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 Run, Boy, Run [Travel to Kiri | Private]

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Run, Boy, Run [Travel to Kiri | Private] Empty
PostSubject: Run, Boy, Run [Travel to Kiri | Private]   Run, Boy, Run [Travel to Kiri | Private] Icon_minitimeMon Aug 25, 2014 3:35 pm

"Go to Kiri; deliver this letter to the Hokage and escort him back at once! There have been some developments that he needs to be aware of!"

It was strange that the joinin commander entrustd such a mission to a genin, but to Wu, he took it as a sign of his strength. Finally, he was getting the recognition he felt he deserved. To be given something like this had to be a good sign.

I will be the best!

After securing his backpack with the supplies he felt he would need, he scooped up his recently purchased staff and set out. Before he left, he took time to slp on the weight he purchased as well; it was never a bad time to train himself. Sure, it would take him a bit longer to reach Kiri, but he'd be stronger for it.

The landscape flashed past his eyes as Wu ran, taking the roads to speed along his travel. All too soon, the young man reached the gates of Kiri, and stepped inside...

There is a point where you needed to stop
And you have clearly passed it
But lets keep going
And see what happens...

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Run, Boy, Run [Travel to Kiri | Private]
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