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 The trail of tears [Travel Kumogakure to Kirigakure]

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Clyde McDouglass
Clyde McDouglass

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The trail of tears [Travel Kumogakure to Kirigakure] Empty
PostSubject: The trail of tears [Travel Kumogakure to Kirigakure]   The trail of tears [Travel Kumogakure to Kirigakure] Icon_minitimeMon Aug 25, 2014 11:15 am

Clyde walked back home after his intense, squad training. He went over to his bed, and laid on it watching the television when it happened. Sounds of explosions outside told him something wasn't right. He looked through his blinds to see Daiko getting attacked with fatal jutsu. Tears came out of the confusion, and Clyde watched Daiko fall to the ground and never get back up. Clyde covered his mouth, and wondered what was next for this village. Quickly Clyde toughened up for the moment, then gathered his things into a pillow case. He went out the back door, and hopped quickly away from the village, and didn't look back. A names of loved ones slipped into is head, and he said them out loud as he ran.

"Daiko, Idaten, Kyoko, Delcan, Kuarame, Mom, and Dad." Clyde hoped they all escaped, and then he decided to go to his parents real quick.

Clyde ran into the building to see his parents lying dead on the ground. Clyde experienced true depression at this point, and thought what his Sensei would want at this point. He imagined the words. "Clyde get the hell out of here, or I will give you something to really cry about." Clyde chuckled slightly at this, and put roses over his parents bodies, then decided to go to Idaten's place.

Clyde sneaked his way to Idaten's door, and left a small letter that read this:
"Dear Idaten,
           I am alive, and I have left for Kirigakure No Sato. If you ever get the chance to read this, then know that you should leave peacefully. The ninja that are destroying the village are intensely strong, and will kill very quickly. Daiko has already died from them. Just know if we never see each other again, that your a pretty cool person who was intensely strong in that spar.
                                                          Get the hell out of here, Clyde McDouglass."
He felt the time has expired, and ran out with a sad, blank stare with his pillow in his hand. He ran out of the village silently, and quickly towards Kirigakure No Sato.

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The trail of tears [Travel Kumogakure to Kirigakure] EGkiU8j The trail of tears [Travel Kumogakure to Kirigakure] IvFOSof  The trail of tears [Travel Kumogakure to Kirigakure] P69dPhF
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The trail of tears [Travel Kumogakure to Kirigakure] Rabbit
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The trail of tears [Travel Kumogakure to Kirigakure]
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