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 Chita Clan

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PostSubject: Chita Clan   Sun Aug 24, 2014 7:56 am

Clan Name: Chita Clan
Location: Scattered
History: For as long as the world has existed there have been those who have wandered the lands, making their way across the vast fields and never calling one place home. One of these nomadic peoples is the Chita Clan, where the Cheetah Sages derive from. They were always known to be fantastic warriors who relied on speed and reflex rather than brute strength, allowing them to take most any enemy in a flash of fur and teeth. Over the ages their numbers weined down to much less than in their prime and these days you would be hard pressed to find more than a couple of roaming streaks of them.

The clan is lead by Shisso Suru, the Cheetah King, a muscular and imposing figure who is extremely adept with a polearm weapon and loves to show off his skill against his adepts. As the clan dies out, the hunt for a new Cheetah Sage has become more desperate and the Cheetah King has become more determined in his desperate hunt, though he is normally a gentle and more passive soul. He uses the powers of scriers to search out those who are worthy of signing a pact with them, and those who carry great strength of character and will, in order to train the next generation of Chita Sennin.

Description of clan ability: The Chita Clan takes on the aspects of the animal they are durived from, taking a more feline look, complete with feline ears and muzzle. This muzzle is lined with razor sharp teeth that can cause a decent amount of damage on their own. The cheetah sage, when in this form, gains a boost of one rank to his reaction time due to his affinity as well.

At any time, so long as he has the chakra to do so, the cheetah sage can summon one of the young chita warriors to assist him in battle. Once he becomes a master sage he can summon the Cheetah King Shisso Suru.

Drawbacks: While Cheetahs are quick they are not overly strong nor can they keep their speed up. The longer they stay in this form the more fatigued they will become from using their enhanced reflexes. After five posts they must stop what they are doing and rest for at least one post in order to perform any further action, failure to do so will result in the cheetah sage to feint from exhaustion and lose nearly all of his chakra.


Name: Sage Summoning: Cheetah Warrior
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B-S
Type: Supplementary
Element: /
Range: /
Specialty: Senjutsu, Chita Clan
Duration: /
Cooldown: /
Description: A skill tought to the Chita Sage in his training by the Cheetah King himself, the sage will learn how to use his sage contract to summon forth one of the warriors of the Chita clan to fight by his side. These anthropomorophic cheetahs stand at six feet tall and are masses of lithe muscle. They fight with +1 reflexes and use Taijutsu with no elemental chakra of which to speak. They will be summoned at the rank of the jutsu.

Name: Sage Summoning: Cheetah King
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary
Element: /
Range: /
Specialty: Senjutsu, Chita Clan, Master Sage
Duration: /
Cooldown: /
Description: Upon the completion of his sage training with the Cheetah King, the chita sage will be given the summoning contract to summon the cheetah king himself. He is an S Rank beast who is proficient with a glaive and uses fuuton chakra ninjutsu and Weapons. He, unlike the other cheetahs, does not have to stop from exhaustion and may continue fighting long past the time of the other members of his clan. He has access to the Fuuton Library but may only use a maximum of two chakra based attacks of A Rank or lower.


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Chita Clan
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