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 The Halloween Massacre

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PostSubject: The Halloween Massacre   Tue Aug 26, 2014 8:43 pm


The sun had set over the village of Sunagakure no Sato, the stars in the sky filling the area with a dull glow of light and the temperature dropping down to a point where it was actually manageable. There was something oddly peaceful about the village at night, or at least that was generally the case though not tonight. Tonight the air was tainted with the iron tang of blood and screams could be heard piercing the silence of the Hidden Sand Village; there was a murderer about and that meant that the ANBU were on the prowl. The man who had first answered the call had been recently called to join the corps and had been proving himself through a series of assassinations and missions that he had been taken on. He had honed his skills long before he had joined the ANBU, but recently he was truly putting them to work, which was what he loved and what he was hoping for.

Takezo Kensei stared out from beneath his hood and mask and looked over the village from a vantage point on one of the taller buildings in the residential area. He could see bodies everywhere and there was a river of blood flowing through the dimly lit streets and staining the sand, but he wasn’t overly worried about that right now. He was listening to the screams, wondering where the path of destruction and murder was leading to and focusing on finding the perpetrator over anything else. While similar patterns had occurred in the past it wasn’t quite known if it was the same person or not, though Takezo has a sinking suspicion that it was. As he ran forward from rooftop to rooftop he made his way towards where the noise was loudest, expecting to find his mark at the center of the commotion.  He ended up being dead on and it didn’t take him long to find his target, knowing full well that he would be exactly where he was; his ancestral home.

Takezo quickly activated his Sharingan, the three tomio spinning into life as he did and his hand instinctively reaching to his back to pull out the bow that he had been gifted when he had mastered the art of Archery, Oberon. As he pulled the bow out and his Bakuton chakra flowed into it the bow hummed to life, though there was no distinctive sound. Takezo could feel the power of the bow as he allowed his chakra to run through it and he pulled the string back, looking down the chakra arrow that was created when he pulled. He watched everything unfold before him in something like Slow Motion, the powers of the Sharingan allowing him to easier see the ebb and flow of battle. As he held his shot he waited for the target, the man who was known as Michael Myers (easy to spot due to the fact that he was covered head to toe in gore,) to move into his view and out of the way of the others. Once he was able to, Takezo took a shot and watched as it flew directly at the target, who noticed it last second and cut to the side, being hit in the shoulder by the arrow, which exploded in his arm shattering his left shoulder bone.


Takezo wouldn’t wait for the man to react before creating another arrow and another, firing them off one after the other as the man ran towards him, his one arm hanging limp. The fact that he was still able to move at all with such a crippling injury was a testament to the man’s strength, or at least to his stubbornness. As he ran towards him he was pelted again on the same arm, this time the shot hit at the elbow and exploded, taking off half of the man’s left arm. That still didn’t faze him and when he finally caught up with Takezo he was pissed off, like seriously pissed. Takezo could see veins in the man’s eyes looking like they were about to burst, though that could have been from the injuries he had sustained.

“Who th’ ‘ell d’ya think y’are?” The man was bellowing at Takezo as he spun back to avoid the attacks, quickly spinning his bow onto his back and instead reaching for the cards in his pouch, pulling out one of his many decks. The angry man didn’t seem to take notice, slowly swinging his non broken arm which was clutching a cleaver towards Takezo’s head. Takezo ducked and could see that the man was losing blood and becoming pale, something that he would be able to use to his advantage. Eventually he would pass out or even die from blood loss, but Takezo was hoping it would be over long before that. He also knew that blood loss would cause his opponent to move slower and that was what he was counting on as he created small seals on each of his fingertips and pressed his finger and thumb to either side of the deck he was holding, charging the cards inside before he pulled them out and suspended them in midair.

52 Pick-Up:

“Do you want to see a magic trick?” Takezo said in a cool voice that was like ice, smooth but cold and uncaring. The larger man stumbled towards Takezo more and Takezo stepped back once more before extending his arm towards the opponent, each of the cards firing down his arm towards him and each and every one of them connecting square in the middle of the man’s chest, causing fifty-two explosions to go off in a chain directly in the same spot. Takezo simply stood there and watched as the cards carved a hole directly through the man’s chest, watching the light fade from his eyes as he was dead long before he was allowed to hit the ground. Once he had fallen, Takezo looked back towards the administration building and smiled softly beneath his mask. His job had been finished and he was ready to return to his master, who would be waiting to hear about the details of his mission…

(Mission Complete WC 1030 words)


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The Halloween Massacre
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