I am today. I can't lose Clyde. I hope you like seeing your intestines." Delcan shook his head, and took three deep breaths.
"Micheal you pay for your actions tonight."
Delcan walked towards where he is supposed to find that creep. He acted awfully calm, and just his hand in his pockets. He looks towards to the moon, and starts getting ready to face the nightmare coming at him. He was ready for the fight, and the war that was coming. He had no doubt he was going to kill them.


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Delcan McCrous
Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

Posts : 31
Join date : 2014-08-18

PostSubject: Re: Catching the Killer [Private] (Mission)   Mon Aug 25, 2014 5:05 pm

Delcan made it to the place, and readied his fists. He was still pretty poor, so he had no weapons. Delcan looked around to see a flickering light with micheal myers under it. Micheal Myres seemed to be sharpening a knife, and Delcan looked at him unamused.
"Hey pale face! Bring Clyde out, and then lets see how far my foot can go up your ass."
Micheal Myres gave an evil grin.
"Does this turn you on or something?"
"No I am just trying to scare you with an evil grin. I am evil remember?"
"That is cool and all, but I am not going to have sex with you. I am not Homosexual."
Micheal Myres groaned in frustration.
"This is getting worse by the second. Lets just fight pale face."
Micheal Myres drew out a fine katana, then held it towards Delcan. "Taste my sword!" Micheal said as he ran towards Delcan.
"Wait, wait, wait, wait! What the fuck is wrong with you?" Micheal stopped running.
"I was saying to taste my sword."
"Are you horny or something?"
"No..." Micheal thought for a few seconds, then realised how wrong that sounded.
"I see your point. Now lets fight. Take this!" Micheal went to slice Delcan's neck, then missed when Delcan ducked. Delcan did a solid kick into the groan of Micheal, and Micheal screamed out.
"You bitch!"
Delcan shot out a thread right at Micheal's heart. The thread pierced through it, and micheal started slowly dieing.
"Foolish." Delcan said, and moved micheal's body towards him. He looked Micheal in the eye as the man died slowly.
"Where is Clyde?"
"I killed him. The body is hanging from that pole right there." He pointed to a flag pole with a body hanging from it in the shadows.
Delcan looked at the man angrily, then looked to see a child hanging from the flag pole that wasn't Clyde.
"Was it Clyde McDouglass?"
"No, you fre.."
Delcan sent the man straight into the building behind him, then walked away. Two more people creeped up on him, and he was well aware.
"Come out."
Two ninja appear with swords drawn towards Delcan.
"So this is the welcome party?" Delcan's skin was a black, and his eyes were red for doing bad deeds.
The two ninja run at him, and Delcan wrap threads around their necks.
"So hasty aren't we."
Delcan broke constricted their necks, and watched them suffer. He then came to his senses and ended them quickly. He looked down to see his black skin, and started freaking out.
"Mission complete I guess. I really screwed up back there though. Got a little bit crazy with it."
Delcan walked away from the decapitated victims, and the hole in the building. He walked out looking off into the distance.
"I can't go showing my face like this. I am completely black. Before you know it my eyes will be completely red, and my skin will become a jet black."
Delcan sighed at this and wondered how Clyde was doing.

[mission complete/ leave thread]


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Catching the Killer [Private] (Mission)
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