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 Helpful Kitten. { Mission | Closed | Completed

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Helpful Kitten. { Mission | Closed |  Completed Empty
PostSubject: Helpful Kitten. { Mission | Closed | Completed   Helpful Kitten. { Mission | Closed |  Completed Icon_minitimeSun Aug 24, 2014 8:54 am

[ I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine ]

mission taken!;:

Well... Ai DID say there were always available to help with any task, mundane or otherwise. That's likely how they ended up in this position; sword strapped to their side, hat and glasses securely in place, and a rather expressionless expression plastered on their delicate face. Madam Yang seemed sweet enough, and Ai couldn't help but feel for her injury- if they knew any medical jutsu they'd feel a lot more helpful right about now. Where was the Medic Corps when you needed them...? Sarcastic remarks in their head aside, Ai listened attentively to each instruction they were given.

"Leave it to me, miss. I won't let you down."

Ai never let anyone down, actually, and wasn't about to start now. They clung tightly to the list as the follow it in order; getting the dry cleaning was a simple enough outing, and with how trained Ai was at carefully handling their sabre they had no issue getting the delicately washed clothing back to the old lady's house safe and sound. The buying of the food, however, was just a tad more difficult... the Nekonote clan wasn't exactly well liked by many merchants or tradesmen, simply because of their order of business and their zero tolerance for any shady business; they had probably done in a few of the traders friends before, especially partners from other villages.

With hat pulled down over their face, Ai quickly rushed through the ordering; they decided to just buy the goods themselves instead of wasting the old lady's money, maybe earning a few good karma points in the process. Madame Yang might need it for something later, anyways. Ai was lucky enough that the shop was a local one, never having much trouble with the residences of Konoha themselves. They could hear aggressive muttering from the stalls around them, though, and studiously moved on to the next topic on the list. Now wasn't the time to start any fights- they had stuff to do.

The next step was delivering a present and card for someone's birthday, a guy by the name of Yen; perhaps her son, or maybe grandson?

That was over fast enough, simply dropping it off with wishes for a pleasant day and at least another hour to spare. It was nice, for once, to not have to worry about blood being spilled while out and about. It was almost relaxing, despite the genin's hurried footsteps to get everything done in enough time.

The final objective was to pick up some cold medicine, though Ai couldn't help but wonder if they should pick up something for her injury, as well; maybe some basic muscle relaxants? They did in the end, anyways, grabbing the prescription from the pharmacy and picking up another small bottle of pills. They didn't have any ulterior motives for going a tiny bit overboard in finishing the errands, simply hoping for the old woman's well being and quick recovery.

"Here's the groceries, Madame, as well as the medicine; your money back as well, as it seems it wasn't necessary to spend it. There's a bottle of pain relievers in the bag, as well, and I hope you feel better soon. I'm on call at all hours of the day and night if you need anything more."

Ai's speech was stilted and polite, apathy not as much dripping as coating each of their words. They cared, but it would be unprofessional to show it. In the end, regardless, they felt it was all worth it, seeing the light in Yang's eyes and the smile on her face.

{ WC: 624/100

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Helpful Kitten. { Mission | Closed |  Completed Photoshop_stuffs_by_PhantomNagas

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Helpful Kitten. { Mission | Closed | Completed
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