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 Moving the Boxes[Mission, Private][653/100 Words]

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PostSubject: Moving the Boxes[Mission, Private][653/100 Words]   Sun Aug 24, 2014 5:56 pm

Mission Taken – Move some Boxes:

Nalla looked down at the mission scroll in her hand. She had done some pretty exciting tasks recently such as rescuing a boy from a well, finding a family lost out in the desert before anything worse could happen to them, and even patrol duty in the market one night, so it wasn't a surprise that she was back to the boring and tedious work that genin were expected to do while the higher ranking shinobi went out on missions that were considered more like adventures, and which took days to complete and not hours. However, with bills to pay and a family to help out, Nalla wasn't going to complain too much.

Given that she was already in the administrative building and this was where the mission was to take place, a mission that was moving some boxes from an old storage room and taking them to a new one that was upstairs, she headed off to the storage room. She moved down the winding halls and reached her destination within minutes. There she found a janitor looking man standing there with a set of keys for her to take which she did. He explained to her that those were the keys both to the old storage room and the new one and she was to lock up when finished so no one could mess with the boxes afterwards. Nalla simply nodded to the man and then opened the storage room as he walked away to go clean windows or whatever it was that janitors did around noon time.

When Nalla opened the door she saw many boxes in front of herself: ten very small boxes, five boxes that she would consider medium sized, and five that looked like they were large almost all of the smaller boxes in them. Twenty boxes in all and a dolly next to them that would make her job a lot easier. Thinking that the larger boxes were going to be the biggest pain in the ass she loaded two of those on the dolly slowly and carefully. When they were stacked she could just barely see above them but knew it would do. She left the storage room with the dolly in tow and moved down the short hallway to the steps. Up the steps, down another hallway, and into the new storage room the boxes went. She returned with the now empty dolly when finished.

Two boxes down and eighteen more to go so she loaded another two large boxes on the dolly and repeated the process. Sixteen left she loaded the last large box and stacked three smaller boxes on top of it. Back up the steps, down the hallway, and she deposited the boxes and headed back. Twelve boxes left; seven small and five medium. She put four medium boxes on the dolly and after securing them did the same process as before only to return with now only eight boxes to manage. The last medium box went onto the dolly as did five smaller boxes. Back up the steps, down the hallway, boxes deposited, and then finally back for the remaining two small boxes.

As she wheeled the dolly out of the old storage room she stopped and locked it as the janitor had told her to. She then took the dolly and the remaining boxes down the hallway, up the steps, and into the new storage room. When she had all of the boxes in there she neatly stacked them up against a single wall so that they were uniformed and their labels were easy to see while making sure she kept room on the chance someone had more boxes in the future that needed to join these. She left the dolly in the storage room, stepped outside and locked the door. As she headed back to check in she handed the keys off to the janitor along the way.

Wordcount: 653 / 100
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Moving the Boxes[Mission, Private][653/100 Words]
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