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 Kensei, Takezo

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Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Kensei, Takezo   Sat Aug 23, 2014 4:49 pm

Name: Takezo Kensei
Age: 15
Birthdate: June 13th
Gender: Male
Rank: Jounin (A) ANBU

Village: Sunagakure no Sato
Clan: Uchiha
Element(s): Katon | Raiton | Bakuton
Specialties: Fuuinjutsu | Medical| Genjutsu | Kyujutsu
Special Characteristics:
Child Inheritance:
Invisible Quiver:
Intimidating Presence:
Sibling Bond:


Weight: 140lbs
Hair Color: Medium Length white hair.
Eye Color: Dark Brown
General Description: Takezo looks almost exactly like his "father" Mitsuo Uchiha did when he was his age. He has medium length white hair that sits just below his dark brown eyes and has the exact same trademark smile. While his father is older and more muscular, Takezo is much slimmer and less defined in the body. He tends to wear clothes to impress people, favoring the look of suits over robes and ties to necklaces. Around his wrist he always has a watch so he always knows the time and is never late, one of the things he is meticulous about. When fighting he still wears a suit. He specifically owns a suit that is a size larger than he should be wearing so that he can slide it overtop of whatever armour he is wearing. He keeps his face and body completely shaven, besides the hair on top of his head and his eyebrows, hating any form of hair bothering him anywhere but those places. He is also extremely handsome for a teenager and is often seen by others to be a beautiful person. He has done modelling in the past due to his good looks and impressive fashion sense, making his face rather well known.

About You!
Personality: Takezo tends to be rather cold and collected. Having never known any family and being forced to be alone since he was a child has shaped him into someone who has a very hard time feeling empathy. When he was a child he had learned to steal to survive and that the word was kill or be killed. Because of this he is often thought to be somewhat of a sociopath, though he has simply found a way to be at peace with the ways of the world. He tends to be kind to animals over most people, his pet cheetah named Chisoku being his best friend and the only living creature that he holds dear to him. He and the King Cheetah grew up with one another and because of that Takezo will always hold a special place in his heart for him. He would never go as far as to bully someone, as he believes that bullies are pathetic people who are simply taking advantage of people weaker than them to make themselves feel better. He instead tends to stick up for those weaker than him, often meeting bullies with violence whenever they decide to rear their ugly faces. This is mostly due to the fact that people tried to bully him when he was a child due to the fact that he was an orphan with no past and he would always stand up to them, often defeating them and driving them away from him.

Though he is generally non-caring of those around him, he is still fond of the village that he ended up growing up in, and of the current Kazekage Mitsukai Iki. He sees her as very much like him, remembering one time when he was younger when she stood up for him when he was being assaulted by a group of bullies. The two of them together took on the bullies and afterwards they bonded a little. Though not much was said as the two of them tend to be rather quiet, they certainly connected. When Takezo was told that she was becoming the Kazekage he told her he would do absolutely anything to protect her and the village, and pledged to keep her safe, ending up joining Suna’s ANBU as a direct result of that. She is the one person in the world who he actually knows that he would consider to be a friend, and he would do anything for her.

The Arts: Takezo is a great appreciator of Music and art. He has been known to play the guitar and a few other simple instruments and is a decent singer as well. Though he doesn’t believe himself to be overly talented with music he has been told on several different occasions that is in fact quite good. Though he does not draw he truly appreciates those who can and will always be quick to compliment someone who has artistic ability, something that is rather different for him to be doing.

Strength: Though he is not someone who would shun someone for not being strong, Takezo has a personal preference for strong people. He has always been surrounded by them and enjoyed the challenge of a good fight and a strong opponent. He always honours a strong opponent and will never be one to turn down a fight, even if the odds seem overwhelming. He constantly wishes to push himself to greater things and uses the strength of others to gauge himself.

Kindness: Takezo has been through a lot in his short life, and in that time the only person who he ever liked showed him great kindness. Because of this it is one trait that he always looks for in people, tending to dislike those who do not show kindness and instead tend towards cruelty. He will only talk to someone who is polite and kind.

Cruelty: Takezo has no tolerance for people who are cruel to others. If he sees someone picking on someone else he will often intervene and if necessary he will do whatever he must to make the person stop, short of killing them of course. He has been known to knock people unconscious over them being cruel to another human being or animal.

Laziness: Takezo was brought up in the village of Sunagakure no Sato in an orphanage as a child where everyone was expected to do chores. He would rise early in the morning to perform his chores and then when that was completed and he had had his first meal he would make his way out to the training grounds. Takezo does not understand people who are lazy, as he has never had the opportunity to be lazy. He has always seen lazy people as wasting their time and therefore wasting his own time and not being worth him speaking to.

Cockiness: This is a pot calling the kettle black situation but Takezo dislikes people who are overly cocky. He does not see himself as being cocky, thinking of cockiness to only be people who boast about themselves and talk themselves up, which is something Takezo would never personally do. People who do this always manage to irk Takezo and he can’t wrap his head around why they think so highly of themselves when they are about to be defeated by a child.
Family: Takezo has never known his family, and as such he has always hoped to one day meet them. It is the dream of every orphan child to meet the people who brought them into the world if they never got to have the chance to do so, and Takezo is no exception. He constantly seeks out opportunities to find clues as to what happened to them and it is always a driving force in most things that he does.

Loyalty: Takezo is extremely loyal to the new Kazekage and to his village. If he is ever asked to do anything by the Kazekage he will do so without question. He is also very driven to protect his village and if he finds anything that may be a threat to that he will take out that threat without hesitation. These two things very often go hand in hand and are a large driving reason in why he joined the ANBU Black Ops of Sunagakure no Sato.

History: Takezo knows that he was not simply abandoned by his family and he seeks to destroy those who pulled him away from them. He has begun finding people who know things that had happened to him and his sister, whom he had heard of, and has dealt with them each in somewhat disturbing ways after they gave him the information that he needed.

Death of Chisoku: Though he doesn’t often say it, the thought of Chisoku dying for him to live on really bothers Takezo. He would be completely lost without Chisoku by his side, his friend who had guided him through his life thus far and had always been there for him. He knew that if Chisoku were to die he would more than likely slip into a deep depression and it would be extremely difficult for him to snap out of it.

Being Outcast: Takezo secretly has a fear of being abandoned and outcast. He has never told anyone of this fear as he also fears that if he does so they will see it as a weakness and therefore do exactly what it is that he fears they will do. He would not be able to go on without the support of his friends and if they were to abandon him he would never truly recover from the emotional turmoil.

Family: Takezo’s greatest fear is that when he finally gets to the end of his search for his family he will either discover that they don’t want anything to do with him, or even worse that they are already dead. If this was to happen he would be absolutely crushed and would more than likely end up going on a rampage that would be difficult to stop.

Spawn of the Saint
When Mitsuo Sarutobi was still a younger man in his late teens he ventured into the village of Sunagakure no Sato. While he was there a local medic known for practicing forbidden medical techniques heard of his visit and decided that he would have to meet him. Mitsuo ended up getting into a battle and afterwards had to go and get patched up. The doctor was the one who saw him and he ended up keeping a sample of Mitsuo’s blood to attempt to perfect one of his most resent and most exceptional techniques; the technique of making a living clone of someone. He would eventually succeed in cloning the Sword Saint twice, splicing the genes to make the two of them somewhat different and making the first twin male and the second female. The female was eventually given to her “father” Mitsuo, who raised her as his own and took good care of her. He never knew about the male who was given to an orphanage in Sunagakure no Sato when he was just a small baby. The baby was nearly a perfect clone of Mitsuo, and would go through his entire childhood having no idea who he was or who his “father” was, simply wishing that he could meet his family.

When he was spending time in the orphanage it was noticed that he had some talent for the ninja arts and was then enrolled into the ninja academy. While he was there he was often picked on by larger older students due to the fact that he was an orphan and had no idea where he came from. In turn he would eventually take exception to them taunting him and would snap, lashing back at them and beating one of them to near death. His instructors heard about the fight, but instead of expelling him they took him aside and decided to teach him more about the ways of Taijutsu, thus making his arsenal even more deadly. He was given much more powerful opponents to train with and eventually become so good at Taijutsu that when the time came for his examination he aced it with flying colours.

Shortly before graduating from the academy, Takezo met the young girl who would eventually become the Kazekage, Mitsukai Iki. The two of them defeated a batch of bullies together and eventually she would become his first and only human friend. He always appreciated her company and had become better with social interaction because of her. He also began playing music around this time and discovered he had somewhat of a talent for that as well. He would continue training and when he graduated and became a genin he became even more determined to meet his family and become the strongest that he could be.

Takezo decided shortly after graduating that he was going to take up the bow and he began training in the art of archery, realizing that like in most areas of his life he continued to be a natural in this field. He wasn’t sure what his parents had passed down to him, but he knew that whatever it was it was an impressive amount of power and natural ability. He would become known as a master archer eventually, as well as a master of medical ninjutsu, tending to the village’s sick and dying. This is also where he learned about the fact that he did indeed have a family. One day while working at the hospital he overheard a couple of people discussing a rogue medic who had practiced in the village and he also heard his own name. He approached the two and asked them how the medic and him were connected and they told him that he took him away from his father and sister. He eventually followed more clues and found the laboratory where he and his sister were created and inside of it he noticed scribbled on some notes amidst illegible handwriting was the word “Kensei”.

Tazeko took the name Kensei as his family name and would track down the medic who had destroyed his childhood, eventually cornering him and in a blind rage and extreme bloodlust filled fury he would slaughter him and the entire hospital he had opened up. There were dozens of people inside; both staff and patients alike, but he didn’t care. All he knew was this was the man who had taken his past away from him and he needed retribution for his childhood. When he left the building he was covered in blood and gore, eyes gleaming red but not with blood, and a wicked smile on his lips. He had received some satisfaction in knowing that he had destroyed the man who had stolen his childhood, but he still didn’t have any more answers as to where his family was.

Eventually he heard that Mitsukai was named the new Kazekage and as soon as he heard the news he met with her in her office, kneeling before her and offering his services as one of her loyal ANBU Black Ops agents. He works for her now, still looking for clues as to where his family may be so that he may reunite with him and learn more about who he was and where exactly he came from…

RP Sample:

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Kensei, Takezo
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