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 Protect the Paint [Mission, Private][430 / 250 Words]

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PostSubject: Protect the Paint [Mission, Private][430 / 250 Words]   Sun Aug 24, 2014 6:24 pm

Mission Taken – We Just Painted That:

Nalla looked down at yet another mission scroll in her hand. She had been making some progress lately, having completed eleven missions in total so far in just a few short days. She wasn't going to brag of course, at least not out loud: she just wanted to be able to help around her village and start to make a name for herself so people knew they could rely on her if they needed help with something or a task done. Eventually, she hoped that name would also earn her the ability to be called on if someone needed some serious protection detail, or a dangerous mission completed. For now though it would seem that the only protection detail she was being given was to protect the freshly painted administrative building from a group of kids who seemed to be making their way in its direction and painting other important buildings along the way.

Nalla walked outside into the scorching desert heat and after a glance around she found herself a shady spot to stand by another nearby building. The shade would provide her with some coolness while also keeping her hidden from view while she kept an eye on the administrative building and an eye out of the gang of kids who were causing trouble.

Nalla didn't have to wait long and sure enough a group of four boys came around the corner, one of which pointed at the administrative building and nudged his buddies with his elbows. She heard them speak of painting the aforementioned building and so Nalla waited for them to get close. When they were near enough and about to start laying waste to the beautiful paint job done just days before she walked over and flicked the nearest kid in the ear. The kid hollered and held his ear, backing away. His friends converged on her.

They tried to kick and bunch Nalla but using her hands and feet she blocked each attempt while launching little ear flicks and nose flicks and forehead pokes of her own; enough to embarrass the kids and slightly harm them without leaving any sort of lasting damage. Eventually the kids became tired out, cheeks red from both exertion and embarrassment. After several minutes and a few parting comments about how they were sorry and for her not to hurt them they turned and left while leaving their graffiti supplies behind. Nalla took the supplies to the nearest garbage can and disposed of them before going back inside of the administrative building to turn in on another mission accomplished.

Wordcount: 430 / 250

Missions Completed
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Protect the Paint [Mission, Private][430 / 250 Words]
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